oliver guerrero


White supremacists have become emboldened. These pictures were taken on Westheimer near Montrose at Katz’s Deli, a Jewish-run business. This vehicle has a history of yelling “White Power” at people and threatening them with violence.

The people in this car are employed by Hook it up towing owned by Richard Navarre. Their job is to spy on people and make them think it’s okay to park in a parking lot and then they call the tow truck driver and people are swiftly towed. The Property Manager that hires them is Oliver Guerrero, Whitney Place.

Oliver has been skeptical after being shown photo evidence, has lied about the identity of the tow truck owner of being a black man, when really he’s a confederate flag waving white man, and has lied about these white supremacists being fired. Y'all asked me what you can do to help. I doubt we can do anything to change Richard Navarre’s mind, but call Oliver. You don’t have to live in Houston to help. Make him deal with this. Protect our community. His number is 281-807-3900.
- Amir