oliver owens


Pairing: daddy!Sam x daughter!reader , uncle!Dean x niece!reader

Request from @unicorndreamer1622

Summary: At the age of 13, (Y/N) runs away from home. Six years later, your found by your father and twin sister, but what will come of the encounter?

Words: 2347

Warnings: Cursing, season 7/9/10/12 spoilers, 

IMPORTANT! For the sake of this writing, season 7 happened in 2013 instead of 2011.

A/N: the title of the song that’s sung will be at the bottom (the title is kind of a spoiler). Also, I got a little carried away with this request. Hope you like it!

You groaned upon entering the home of your grandfather, Bobby Singer, the backpack that rested on your shoulder slipped and landed on the wooden floors with a thump. The exact copy of you pushed against your shoulder, moving you out of her way as she rushed towards the family room. You followed after her, curious as to why she was running.

“Daddy! Look!” Your twin sister, Olivia, waved a white piece of paper in front of your father’s face. Once he took the paper from her, she jumped up and down and uncle Dean entered the room with a raised eyebrow. “I’m on the honor roll!”

Your father smiled, wrapping his arms around your sister. You stood in the doorway, watching your father shower your twin with praise and encouragement while she spilled all the details about her day at school and how she was planning to try out for the talent show.

You were nothing like your sister, the only thing you shared with her was your looks, but even then, she seemed to wear them better than you. There wasn’t anything else that could capture the bright and welcoming nature your sister bestowed upon everyone she met other than the sun. You, however, were a stubborn, short-tempered thirteen year old girl who struggled to obey authority because, in all honesty, you just didn’t care anymore.

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Grey’s Anatomy Music
13x21 - “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Song: “Can You Hear Me?”
Artist: Amber Mark 
Scene: Meredith practrices different versions of her speech to Maggie about her and Nathan being together while discussing the possible fall out with Alex from the house to dressing for press conference.
Song: “Already All Ready”
Artist: La’Porsha Renae
Scene: Brody and Warren gather to look on as Webber, Edwards and DeLuca remove dozens of worms from Mary’s insides; April tries to use Mary and Dennis’ relationship problems to talk to Richard about his.
Song: “Boy like you”
Artist: Weslee 
Scene: Veronica is taken into surgery where Jeremy stands by her side Arizona and Amelia deliver their son; Veronica holds the baby as he is born.
Song: “Angels”
Artist: Khalid 
Scene: April emphasizes to Baily that she and Catherine are very much alike; Catherine and Richard walk by each other with a word or glance; Veronica gives Amelia a message for Jeremy then asks for her to hold her; Veronica dies.
Song: “Old Friends”
Artist: Jasmine Thompson 
Scene: Catherine considers Bailey’s words; Amelia and Arizona watch Jeremy with the baby; Catherine extends an olive brench to Richard; Owen comforts Amelia; Mer convinces Maggie go out with her and Amelia.

For anon that asked for short male names:

Aaron, Adam, Alex, Alfie, Archie, Bailey, Ben, Billy, Blake, Brad, Brian, Brett, Byron, Cade, Calvin, Carl, Carter, Charlie, Chase, Clark, Clay, Coby, Cody, Cole, Connor, Cooper, Corey, Curtis, Dallas, Dan, Dave, Dax, Drake, Declan, Dustin, Dylan, Edwin, Elijah, Elliot, Ethan, Evan, Felix, Foster, Francis, Frankie, Gabe, Harley, Harry, Hunter, Hugo, Jacob, Jake, Jack, James :P , Jamie, Jasper, Jesse, Joey, John, Josh, Joss, Jude, Justin, Kyle, Lance, Leo, Leon, Levi, Lewis, Lloyd, Louis, Lucas, Luke, Marcus, Mark, Matt, Max, Mike, Myles, Noah, Oli, Oliver, Owen, Parker, Paul, Perry, Pete, Peter, Ray,  Richie, Robin, Rob, Ross, Ryan, Scott, Sean, Simon, Sam, Tate, Ted, Theo, Tom, Tim, Tobias, Toby, Todd, Trevor, Tristan, Tyler, Taylor, Troy, Vince, Wade, Will, Zack. Sorry these are all the short names i could think off one-two syllables (except Tobias and Oliver)

The Boy Names List I Have Created

I posted the girl’s one, so why not post this one as well? This one isn’t as long as I usually use the same boy names for everything (I need to stop) but hey, feel free to add on any boy names you know!

Girl Names

Boy Names

0. Aaron
0. Ace
0. Adam
0. Aiden
0. Andrew
0. Atlas
0. Archer
0. Barry
0. Beau
0. Bennett
0. Bentley
0. Blake
0. Bradley
0. Cameron
0. Carl
0. Carter
0. Castiel
0. Chase
0. Chris
0. Cody
0. Colin
0. Colonel
0. Damon
0. Daniel
0. Danny
0. Darren
0. Daryl
0. Dean
0. Declan
0. Delton
0. Dex
0. Easton
0. Elliott
0. Emmett
0. Ethan
0. Evan
0. Everett
0. Finn
0. Floyd
0. Flynn
0. Ford
0. Forest
0. Gabriel
0. Garrett
0. Graham
0. Greyson
0. Harry
0. Harley
0. Hayden
0. Henry
0. Holdan
0. Holland
0. Hunter
0. Irvan
0. Isaiah
0. Ivan
0. Jack
0. Jax
0. Jensen
0. Jesse
0. Joey
0. Johnnie
0. Kael
0. Kevin
0. Kieran
0. Kyle
0. Leo
0. Levi
0. Logan
0. Lucas
0. Luke
0. Mark
0. Mason
0. Matthaus
0. Matthew
0. Maxwell
0. Micah
0. Michael
0. Miles
0. Milo
0. Mitchell
0. Misha
0. Morgan
0. Nathan
0. Nicholas
0. Nico
0. Noah
0. North
0. Oliver
0. Oscar
0. Owen
0. Parker
0. Paxton
0. Percy
0. Peter
0. Phil
0. Preston
0. Quest
0. Quincy
0. Quinten
0. Ray
0. Reid
0. Rennet
0. Richard
0. Ronnie
0. Roy
0. Ryan
0. Rylan
0. Samuel
0. Sayer
0. Shane
0. Sherlock
0. Spencer
0. Tate
0. Taylor
0. Theo
0. Travis
0. Trevor
0. Tripp
0. Toby
0. Tyler
0. Ultan
0. Unwin
0. Urian
0. Vale
0. Victor
0. Vincent
0. Warren
0. Wes
0. Will
0. Wyatt
0. Xander
0. Xavier
0. Yale
0. Yancy
0. York
0. Zachary
0. Zach
0. Zeke