oliver x digg

So I just wanted to talk a bit about John in 2x11 and his feelings about Laurel.

really like that they made him doubtful and resistant to Laurel’s information and Oliver’s interactions with her, because Laurel (or more accurately, Oliver’s decisions regarding Laurel) led to the only major rift between Oliver and John (Oliver choosing Laurel over his promise to John). It makes sense that he’s held onto some resentment. It’s also important that someone besides Felicity (as a potential love interest) can call him out on his “blind spot” concerning Laurel. And it makes perfect sense that that would be John.

I don’t think it was unreasonable for him to question and have doubts regarding Laurel’s hunch proof about Blood, and I think Oliver has distanced himself enough from Laurel to appreciate that more than he did at the beginning of the season.

That being said, I’d really like to see Laurel and John interact at some point. I think they’d be a compelling pair.