I Need Help

I’ve never done something like this but it’s worth a shot…one of my best friends suffers depression..and she’s been having an awful time right now…half an hour ago she tried to commit suicide again…she sent me a voice note before doing it, but im in another country so i couldnt do much, and im so sad right now…she’s really important for me…so im trying to do something for her right now, her heroes are Pierce the Veil, Of Mice &Men, All Time Low, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides and Sleeping with Sirens…guys im begging for some help in here, i want them to send a message to Laura  (My Friend) to encourage her to keep living, to fight for her life…i want her to get better, i want her to live, and i think it would be amazing for her, so please…the thing is that I dont know how to do it or how to even start