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Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - March 17th, 2017

Originally posted by word-stuck

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! Trying something new this week, adding the hyperlink to the title. They are posted in the order I read them. 

In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE!

A Bottle of Vodka by @geneshaven - Spec story on what really happened between Oliver and Felicity and that bottle of vodka everyone is talking about.

Possession by @alanna-the-lionheart - After a run-of-the-mill press conference, Oliver returns to his office to find Felicity waiting for him.  Something has her riled up, and she’s feeling more than a bit possessive.

Redemption multi-chapter by @vaelisamaza Oliver returns for being with the League after five - this story gets better and better - you should be reading this!

Untitled by @queensoverwatch - Prompt: Olicity + “Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

Untitled by @dmichellewrites - Prompt: Pen 

The Perfect Couple by @tdgal1 - Oliver Queen needs a fake girlfriend, Felicity Smoak needs a job and a place to live.  A deal is forged but how does that work out for them?

Every Life Has a Moment multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - The Queen family took Felicity in and raised her from age 7, Felicity and Oliver became bestfriends until they realized they could be more

Amateur Night by @felicityollies - Oliver has a little too much to drink

Damage Control @geneshaven - I look into what is going through Curtis, Lance and Oliver’s minds

Destination by @felicityollies - Felicity hates flying, but at least her flight is made somewhat bearable when Mr. Hot gets seated next to her

Talk to me Felicity by ClosingtheValves - Oliver’s worry Felicity is not okay finally overpowers his worry that he is being too intrusive for an ex-fiancee. LOVE THIS!

How To Read Code Or How To Get Oliver To Show Jealousy by @purselover2 - Felicity tries to teach Oliver how to code

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

Scars by @geneshaven - Some fluff, Felicity remembers

What’s the Name of the Game by @felicityollies - Love is a fool’s game and it doesn’t always make sense. When Oliver falls in love with his best friend’s little sister they try to keep it hidden for fear that no one will understand. It’s not just a several year age difference standing in their way.

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

An Odd Sort of Meet Cute Au by @arrow-through-my-writers-block - Oliver and Felicity meet under strange circumstances

Elevator Ficlets by @babblingblondegenius - Two adorable ficlets about Oliver and Felicity in an elevator

In My Daughter’s Eyes multi-chapter by @smkkbert - Oliver and Felicity are parents following a teenage pregnancy, they balance family life with school and I love it!

Shared My Body and My Mind With You (That’s All Over Now) multi-chapter by @hoodiesandcomputers - Six months ago Felicity did the unthinkable and paid to have sex with the one and only Oliver. Despite being worlds apart they’ve become close friends, but what happens as feelings change, a rival comes into the picture, and a friendship suddenly starts to break? Fantastic Story!

Community Service by @geneshaven - A fun spec on Oliver finally coming out as the Green Arrow and his first public appearance.

Was it Ever Real? multi-chapter by mindramblings ARGUS Agent Oliver Queen is given one last mission. He has to go undercover and get close to a member of the Bratva’s daughter: Felicity Smoak. Complications arise, however, when he finds himself falling for her. Will he be able to stay focused on the job or blur the lines?

Peanut Butter Ficlet by @spaztronautwriter - Oliver is eating peanut butter - I’m STILL not okay after reading this

Tying his Tie by @lostolicityscenes - Oliver gets help tying his tie

Russian Lesson by @felicityollies - Oliver tries to teach the new recruits Russian 

An Olicity Ghost Story multi-chapter by @geneshaven - Nothing will stop Olicity from being together

Unbreakable by @mogirl97 - Post 5x16 fic Post Adrian’s torture

Untitled by @dust2dust34 - Olicity folding laundry

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances. I LOVE THIS…I way behind in my reading currently on Chapter 87 but it is FANTASTIC!!

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Flake on the formation of Rammstein

Flake “I joined when the band already existed. I took a year out to decide. At the time I only played as a guest. Schneider was a straight type who was only really interested in drumming,and not in friendship.I did not have any emotional relationship with him. Richard did not want to play with Paul, as the second guitarist, he was jealous and saw him as a competitor.. We did not understand each other. Oliver Riedel didn’t really care about anyone either., He came from the Inchtabokatables, he grew tired of them just messing around.. He wanted a real band. I was a little afraid of him - Oliver was strange and somewhat sinister.

Till was the only one Im imediately liked. Till of course, liked Paul, because he thought that because of Feeling B Paul was a guarantee of success,and he enjoyed his exuberance.

