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Week Ending November 21st, 2016

  1. Kylie Jenner +12
  2. Sebastian Stan +1
  3. Harry Styles +1
  4. Kate McKinnon −3
  5. Emma Watson +7
  6. Eddie Redmayne
  7. Jensen Ackles −1
  8. Chris Evans −6
  9. John Oliver
  10. Carrie Fisher
  11. Dylan O'Brien +5
  12. Ezra Miller
  13. Tom Hiddleston −2
  14. Margot Robbie
  15. Jeffrey Dean Morgan −5
  16. Kendall Jenner −7
  17. Misha Collins −12
  18. Jared Leto −4
  19. Benedict Cumberbatch −12
  20. Jared Padalecki −12

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

Valentine's Day Special

Happy Valentine’s Day! I decided to make little drabbles to celebrate (even though I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal [and I have a boyfriend which probably makes it worse]). Not a request. The reader is gender neutral throughout the entire thing. I hope you all enjoy! (Also sorry if you’re allergic to chocolate or don’t like it bc honestly, I feel you [chocolate makes me sick]).


Zack didn’t exactly understand why Valentine’s day was such a big deal, but he still celebrated it with you regardless. Somehow, he knew that it was important to remember Valentine’s Day when in a relationship and to make a semi-big deal about it. 

He took you put to dinner instead of eating at home and bought you a box of chocolates and a teddy bear that was holding a heart which said ‘I love you’ on it.


Angela forced you to take the day off work so you could spend the entire day together. She adored Valentine’s Day and wanted to do so much that day. She took you out to dinner at some expensive place and wasn’t afraid to recite why she loved you in front of the entire restaurant.

You have her a bouquet of flowers and something you made by yourself. She knew it came from your heart and that meant a lot to her, it showed her how much you love her.


Jack is a romantic, so he made a big deal about Valentine’s Day.

First, he had you woken up to him with a bunch of presents for you.

Then he had the two of you go to the movies to watch some new romance movies, and he held your hand the entire time, smiling at you. He would whisper to you, telling you that he would like to do what people in the movie were doing with you.

You, of course, slapped him jokingly.


He planned for an entire month, wanting everything to be perfect for you. He was ecstatic the moment you wake up and couldn’t wait to drag you to work.

When you got there, confetti was thrown everywhere, and a banner dropped down, saying that Seeley loved you more than anything. Throughout your day, you would get notes that where what Seeley liked about you.

It made you positive, and that night you had kissed Seeley deeply with a huge smile on your face.


Lance had made a song on the piano for you, which touched your heart. You understood that making a song is actually difficult and it must have taken months to do. You kissed him once he was done, which made him smile.

The words were all about love and how cute you are, and it made you euphoric to have such a great boyfriend.


She was happy the entire day. She was excited for when you would get home, and when you did, you found a bunch of riddles which led you to where you first kissed. There, she got you candy hearts and have you a nice picnic that she made you. It was extremely nice, and you thanked her for it every few minutes.


Fisher never really celebrated Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons, but you wanted to change that. You set up a big night- first, you would give him flowers, then you would eat a nice dinner, and to top it all off, you would go home and watch his favorite movies until you passed out.

It really did show him that Valentine’s Day didn’t completely need to be about showering your significant other in gifts or love. 

He decided that Valentine’s Day was an okay holiday.


James had gotten you a lot of food. He got you a set of chocolate (It was almost 50 pieces, but he ate half.) He, on top of that, managed to spread a trail of candy hearts to a table that was set up for dinner with him. He got you a card that had some lame joke on it. He showered you with love that night.

Needless to say, you had a great night with him.


Vincent was a sweetheart and showered you with gifts for an entire week- feeling that it was actually Valentine’s week and that Valentine’s Day was just the signal of the last day. You, if course, loved it and on the seventh day got him a giant teddy bear that was almost as big as him with a letter that had 100 reasons why you loved him on it.


You thought Wendell was going to do something simple. You thought the day was going to be him bringing you out to dinner, giving you a Valentine’s Day card, and that would be it.

Well, you did go to dinner. It was actually the first place you had a date at, which was pretty special in its self. He then gave you a sweet Valentine’s Day card. (It said something about you being the only person he needs.)

But, when you finished with your dinner and had got ready to leave, he had surprised you with a giant cut out of him made in chocolate. How he did it? You don’t  know. But it was really cool because it was exactly like him, except in chocolate.You hugged him tightly and thanked him, which made him jubilant for the rest of the night. He was glad you liked it.


Finn woke you up with breakfast in bed, followed by giving you gifts every hour. He texted you cute messages along with the gifts, saying that you should keep smiling because you’re beautiful and other things. He was extremely sweet the entire day, though you hadn’t been able to see him much. He made you a nice dinner that night as well, and you were eternally grateful.


Aristoo woke you up with a box of chocolates and an excellent breakfast.

Later on in the day, he had made you a fancy dinner. It, of course, was set up with candles and wine. He even managed to play a record in the background as the two of you ate.

After dinner, he gave you a published book with reasons why he loved you from A-Z. Then when it was time for the two of you to go to bed, he cuddled with you and kissed your forehead.

Oliver Wells:

Oliver, being a man of science, decided to somehow get you something that would have science based around it. It was still sweet because it did still fit the theme of Valentine’s Day. He got you a bioluminescent aquarium shaped into a heart. You didn’t really know what it was at first, but you learned that if you put it in indirect light, it would shine at night. And, that being said, it was pretty cool. Even if you didn’t know how it worked.

Oliver liked it, and his eyes glowed as he told you about how it worked, so you were content with the gift.

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