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Time for a story - The list

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“Are the kids asleep?” Felicity asked, not looking up from her laptop.

“Yes, they are all napping together in Millie’s nursery,” Oliver replied.

Felicity felt him step behind her and wrap her ponytail around his hand, so he could angle her head back and lean over her face to kiss her softly. She sighed into the kiss, even sliding a hand into his short hair to keep him against her. He nuzzled her nose for a moment after their lips parted before he stroked his fingertips over the side of her neck, eliciting goosebumps there, and turned his gaze to the screen of her laptop.

“What are you doing?” he asked, propping his forearms on the back of the couch behind Felicity, and pressed a kiss to her hair.

“Getting used to working again,” she replied with a low sigh. “I need to work through this before I get back on Monday.”

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Some pics of our beautiful new house. 😍😍😍
Second to last is Oliver’s nursery. It’s so perfect. I’m so happy, 1 and a bit weeks till we get the keys and 2 and a bit weeks till we move In. 💗

Paint Covered Kisses
  • Rachel:
  • Rachel and Finn had only been back in Los Angeles for a week when they began to decorate Oliver's nursery. She had been busy all week buying furniture, clothes, toys, everything she possibly could. With their theme decided and decorations bought the painting was left up to Finn and Rachel had been kicked out while he was doing it. She had been out shopping for some more things when she finally got back.
  • Walking into the house armed with bags of food and drinks she sat them down on the counter before heading up to the nursery to see Finn. "How's it going babe?" She asked curiously.