oliver didn't show up

  • Connor: See, it says "Minus-1, SM Trunc, err".
  • Oliver: You should really call technical support.
  • Connor: I like it when you fix it. It's so cute and nerdy. I could just lick you up.
  • Oliver: This is a serious computer problem, you don't want to fool around with this.
  • Connor: What does "err" mean?
  • Oliver: Call technical support.
  • Connor: What does "err" mean?
  • Oliver: It means a mistake.
  • Connor: Is it Latin?
  • Oliver: It's "E-R-R". It means error. Call technical support.
  • Connor: "Minus-1, SM Trunc", what does it mean?
  • Oliver: Connor -
  • Connor: C'mon, just one.
  • Oliver: ...It means the truncation indicator alone is wider than the specified width. It probably also indicates a "Minus-5 Type SCP" which is an invalid queue element.
  • Connor *turned on*: Okay. Then it says "Minus-15, out of range." What does that mean?
  • Oliver: It means it's out of range.
  • Connor: You're not doing this right.
  • Oliver: What the hell are we doing?
  • Connor: Well I thought we were having phone sex, but I guess you just weren't interested.
  • Oliver: We were having phone sex?
  • Connor: Well not PHONE sex, but whatever. We were having sex.
  • Oliver: I didn't even know.
  • Connor: And frankly, it showed up in your performance.
  • Oliver: I wasn't having sex.
  • Connor: I know that, Oliver, I was sitting here having sex all by myself.
  • Oliver: You were having sex.
  • Connor: Yes.
  • Oliver: Well I think maybe you're not doin' it right.

why I love Laurel

Oliver: I’m gonna run for mayor!

Felicity: wow….ummmm you sure? nvm GREAT! YOU GO BAE! here take my pretty much bankrupt company’s money for your campaign, I’m not even gonna run it past the board you wanna be mayor but let’s make you mayor! Team Oliver Queen! 

Oliver: I’m gonna run for mayor