Till pleaded his case against the wishes of everyone else. Then they tried to talk me into speaking up for Paul,, but I said, “No, I will not play with you any longer. In fact, besides me,and Till no one could tolerate him
I’d played with Paul for over eight years,and he constantly got on my nerves. This happened already in the period when we parted, and Paul left me with relief.

i walked with you once upon a dream (Chapter One)

olicity || ao3 || mature || angst || 1704 || more fics

summary: Connected since their respective births, Oliver and Felicity were soulmates. What started off as a person that they dreamed of at night, a person they had never before met, turned into the greatest thing they could have imagined. (summary written by @daniellepanabakery)
chapter word count: 970
chapters: 1/?
a/n: i’m so excited to present y’all with the first chapter…. seriously, lemme know what you think. I’m so curious to know! Also thank you again @yellowflicker09011996


It started when she was five. Felicity fell asleep one night and dreamed of a boy. He was older than her, but not by too much. The dream was a little fuzzy. She could see his shape and some details in his face. When she tried to reach for him he seemed to move further away. Even at such a young age it frustrated her.

She dreamed of him often. As time went on it seemed easier to reach him. She could get closer and see more details. He was blonde and had squishy cheeks. Felicity was so determined to see him completely. To meet him and say something to him. She thought it would only get easier, but her progress took a turn. Her movement seemed to slow, to drag on.

She realized that he wasn’t doing anything to try to reach her. If he wasn’t working just as hard to come to her then they weren’t going to make any progress at all. The thought made sense to her, anyway.

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esotheria-sims  asked:

I hear you're accepting asks about Strange County, so would you mind sharing some facts about your version of Nervous Subject? Maybe do a five-facts meme for him if it's easier for you that way, or just write whatever you feel worth sharing - I'm not picky, as long as I get to learn more about the intriguing man in the long black coat. :) (also, this probably goes without saying, but I'm utterly in love with your blog and pics. Please never stop doing what you do! <3)

Heyooo! Thank you so much and thanks for this ask! <3

This interpretation of Nervous as the Man in the Long Black Coat came to be after I watched the Dust Devil, a 1992 movie that’s not super well-known, but pretty memorable desert gothic horror with beautiful cinematography. It was the first movie in ages I had to rewatch the next day, look up what was going on locally at the time of making the film for context, and I just got a crazy buzz from it in general! Then I put on Bob Dylan (only I ended up preferring Mark Lanegan’s cover of the song as Nervous’s theme), and Nervous started to turn into the Nameless Man who flickers into existence only to fade out after he’s done what he came to do. Murder Ballads, gothic romance and horror, Sergio Leone’s westerns, all these things I love were factoring in. I also definitely pulled some juice from Stephen King’s Black Tower series, the Stand, and other works that involve his malevolent many-names-yet-no-true-name trickster being in black.

I have to give a shout-out to @emperorofthedark for how she’s spun him in her sim stories as well. Her dark and beautiful interpretations of the premades that taste like ash and metal are a major ingredient in what I’m cooking up.

With these as inspiration, his canonical heritage and (lack of) personality points, he’s a neat fit for one of my favorite concepts: the cruel not-quite-human who hears someone exhausted and lost calling to him, seduces, and then destroys them. It’s a ridiculous reach when you first think of Nervous Subject and add the word seduction there, but I can’t help but dig it a lot :D

[there’s a read-more under this that doesn’t seem to be working on mobile?]

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A Soul Lost at Sea (Olicity Victorian AU Fanfiction) Chapter 14

Rating:  Mature

Summary:  Five years after pirates attacked his ship, Royal Navy sailor Oliver Queen returns home to England to find his affluent family in financial ruin.  So when he’s presented with the opportunity to marry Felicity, eldest daughter of the ridiculously wealthy Noah Smoak, Oliver doesn’t hesitate to capture her hand…even though he has no idea if he can capture her heart.  Or if Felicity could ever possibly learn to love a soul lost at sea.

Tags: Smut, Fluff, Angst, Victorian attitudes, Arranged Marriage, Romance, Pirates

Link:  AO3

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Onew - TvN/Olive ‘Bustling and Strange Restaurant’ ep1 Preview

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where Felicity comforts Thea?

Originally posted by songbin

Felicity danced around the kitchen attempting to make the recipe Oliver had shown her how to make several times…yet she always found a new way to mess it up. She stirred the sauce, the enemy of her evening, frowning as she tasted it. Something was off; she knew it, but she shrugged and continued shaking her hips and singing along with the radio as she added more salt.

