oliver owen collins


To be frank, I started shipping them since jay-song posted fanart of them in the same post………….. I’m a shallow person, I realize D’: I know Oliver’s supposed to be straight but it’s said in his bio that he’s never explored the other side of the fence so??? My shipper mind made the leap for him idek i’m so tired from work but I don’t care it’s like I’m high or something ahahahahahahaha

Something like a continuation of Itsubun’s mini comic here: http://itsubunfanworks.tumblr.com/post/50958358675/im-not-very-good-at-making-comics-i-tried

Oliver c) sableaire

Lucy c) Itsubun

Have some half-assed fanart you two awesome creators of two awesome characters. You deserve better but I can’t anymore

psych0-olll3ric  asked:

Lucy attempting to get Oliver to write better? Oliver attempting sign language (and sock puppet-san getting in the way)? The weirdest most animated long-term charades game ever?? Gosh I can see the romance over the horizon already~ rofl idek

Yes to all of these, just… yes.

His handwriting is flipping atrocious though, like holy crow, how is it even humanly possible to be that bad at writing. And he doesn’t even spell things right because he doesn’t care, he’s like “If people get what I mean, what does spelling matter?” but it just makes his writing even more impossible to read and his typing really annoying XD

The sign language is not going to work with the sock puppet, Oliver, take it off XDD

And gosh, charades… charades… I can’t stop laughing XD