Arrow 6 x 06

I believe it’s time for some “welcome home” dessert.

I love how Oliver licks his lips, keeps his eyes on her while he saunters towards her.  But then he takes one big step to get to her a bit faster lol.  


Melissa looks awesome in her bad girl suit! Stephen looks awesome too! Especially with the mask! And look at Melissa in her dresses! She looks so pretty!!! 😍🤩😙


O l i c i t y 

A r r o w  6 x 06

I hope you don’t mind that I’m here.  I mean, William said he was kind of getting sick of Raisa. And the ice cream for dinner? It was Rocky Road, so, technically, the nuts should count as protein and… - Felicity - rambling  :)

I’m so happy you’re here. - Oliver - knows how to stop the rambling. ;)

Me, too. - Felicity