oliver johnston


Roger Corman’s The Tomb of Ligeia, 1964

I tried to kill a stray cat with a cabbage, and all but made love to the Lady Rowena. I succeeded is squashing the cabbage and badly frightening the lady.

DoP: Arthur Grant


“King Lear” by William Shakespeare

Royal Shakespeare Company, 2016

Starring Antony Sher, Paapa Essiedu,  Romayne Andrews, Antony Byrne, Eke Chukwu, James Clyde, James Cooney, Bethan Cullinane, Marième Diouf, Kevin N Golding, Marcus Griffiths, Nia Gwynne, Oliver Johnstone, Byron Mondahl, Theo Ogundipe, Natalie Simpson, Clarence Smith, David Troughton, Graham Turner, Ewart James Walters, & Kelly Williams