Concept for next mega crossover or SuperFlash crossover

WestAllen wedding
-Bachelorette party (all the girls together)
-Bachelor Party (all the guys)
-They both stumble upon a similar case but begin working on it from different angles. Audience sees the intertwining of the story but the two parties don’t talk to each other because they’re not supposed to be fighting villains before the wedding (girls vs guys to see who solves/beats the mystery/villain first).
-WestAllen wedding at the end (drama/interruptions unknown)


Um, WTF @buzzfeed? I’m sorry, but no. I’ve watched Arrow for 5 seasons straight, never missed an episode, and could easily go on an angry rant about this right now because it’s absolutely bullshit. Unfortunately, it’s 5:47am, and I have to get ready for work, so I think I’ll let my homies speak for me:

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Another thought about 5x17

I have said since before the episode aired that I didn’t think Oliver truly believed his confession to Adrian about killing. It was only admitted after he was led there by Adrian’s questions.

I REALLY don’t believe it after re-watching 1x03 randomly (I wanted to go back to see the start of Olicity).

Not only does Oliver meet Felicity in 1x03, he also meets Floyd Lawton or Deadshot. They have this conversation about Arrow and his motivations. I wish I knew how to gif, I’d post it that way -

Deadshot - I admire your work! Guess you won’t be extending me any professional courtesy.

Oliver - We’re not in the same line of work. Your profession is murder.

Deadshot - You’ve taken lives…

Oliver - For the good of others. You’re in it for yourself.

See? I’m sure Oliver recalls kills he has made that were not strictly necessary or beneficial for the greater good. Regardless, this conversation pretty clearly establishes that he’s not killing because he enjoys it. He’s killing with a purpose. To satisfy the list, to rid the city of corruption and to save other people.

Don’t judge Oliver so harshly just because he admitted to what seems like his darkest fear after being broken by Chase’s torture. He feels broken and damaged and worthless. He may even believe it’s true. That doesn’t erase all of the good he’s done, too.

When a King is Really a Queen 2/4

Oliver Queen writes romantic suspence novels under the name Olivia King on his way to reveal his true identity he meets one of Olivia King’s biggest fans, Felicity Smoak, and she is not very happy.

This is based on the Hallmark Movie “A Novel Romance.”  I’m writing as a bit of a love letter to all the amazing romance writers that bring me happy. I so hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for the lovely comments and reblogs! I’m so glad people have been enjoying :) Also available to read on AO3.

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for her proofing and constant support!

                                                       Chapter 2

Oliver had been on his way to meet up with his old friend John Diggle when he had run into Felicity.  He had always trusted John’s advice and he had originally suggested they meet up and he wanted to hear his thoughts on Oliver’s upcoming reveal, now he was more interested to hear what he had to say about Felicity Smoak.

Oliver opened the door to Merlyn’s coffee and saw John sitting at one of the tables. The morning rush seemed to be dying down so Oliver got in a shorter line than expected to grab a coffee.

“A Merlyn’s Awesome for here please.” Oliver smiled at the girl behind the counter.  She quickly poured a coffee into a glass mug for in store purchases.

Oliver made his way over to John.

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When we broke them up in Episode 415 last year, we always had a plan,“ Marc Guggenheim says. "I’m not going to tell you what the plan was … I will say that there are a lot of unanswered questions from Episode 415 that we are looking to answer this year, as was always our intention. There’s a bunch of things that happen in the show that are inspiration or last minute ideas, and then there are other things on the show that where we’re planting seeds in one season with the intention of bringing them to fruition in another season. To me, it’s the advantage of having a show you know isn’t going anywhere. We love what we call the long-tail storylines.
—  Wendy Mericle & Marc Guggenheim have a definite plan for Olicity on ‘Arrow’
Dream CW/DC Crossover

You know what I want for the next big crossover between Arrow, Flash, Legends, and Supergirl? I want a huge power switch. I dunno how, but I want something to whammy them so everything is upside down.

I want to see Kara with Sara or Ollie’s fighting ability, no longer able to use her brute strength and powers, but instead having to use intelligence and stratagem.

I want Martin Stein to get super speed, no longer able to think and plan everything out, instead having to act fast and almost impulsively.

I want Oliver to get Cisco’s ability to vibe (losing his fighting training), so he can’t lead the forces, but instead has to take a backseat, recon position. Maybe he also gets Cisco’s scientific know-how.

I want Barry to get Diggle’s steadiness (this is where I am stretching a bit), I want him to know how to fight, but not be the best fighter. I want him to have to slow down, become the rock and voice of reason.

I want Mick and Felicity to be firestorm. Just cause that would be fucking hilarious. Or maybe Mick and Snart. TBH I just want Snart back.

I want Cisco to get Kara’s abilities given to her by the yellow sun, no longer sitting back in the lab, but leading the forces, being the game changer.
That is what I want for a crossover :)

Sometimes I think about that really touching scene in The Flash pilot where Barry unloads all his excitement and fears about waking up with super speed to Oliver whom he trusts and looks up to, and Oliver gives Barry advice and the confidence to do what he thinks is right with his powers while showing a rare warmth and vulnerability - and how not three episodes later the writers inserted Felicity into that very meaningful scene as an uninvited eavesdropper, having her openly admit it with no shame or repercussions.

I feel like that’s a really accurate microcosm of the DCTV-verse.