olobersykes: I so desperately wanted not to say anything about this whole thing but I have to put a stop to it. The account I’ve posted here 🖕 is nothing but bullshit. None of you understand the intensely complicated situation that’s going on & none of you ever will, because it’s none of your fucking business. All you need to know is me & Hannah are separated & it’s been over for quite some time. Out of respect for people I still care about I will never say anymore, & I could care less what any one says about me, I know I’m a good person, the people’s who opinions matter to me know the truth & I can take it. But what it upsets me is how you people can rip an innocent person apart when you have no idea of the situation. It’s disgusting & you should be ashamed. None of what you are doing is helping me, or Hannah, or the friends & families of the people that care for us. Fuck knows when liking a band became more about their personal lives than the actual music but Jesus Christ, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing I have to write this… But I need to put little wankers like this account to rest so plz unfollow, report & boycott if you consider yourself any kind of fan, & please just give me, Hannah & everyone else associated some space. Thankyou. 💚