There was a soft knock on her door and she hollered “Come in!” before remembering the countless lectures Oliver and John had given her about being cautious, telling her to always have her guard up.

She felt tension in her neck while the door slowly opened and Oliver stepped inside, leading Thea into her apartment. “Whoa,” Felicity said, taking in Thea’s mascara stained face, puffy eyes, and shaky hands. Oliver shifted from one foot to the other, not seeming to know what to do with his upset little sister.

“Felicity, we talked about being careful with who you let into your apartment, remember?”

“Yes,” Felicity shot back, keeping her eye on Thea while she crossed her arms. “But I forgot. And that was before I had you.” Felicity nodded towards Thea, her eyes questioning while Thea wiped the tears from her face.

Oliver stared at her for another moment, and Felicity glanced between him and his sister until he cleared his throat. “Thea’s upset.” He said, sliding his hand over his sister’s back.

“I can see that…”

“I brought her here because I thought that it might be good for her to talk to you, you know, someone who wasn’t really involved in all of it…someone who can be unbiased.” Oliver continued to stare at her as if he was trying to convey something important in the unspoken. Felicity just stared back, confused.

She raised an eyebrow, “You brought your sister here to have a girl talk?”

Thea rolled her eyes, “I’m sorry, Felicity. I told Ollie that this was a bad idea. It was stupid. We’re sorry to interrupt your night.” Thea headed for the door, pulling on Oliver’s jacket.

“Hey,” Felicity said, stopping them, “I didn’t say I didn’t want to talk, Thea. I’m sorry. Oliver, why don’t you go get some food from Big Belly Burger and give me a minute.”

Oliver looked behind her at the mess of her kitchen. “It looks like you’re already making dinner.”

“You don’t want to eat that, trust me.” She cringed. Oliver shook his head, and she swore that she saw the faintest glimmer of humor on his face before he kissed Thea’s head and left. Once the door closed behind him, Felicity made her way to the couch and sat down, patting the seat beside her for Thea. “So,” she said, “What’s going on?”

Thea sighed, plopping on the couch next to her. “I know what I did. Oliver told me on Lian Yu. I know that I killed Sara, Felicity.”

Felicity bit her lip, “Thea…”

“He said that Malcolm drugged me and made me do it. But I just…I feel like I can’t make an excuse. I’ve lived my whole life hiding behind money and my family’s protection because I’m Thea Queen. But how can I not be blamed for firing arrows into Sara’s chest?” Her eyes filled with fresh tears. “She was my friend. I feel like I lost a part of myself, you know? It was like I’ve had this darkness inside of me ever since I came home, and it all finally makes sense.”

Felicity nodded slowly, making a very strong effort to think before she spoke. “Thea, I know that right now, you regret letting Malcolm into your life. And you blame yourself…but this wasn’t your fault. Malcolm manipulated you…he…he violated you, Thea. And that is what’s hurting you. You’re not a killer. It wasn’t Malcolm that made you strong, Thea. That was you. And the girl that I’ve seen these past few months is fearless, and brave, and so powerful. You’ve forgiven Oliver without him even asking for an apology. Your faith in Roy, in your brother, in all of us…it’s inspiring. So, listen to me.” Felicity rubbed her thumb over Thea’s hand, making sure that she had her attention. “You are not your father. You’re not Malcolm, Thea.”

Thea nodded, fresh tears soaking her face, but she forced a smile. “I see why Ollie made me come here.”

Felicity smiled back, “I’m always here for you.”

Thea sighed, “I know.”

Felicity pulled Thea in, tucking her under her arm and kissing her forehead, “You might not have the dad of the year, Thea. But you do have a lot of people who love you and know who you are. Oliver is one of them. He’d do anything for you.”

Thea nodded, snuggling closer into Felicity, and Felicity smoothed her hair behind her ear. “I know.”

Oliver opened the door with a brown bag from Big Belly Burger in hand. Thea didn’t budge, and Felicity could feel her weight getting heavier. She was falling asleep, finally having a little peace of mind after who knows how long of tormenting herself over Malcolm’s crimes.

She raised an eyebrow at Oliver, who smiled sheepishly as he closed the door. An apology was in his eyes for intruding on her night. But Felicity felt better than she had since Oliver came back from his trip to fight Ra’s, since the man she fantasized about coming home finally walked through the door no different than when he’d left. Something felt different now though, with Thea tucked under her arm and Oliver walking through her front door without knocking. Having Thea and Oliver in her apartment felt strangely comforting, almost like home. Familiar and different at the same time.

