oliver periwinkle

I honestly never thought I’d make it to 1k followers but thank you to everyone who followed me (and didn’t unfollow) for making it possible! 

I still remember when I used to reblog my edits on to my other blog to get like two notes. Anyways, here’s what I have planned!


  • mbf this ultimate barty crouch jr stan
  • reblog this post
  • maybe check out my edits??
  • you can ask for a combination of any of these options below, even all four! or you could ask for only one, whatever you want!
  • blacklist ‘salazars 1k celebration’ if you don’t want to see these
  • if this doesn’t hit 30 notes at least i’m going to delete it and myself then go cry in a corner

what you can ask for:

  • send me an ask with a 🎧 + your name for a playlist
  • send me an ask with either a 💯, 🍿, or a 🧀 for a blog rate (formats under the cut! there are three so you have to send either one of these emojis)
  • send me an ask with a 🌩 + your name for a name aesthetic
  • send me an ask with a 🦄 for a blog compliment

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✁ 500 follower appreciation ‘”

 hey guys!! so to thank everyone for following me ( this extra piece of trash )!! i seriously really want to thank yall, but since the old 400 celebration continuation thing isn’t great, i decided to do name aesthetics, name edits ( or url ) and hp blogrates !

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- please, be following me !! ( i promise you i’m not chill and will love you if you love me back )

- pick ONE of the following

- send ♤ for a hp OR mythology blog rate

- send ♡ for a name / url edit

- send ♧ for a playlist ( and your preferred genre of music ; if not your favourite artist )

- send ♢ for a name aesthetic ( and your name as well please )

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