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FanExpo 2017 Sunday Highlights

I came across so many Olicity fans today at FanExpo.  As I was waiting in line to enter, I looked behind me and noticed a lovely couple who were an Olicity Cosplay.  They were so sweet and they let me take a photo.   Then in line for Stephen Amell’s panel I ended up standing next to another Olicity fan. We ended up discussing the ship and comparing cellphone wallpapers.  I have the Olicity in Bali photo and she has the photo of Stemily in the Buzzfeed Photobooth. I got excellent seats to see Stephen (and David Ramsey who crashed the panel), and it turned out I was sitting in from of @LuluLemonLime83 and her niece. It was nice to meet them in person. There were several booths selling Arrow artwork featuring Felicity Smoak, which was great to see.  I took several photos of the event, but here are a few favorites.


// top photo credit: @chiiburi / @daiisho. bottom photos taken by yours truly and Lex Lang.

( and, of course, i forgot to take my glasses off in the first one like a total goof! )

so the convention was absolutely phenomenal! i met so many amazing people, made some incredible new friends and overall just had a real blast!! Tony Oliver and Lex Lang were total sweethearts and i absolutely adore them, and they both complimented my cosplay! a few people mentioned that i did an incredible job on the cosplay and took my photo and the con was a real success!

however, with all the good, came a small bit of bad. Columbus is a dangerous city at night, apparently, and i feel lucky to have gotten out of there without something worse than what had happened after the con ended Saturday night.

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AKA My Tiny Beard And Me

CHIP SKYLARK Myself (@apollopuff)
TOOTH Maddy (@weerewolf-cornobble)

Thanks to the lovely Amanda (@fishandchipsandvinegar​) for letting us take advantage of her fantastic photographic skills, and thanks to Erika (@theconfusedartist​) for making that ridiculous guitar prop. And, of course, a big thanks to everyone at Anime North who appreciated these silly costumes. 

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Hmph!!! You are so rude, Artie!! You get all flustered and blushy whenever someone /else/ gives you flowers, but whenever I send you flowers, you don't like them! Sure, they might be covered in blo--...uh, stuff, but the florist was being rude! You're so mean, Artiiiieee!!! ((Hi cutie pie!!! Hope it's okay if I send in an IC ask. I saw the reply where you were holding a white rose, it was so cute! But you're always cute, so....))

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(You are too sweet!!! Ahhhhh stop!! X33)

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Has Alfred ever forced you into Olive Garden and if so, how did you react to it after?

He doesn’t seem to believe me when I say it was an accident and I wasn’t disrespecting his country (although maybe he deserved it)