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I have this headcanon that on the Weasley twins first day at Hogwarts, when Fred’s name was called for sorting, George went up instead, and the sorting hat realised, so told him off. George ran back to Fred sniggering, and the kids found it hilarious and the teachers just rolled their eyes/facepalmed at what they’ll have to put up with for the next 7 years.

Something interesting that I saw today in Philly D’s vlog was the fact that Jimmy Fallon’s views are going down.

My take on this is the fact that more comedians such as Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver. Obviously, those aren’t all the comedians but these men are getting bigger and bigger as their opinions are worth something and their stories are true. People are drifting toward the things that they’re doing because it’s fact checked and news networks aren’t.

I’ve never really been a fan of Fallon, he seems to childish, pandering to audiences, and his sense of humor is different from mine.

All in all, I find it incredibly interesting how fast all of this is changing. I was previously aware of how quickly people have come and gone but it’s still something fascinating to watch happen.


Where Imagination Save The Day// Where a Whole New World Awaits// Where Wonderland is Your Destiny// Where a Moment of Beauty Lasts Forever// Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True// Where You Never Have to Grow Up// Where You’re Always King of the Court// Where Dreams Run Free// Where Your Destiny Awaits// Where Your the Fairest of them All// Where Memories Take Hold and Never Let Go// Where a World of Adventure Awaits// Where Magic Sets Sail// Where Magic Speaks// Where Every Moment Leaves You Hungry for More// Where you Always Follow Your Heart// Where You Can Go On the Ride of your Afterlife// Where Your Every Wish is Our Command

~Disney Dream Portraits, Annie Leibovitz~

The Model Nations of BMP and BMP2

Sanct Sybil=Russia
Dres Van=Germany


Opening Pics from Screaming Hand Art Show at HOV Brooklyn

Big HUGE thanks to all the folks who came out to see the 30th anniversary celebration of Jim Phillips Screaming Hand art exhibition at the HOV in Brooklyn!  The exhibition featured works by artists such as SKINNER, Sasha Barr, Nat Russell, Andrew Pommier, Hanai Yusuke, Sheryo & the Yok, Jeremy Fish, Scott Teplin, Oliver Peck, David Cook and many more.   

Photographs by Colin Sussingham

I got bored and made this.


Stick of Truth Gameplay with Steven Ogg - Part 2

A 2x15 Coliver Coda - ao3

“What do you think of this place?” Connor asks over breakfast the next morning.

Oliver squints at the phone that’s been shoved in his face. “What am I looking at?”

“An apartment. For Stanford,” Connor explains. “A few blocks off campus. It’s got a parking space, balcony, washer-dryer in the building. It’s a studio though, which could suck.” Leaning over Oliver’s shoulder, Connor swipes through the pictures. “But, I mean, it’s only a little smaller than this place and the rent’s okay. We could get some of those screen, room divider things if we want. And it’s–”

Oliver’s back straightens. “Isn’t this a little cart before the horse?”

“Maybe,” Connor shrugs. “But I should hear from them soon. And, I don’t know…” He looks down at the apartment pictures over Oliver’s shoulder for a second and, when he looks up again, his smile is almost blinding. “I just have a good feeling, I guess.”

Unsure of himself, Oliver nods once before handing the phone back. They continue eating in silence.

Oliver’s eggs are tasteless and the coffee makes him feel sick to his stomach but he finishes it all anyway.


A day later, a late spring freeze leaves frost on the windows of Oliver’s car. He starts it – cranking the heat up and getting the back defroster going – before digging the ice scrappers out of his trunk.

Oliver hands the spare one to Connor and grumbles, “Knew I jinxed it by putting these away.” Connor snorts but doesn’t say anything; he simply starts scraping the ice off the windows of the passenger’s side.

They get the windows mostly cleaned off and get in the car.

Warming his hands a bit on the heater, Connor smiles. “Just think. Another thing we won’t have to deal with in California.”

Oliver looks away and doesn’t respond. He just checks and rechecks his mirrors as he pulls out of the parking space and they drive to Annalise’s house in comfortable silence.


The following night, they’re watching a movie on the couch.

Just as the movie is starting to get good, Connor bolts up and starts digging in his pocket.

Oliver grabs another handful of popcorn. “Thought we said no phones.”

“It buzzed,” Connor mumbles as he pulls out his phone. “Could be Stanford.” He flips it over to check the screen and his shoulders sag. “It’s just Michaela.” Fingers flying over the screen, Connor shoots off a quick response then looks up at Oliver. “Why haven’t I heard from them yet?”

“Should you have heard by now?”

“Yeah.” Connor’s fingers fly over the screen again and Oliver can almost make out what Connor’s doing. Opening his email, checking and refreshing the inbox, checking the spam folder, checking other folders. “I mean, the site said that they start sending out stuff this week and…”

“The week’s not over,” Oliver points out.

“I suppose.” Tossing the phone down on the coffee table, Connor crosses his arms and slouches back in the couch, leaning into Oliver’s side. “Just should have heard by now.”

They watch the rest of the movie in silence.


The next day, Connor’s on the phone when Oliver opens the door to 303. Quietly setting his gym bag down, Oliver watches Connor pace on the other side of the apartment.

“I am saying that I never received that email,” Connor’s explaining on the phone. There’s a bite in his voice but he’s holding back the worst of it, trying to remain cordial and polite. “I know you’re saying it was sent. I’m saying that I never–”

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I'm honestly sorry for this BUT..

There is a possibility that Oliver is working with/for Phillip..Hear me out - I love Connor and Oliver, they are the cutest but..Remember when Phillip kidnapped Oliver? I found it so weird that they suddenly came back. Oliver wasn’t scared, he said they went to a cafe or diner (I can’t remember) and him and Connor never talked about it ever again. What if Phillip made him work for him - switch sides. That’s why Oliver brought the straw back - to make sure that everyone things that he’s helping them and not him.. But WHY would he want to do it? To be honest I’m not quite sure (maybe because I love connor and Oliver being together too much) But maybe since Phillip could get all the money, he promised O some and maybe O needs it..Idk we don’t really know much about Oli. But since Phillip came back in the last episode I just had to write this down. As of right now - Phillip is a killer and he even attacked Annalise. How come he didn’t do anything to Oliver back then and how come Oliver wasn’t scared of him at all ?
Oliver being evil would be the biggest betrayal!! It would break Connor, it would break our hearts..THAT would be a shocker. And htgawm loves shocking their viewers.