oliver stenberg


In New York City in the 1980’s, a young girl named Olive (Amandla Stenberg) loses her family. She never really knew her parents, but she knows they were killed for getting on the mafia’s bad side. She’s been living in the orphanage for most of her life and she hates it. When she’s fifteen, Olive runs away to find something else in the city. For a few days she tries to live on her own in the city filled with crime and danger around every corner, but she meets a man named Douglas (Santiago Cabrera) who has a carefree attitude and gives her something to eat. No one has shown her such kindness so she follows him back to his place, hoping that maybe he can help her again.

When Olive gets to his place, she realizes he doesn’t live alone. Five others live there too. She tries to stay hidden, but soon enough they all realize she’s there. After telling them about her family and the orphanage, they decide to allow her to stay with them for a little while. Rita (Hannah Simone) is the new mother figure in her life who is always ready to take care of Olive. Francis (Tom Mison) is a snobby British man who is often very rude and believes he’s a genius. Then there’s Einstein (Michael B. Jordan) who is the complete opposite of the scientist and is usually a bumbling idiot. Tito (Jake T. Austin) is the loud mouthed and hyper young man who is also a bit of genius when it comes to cars. Finally, Fagin (David Tennant) is the one in the house who is always getting himself into trouble - mostly with the mafia.

Fagin has gotten himself in too deep by borrowing money from Sykes (Jeremy Renner), a Mafia crime boss. He also has his two thugs who are always around and harass the others - DeSoto (Jamie Chung) and Roscoe (Steven Yeun.) Douglas, Rita, Francis, Einstein, and Tito are very protective over Fagin and are always ready to fight DeSoto and Roscoe in order to protect themselves and him.

Having gotten herself into this huge mess, Olive realizes that she’s no longer safe. She loves her new family but things keep getting worse and worse. One day walking through the streets on her own, she meets a rich girl who is the same age as her named Jenny (Cierra Ramirez.) Olive starts visits her house all the time and gets to know her older sister, Georgette (Victoria Justice), a very snobby and self-involved young woman who thinks she’s going to be a star.

Soon enough, Olive and Jenny are kidnapped by Sykes who realizes the best way to get Fagin to pay him is to get Olive. He just incidentally gets Jenny too since she gets in his way. Olive’s new family and friends and Jenny’s sister are now trying to save these two young girls before the two get hurt - or, even, murdered.