oliver owens

For anon that asked for short male names:

Aaron, Adam, Alex, Alfie, Archie, Bailey, Ben, Billy, Blake, Brad, Brian, Brett, Byron, Cade, Calvin, Carl, Carter, Charlie, Chase, Clark, Clay, Coby, Cody, Cole, Connor, Cooper, Corey, Curtis, Dallas, Dan, Dave, Dax, Drake, Declan, Dustin, Dylan, Edwin, Elijah, Elliot, Ethan, Evan, Felix, Foster, Francis, Frankie, Gabe, Harley, Harry, Hunter, Hugo, Jacob, Jake, Jack, James :P , Jamie, Jasper, Jesse, Joey, John, Josh, Joss, Jude, Justin, Kyle, Lance, Leo, Leon, Levi, Lewis, Lloyd, Louis, Lucas, Luke, Marcus, Mark, Matt, Max, Mike, Myles, Noah, Oli, Oliver, Owen, Parker, Paul, Perry, Pete, Peter, Ray,  Richie, Robin, Rob, Ross, Ryan, Scott, Sean, Simon, Sam, Tate, Ted, Theo, Tom, Tim, Tobias, Toby, Todd, Trevor, Tristan, Tyler, Taylor, Troy, Vince, Wade, Will, Zack. Sorry these are all the short names i could think off one-two syllables (except Tobias and Oliver)

recarmdra asked:

oliver wants a really sweet kiss on the cheek thank youuu

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Tried to do sweet Mich. I tried. But I secretly have a crush on Oli. And whenever I supersecret draw him, he turns out smug, like all the time. I put Indy in the suit he wore to BB’s funeral because well…he doesn’t have a school uniform to match Oli’s.

Indy’s giving free kisses, everyone! Go drop a Teacup in my ask and the kind of kiss you want, and I’ll see what I can do!

Edit: OMG 200th post.