Oliver sat down on the chair across from her, placing the bag of food on her coffee table. He kept his eyes on Felicity’s. “Why did you bring her here, Oliver?” Felicity whispered.

Oliver sighed, “I don’t know. I tried to talk to her, but nothing I said was working. She just kept telling me that I was making excuses for her and that I had to protect her because I was her brother.”

“But why did you bring her to me, Oliver?”

He hesitated. “I guess I just thought that…when I feel like she does right now…when I feel like something is broken inside of me…you always just…make it better somehow. You heal me,” he confessed, his eyes boring into hers. She felt her heart clench with the intensity of his stare and his words, confident and honest. “I guess I knew that Thea could use some of that healing. I wanted her to see you…the way that I see you.”

Felicity watched him, struggling for the words to describe what he’d already told her. He loved her. He wanted his sister to love her, too. And Felicity couldn’t help but feel warm by that thought, especially with Thea curled up under her arm.

“I’m sorry, I should have called first. I didn’t mean to impose, you could have had…plans, or something.” Oliver’s eyes shifted down the hallway, towards her bedroom.

“Ray’s not here.” She said quietly. Oliver’s eyes flickered back to hers, and there was a moment of vulnerability in them where she saw the pain that she was causing him. It was a brief moment where her stomach twisted because it was like she could see right into his soul. Unguarded and open, she knew that everything with Ray was bothering him, but she also knew that he would never tell her that. He glanced away, his face smoothing. “Thea can sleep here, if you want. I mean, if you don’t want to wake her up.” She rambled.

Oliver nodded, standing up as if he was already heading for the door, the reminder of Ray making him want to bolt. “Oliver.” She said, stopping him. “Do you want to eat?”

Oliver glanced at the door and then back at her. She could tell that he wasn’t sure whether or not she actually wanted him to stay. She was sending a lot of mixed signals lately, but in that moment she wanted nothing more than to be with him. “Eat dinner, with me, I mean?” She finished, her voice low, but nervous. Always nervous when it came to him.

Oliver nodded, picking the bag up from the table and opening it, setting the food out. When he was finished, he glanced at his snoring sister, asleep on Felicity’s chest.

“Would you mind carrying her to my bed?” Felicity asked.  “I don’t want her to sleep on the couch all night.”

Oliver nodded, picking Thea up and carrying her down the hall. He turned Felicity’s bedroom light off but left the door open on his way back, and Felicity felt a strange moment of panic at the thought of Oliver being in her bedroom. He was only in there to let his sister get some rest. Felicity wasn’t even in the room, and he’d been in there for all of ten seconds; but it still made her breath catch in her throat.

Oliver sat down on the floor in her living room, in front of the table of food, and Felicity moved off of the couch to sit across from him.

They shared a meal on her living room floor without even once talking about Arrow business or pain. Oliver broke the initial awkward silence with a story about Thea; being three years old and breaking her arm after falling off of the counter in the kitchen. She’d been trying to reach gummy bears on the highest shelf, and Oliver chuckled as he explained that Moira had to hide them up there because Thea would eat an entire bag and then get sick.

Felicity shared her own stories, and heard a few about Oliver’s reckless tendencies as a child; which didn’t surprise her at all. He kept to stories before high school, before his playboy days. But she couldn’t help but feel a whole lot of emotions over getting to know a little bit about who he was before all of the pain and torment.

After they ate, Oliver double, and triple checked that Felicity was okay with Thea staying over. Thea was still asleep, and Felicity assured him that it was better to let her sleep than wake her up anyway.

Once he was gone, Felicity picked up the trash from their dinner and smiled to herself, thinking that sitting on her living room floor after an impossibly heartbreaking conversation with Thea was the closest thing they’d had to a date since their first one that exploded. Felicity climbed into her bed next to Thea and glanced at the sleeping girl that reminded her so much of her older brother. Oliver had said that Thea had a scar from her fall after the gummy bear incident, and even in the dark Felicity could see the protruding pink mark on her shoulder. She could finally understand why Oliver protected Thea so fiercely; she was special, and she was so easy to love.

Thea may not have been through the physical torture that Oliver endured, but Felicity knew that she had been dealt a hand in life that she did not ask for, and one that Felicity didn’t envy. Her father’s death, her brother coming back from the dead, her mother being killed in front of her, finding out that Malcolm Merlyn was her father, and now everything with Sara’s death…Felicity realized that Thea was just as strong as Oliver. And every day that she knew Thea, her heart opened up just a little bit more for her other favorite Queen.

