oliver rome

call me by your name was somehow more beautiful than i imagined it would be. armie hammer was poignant and thoughtful as oliver and timothée chalamet was mesmerizing as young elio.

it truly captured the fleeting feeling of falling in love fast and being terrified of it, as well as the fear and following apathy of falling for someone of the same gender.

there were a lot of scenes that stuck out that probably weren’t meant to— oliver sunbathing while elio wrote music, the bach scene on the piano, elio sneaking into oliver’s room to smell his swim trunks and writhe on his bed, the peach scene and elio crying, them swimming yards apart the morning after, elio watching oliver dance in rome…

all of this mixed with sufjan stevens singing softly about first kisses and falling apart made it such a sentimental and bittersweet film, the kind you might be able to only watch once due to the feelings and memories it brings to the surface if you’re a romantic like me.

One Gifset Per Episode - 5.12 Stay A Little Longer
“I’m seriously not trying to move in on your wife here…”

Jasmine All The Time
Just Throw Away the Clocks For Now
It’s Jasmine All The Time
It Keeps Jasmine On My Mind
And I’m Picking Up The Pieces
With Every Song I Write
It’s J-A-A-Jasmine
Jasmine All The Time