oliver is a weirdo

-Band of Weirdos-
All ten peculiar children
From left to right:
Olive Abroholos Elephanta
Hugh Apiston
Horace Somnusson and Enoch O'Connor
Fiona Frauenfeld
Millard Nullings
Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom
Bronwyn Bruntley
Claire Densmore

Okay so the song that David sings about rainbows in the white room to give his message to Syd triggered a lot of ideas in the old noggin and I’m never using that word again my head.

The colors in a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And put all those together, you get white (in the perspective of physics not art). Legion is a very colorful show and not in the way that it’s pretty (which it is but that’s not the point) but like it messes with your head throwing you and David for a loop.

I think considering the fact that Legion (AKA David Haller) is multi-powered mutant with multiple personality disorder, and each of those personalities harnesses a different power. Each of the colors might be symbolic for each personality. But for now I think it represents each facet of his mind.

Let’s start with red.

  • Red: red clearly represents the monster or the parasite that he is so afraid of that’s taking over, call it the yellow eyed devil or the angriest boy in the world, but that is clearly what red represents. The fear that extends from his childhood.
  • Orange: orange represents Syd, and just everything about her. From the start its been her. Whether it’s her coat or the ribbon in her hair. The color orange always seems to point towards her.
  • Yellow: yellow represents the hospital and the false sense of security. The lies that he’s had to live with and the false thought that nothing can hurt him there when he’s already in as much danger as possible.
  • Green: green represents freedom, peace, tranquility. So far, the only people he’s expressed love for is Amy and Syd. The first time we see adult Amy and she promises to talk to David’s doctor about getting him out, she’s wearing this lime green coat. The first time David manages to escape the hospital as Syd, her wheeley bad is also this bright green. Everytime David goes somewhere to calm down when he’s at Summerland, he goes to the lake with the little wooden port and he’s surrounded by foliage and the lake’s water has a layer of green algae.
  • Blue: blue we don’t see a lot of but I want to make a connection to Oliver Bird and his weirdo ice cube in the middle of the astral plane.
  • Indigo: indigo represents his love and his lust for Syd. When they do the mirror kiss, when she goes to talk to him in the middle of the night at Summerland, when they sleep together for the first time.
  • Violet: also hesitant to make a connection but I want to talk about Lenny in Chapter 5 and the old house. And how we finally see the true evil and madness within.
  • White: when a rainbow-colored top spins at a certain speed, the colors blend and form white. Which is what I think happens to David, when all his personalities or moods come together and stop fighting each other for one second, he relaxes and feels safe. So when Walter shoots at Syd and David, Syd screams the white room, the place where they genuinely touch each other for the first time. The safe place.
Fic: It’s All Behind Us Now

Short little soulmate fic for the @olicityhiatusficathon prompt “Unintentional Discovery” given to us by the lovely @thebookjumper.

What if Oliver and Felicity fell in love before they discovered they were soulmates? Set after they drive off into the sunset at the end of Season 3. Also their soul mark location is kind of funny. ;) This got a little bit more steamier than I intended. Also, I might have made myself laugh while writing this. I hope you enjoy. Read it on Ao3 or below. 

It’s All Behind Us Now

“Ha! That tickles.” Oliver looked up and grinned at Felicity from where he was kissing his way up her legs. Apparently, his stubble was distracting her from enjoying the task at hand.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No way! Get back to work, mister!”

Oliver looked up at her. God, she was beautiful. Her cheeks were flushed with desire and her eyes shone with love for him. Love. For him. He could hardly believe it.

The first time they made love, it was hurried and fast in Nanda Parbat before they thought they would have to say goodbye forever. But now that they had defeated Ras al Ghul and driven off into the sunset together, Oliver was going to take his time.

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O: “Ha, what weirdo?

In: “OKAY SO, me and Mo planned a camping trip with Corina and Jackson!”

O: “Well that sounds fun!”

In: “Yes, but that’s not the best part! You’re coming with us!”

O: “Thanks for the invite, but I’d really rather not be a fifth wheel.”

In: “No no no! I invited Skyla as kind of a blind date!”

O: “Wait, what!?”

anonymous asked:

Omg the way you detail the scenes in the movie *death* Thank you so much for it... also I wanted to ask to do that again for another part of the movie that I heard its just the perfect mix of hilarious, cute and sensual, i mean their trip!!! Just to hear about Oliver dancing, them kissing in public...god Could you please? Much love in advance 💓

I’ve honestly been dreading this question because this is after I had stopped taking notes completely. But I’m going to answer this as best I can and hope that I’m not making up the details. If you can’t already tell, I get aggressively carried away with details. 

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In the trailer when Oliver is facing the camera and Elio is behind him sitting down outside on that chair, what's that about? He looks so thoughtful there

that’s the morning before their first kiss. so the night before there’s a rainstorm, and elio is laying on the sofa in his parent’s laps and his mother reads them the story of the knight and the princess (better to speak or die?) which mrs. pearlman TRANSLATES AS SHE READS IT FROM GERMAN what a… what a woman. what a dame. god damn. and they’re both petting his hair and being really affectionate and you can just tell they’ve chosen this story very carefully knowing that elio has feelings for oliver. it’s a really fucking sweet moment, their family dynamic is so incredible. THIS IS MY FAVORITE !!! SCENE!!! no one cares but whatever

so anyway the next morning oliver is sitting on the edge of the pool and elio is behind him on the lawn chair with his shirt over his head like a weirdo, and that’s the shot. he’s telling oliver that they read the story about the knight (oliver: “so does he speak?” elio: “no, he fibs” oliver: “well, he’s french” hyuk hyuk hyuk) and then they decide to go into town together where elio like mutely confesses his love and then they make out in the weeds by some field the end

Based off of the videos: First Kiss and First Kiss NYC
For suchfunarewe :)

“You’ve got nice… y’know,” Dean gestures vaguely to the stranger in front of him, eyes caught on dark hair, blue eyes, and a tan trenchcoat.

The stranger laughs nervously. “You just gestured to all of me.”

“Yeah… I, uh, I guess I did..” Because he’s pretty. Handsome. Gorgeous. Whatever. He’s got just enough stubble to be considered reasonably sexy, and his hair looks sex-blown. Unfortunately, the attractiveness ends there: the stranger is wearing a huge, garish-looking sweater, the thing so big it covers his ass with room to spare, a tan overcoat, and a pair of well-worn dark jeans. On his feet are fraying black boots.

Now, Dean isn’t a model or anything, but even he knows that that sweater should be burned and vaporized and burned again. Not that he’s looking particularly great in his olive green Henley and ripped blue jeans, but it’s better than what the weirdo has on. Fidgeting, Dean rocks back and forth on his heel, biting his lip and looking everywhere but at the man in front of him as he takes a breath, eventually dragging his eyes back to the situation at hand. The stranger is staring at his lips unabashedly. Dean clears his throat and blushes. “I’m Dean,” he offers awkwardly, holding out a hand.

The stranger nods and shakes the offered appendage. He has a good grip. “Castiel.”

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