6/100 Days of Booklr Challenge


These are the books I read in May. I loved all of them but obviously my favorite was Strange the Dreamer. Do I even need to explain? Geekerella was so much better than I expected not going to lie. I think I’m going to do book reviews if that’s something you are interested in let me know by liking this. I so forgot to add The Wicked Will Rise to this but I finished it May 29.  c: THE PROGRAM THOUGH I NEED THE NEXT BOOK AHHHH

ashdeny-blog-blog  asked:

Omg I just saw the answer thanks a lot ! It makes me want more ! What happened to Angela ? Is Olive a serial killer ? Why is Lilith in Strange County ? And Nervous what about him ?! Omg this is so exciting you really should make this story

Hehee I am flattered, thank you! :D

I answered an ask about Nervous here, and as for the others, I’m putting them behind a read-more!

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The Queen of Egypt

My blood remembered him–

the olive skinned boy,
bald and strange, who
offered hand and home

to me, a child of Travellers.

And he would have made me
(undoubtedly) his queen
for a night, or forever.

And I smiled, my profile
soft as clay, tear-damp
and seasoned with fear.

He smiled too, jackal
smile of one who knows
the Nile runs through him.

His blood remembered me–

and waited for the maiden
of earth and water to bow
to the might of the sun.

I am no man’s queen.
I bow to none. I never bled
into the land, and still

he kept calling me queen.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?

June Book Photo Challenge by @books-cupcakes

Day 12: Genre

So I have a variety of genres in this book pile but these books are what have really had me reading. Before May I wasn’t reading, but then I read Twilight for the first time, read the entire series, and fell in love with reading again. I’m honestly sounding so cheesy right now but like I wouldn’t have read all these amazing books if if I hadn’t read Twilight. I know I’m totally late to the party but I was always afraid of being disappointed so I never read them. Anyway about my book pile, The Bone Season is what I’m currently reading, the three beneath are my TBR. Pretend the Treatment is there as well, I haven’t purchased it yet.

He was a bit ridiculous, you thought. Bright and colorful and something out of a fairytale. Well, if fairytales were all sweet and sunshine coming out of the goddamn ass with a sprinkle of mild bipolar issues, but you digressed.

It honestly surprised you though, to realize that this was really Oliver. Every strange pink and blue, cute, and absolutely ridiculous part of him. You had thought that it might have been a front, especially for his customers, because no one can be that sweet and charming like this British doofus – but he always proved you wrong. Even when he was mad and scolding, those pretty blue eyes narrowed and flashing brightly with a strange violet pink (what was that?), he was too… ridiculous.

He didn’t do anything wrong, honestly he didn’t. But sometimes you did wonder how someone like that compared to you? You whom had to work to be that happy all the time. You whom had to prep just to smile at strangers day in and day out. You whom couldn’t keep one lick of your tongue from spouting insults underneath your breath and coming home tired. Somehow he did everything easy. He did everything so very easy, from the hop to his step, to the beaming smile on his lips, even the calming lilt of his voice, and those stupid ridiculous bright colors that just worked.

Your eyes narrowed as he tweaked his blue bowtie, a happy hum on his lips while he passed by. You couldn’t quite help the nasty sneer that appeared on your face, turning sharply away and muttering to yourself. You just didn’t quite expect for him to hear you.


You flinched in surprise at the startled question and turned back to see that Oliver  was staring at you, wide eyed. Had he heard? He must have to be looking at you like that – all questioning eyes and furrowed brows and that little thing he always seemed to do with his hands when he wanted something. And he definitely wanted you to repeat yourself. But that was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous because you hadn’t said anything important and – he was doing the thing with his brows! The cute thing that always made you just a little more susceptible to whatever this idiot wanted.

Damn him. My weakness. You thought viciously.

“What did you say?”

You pursed your lips. “I hate myself.” There, you said it again. See? Not so hard and completely unimportant. An offhanded comment, it was. He had no reason to be demanding it as if you had just uttered the most sinful word in existence.

“Nooo??? Noo, don’t do that – noooOOO – NO. Don’t hate yourself, you are LOVABLE! You are PRECIOUS!!” Quick and agile, he yanked the blanket up from your lap before wrapping you into an unbreakable cocoon. He stared down at you, wide-eyed, unblinking with those very, very blue eyes sprinkled with violet pinks that would drive you mad if you let them. “I will love you.” and he hugged you tightly.