oliver kendall

BPD & Our System

So we’re a system of 8 n 3 of us (that we know of) suffer w BPD n the symptoms tht come w it. But the way tht it shows in all three is v different.

Our current host Oliver fits pretty cleanly into the “discouraged” borderline category:

Pretty spot on for him tbh. He shows the most traits n symptoms n is most affected by the disorder.

Our “original” n ex host Kendall also shows a lot of traits n can most be described as a “self-destructive” borderline:

though this extends to others too (n while there is some overlap for everyone) Ken fits pretty well here.

Last. Me. Leo. Id be what’s called a “petulant” borderline:

Yeah uhh not v comfortable w it but its pretty accurate to me.

We all struggle w it n we’re all at diff points w coming to terms n shit. Oli identifies w it bc he’s came to find tht his symptoms control a lot of his life n his emotions n shit n thought it was best to actually acknowledge n look into it. He split off from Ken n they have a lot of similarities w symptoms n emotional dealing n shit so it came hand in hand. Their both what you’d call quiet borderlines. They both came to terms abt the same time. Oli looking for a way to help himself n Ken not really giving a fuck but being along for the ride. Im nothing like the two of them n im what you’d call the explosive type of borderline n react a lot diff from them. It took us awhile to make the connection bw my emotional issues n mental shit w the disorder we already knew our brain was fucked w/. Like I said im not v comfy w it though.

Thts abt all. Does any other systems w DID/OSDD & BPD have multiple alters w symptoms? N how does it show is it diverse or similar in types? More messy n less cleancut?