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So I was looking at some random “There’s two types of people” post.
I literally screamed!

Post Its and Promises: an Olicity Fic

Summary: Felicity is feeling as if there is never time for her and Oliver to get married. Oliver comes up with a compromise. Inspired by the Grey’s Anatomy season where Derek and Meredith get married via post it note. 

I’ve been working on this for ages. And finally have it done. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Felicity Smoak was pacing in front of her computers, nervously chewing on the nail of her thumb. The familiar sounds of the elevator caused her to pause. She raced down the steps, bouncing lightly on her toes as she impatiently waited for them to open.

The doors slid open to reveal, Oliver Queen, in his worn green leathers. The hood has been pushed back, he was in the process of removing his mask when he noticed Felicity standing in front of him.

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Uptown Girl 4/4

Felicity Smoak is not your average debutante, but going to the Debutante Ball turns out to be one of the most important decisions of her life. The story of an uptown girl meeting a downtown boy - who happens to be in a rock band.

This is a birthday present for my dear friend Carol @tdgal1 - I so hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for all the likes, comments and reblogs! I’m so grateful!! Thank You!! This is the last chapter, I hope you enjoy :)

Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing. Thanks so much to @magda1102 for the lovely edit.  All chapters are available on AO3.


                              4. I’m Gonna Try For An Uptown Girl

Oliver could not remember a time when he was so happy. Just being near Felicity or knowing he would be near her soon, changed everything. He felt like a kid at Christmas. He didn’t know such happiness existed and he didn’t want to let it go.

He looked over at Felicity who was sitting on a chair backward, her hair up in a messy bun with jeans and a new Better Than Chocolate t-shirt she designed on. It had their new slogan - What’s Better Than Chocolate? Check it out at BetterThanChocolate.com. Traffic to their website continued to climb thanks in part to the t-shirts but also, he was sure by the daily added content. Felicity was beyond phenomenal at her job. Which just reminded him again that is because she is far too good at everything to be here.

“You’re staring at me…” Felicity growled teasing. “I can sense it. I hope you are thinking good thoughts.”

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First off, they want 12 large pizzas. One cheese, one Hawaiian-extra pineapple, two pepperoni and black olives, two meat lovers…Seriously? Nobody’s writing this down? Seriously? One triple-shot, half-caf vanilla latte, tall. Three of the latest copies of the Hall & Oates CD. I know, right? Exciting stuff. I didn’t know they were coming out with a new one either. Um, we’re gonna need some steaks. Steaks and a grill, they’re tryin’ to tailgate. OK, they need your overalls, I don’t know why. They need some Kibbles and Bits. We need an Etch-A-Sketch. Somebody in there likes to squiggle, ok? Possibly we need some stuffed bears. Are we good? Let’s go, people!
—  Hardison, Leverage, 1x05 “The Bank Shot Job” (2008)

“Were planted centuries before the invention of the so called Israel”

Zionist occupation forces bulldozing today aged Palestinian olive trees (about 300 years old, centuries before the invention of the so called “Israel”) of Palestinian farmers In Beit Jala city near Bethlehem in favor of constructing a section of the apartheid wall, 17 August 2015.

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Hi, i read a fic on AO3 a while back now that had Oliver working in a bank (thanks to Walter) and trying to woo felicity. I think he took her to daily lunches or similar, but she just thought he was being a friend. At one of them she tells him about someone asking her out and Oliver got really mad/sad. From what I remember the story was complete and a one shot. Thanks in advance for looking at this, I hope you guys can find it but if not thanks for trying, and for the excellent job you do!

I”m about 95% sure that it’s this one, but i could be wrong

A Night Like Any Other

community is such an unappreciated show tbh

i mean they have diversity out the wazoo, super interesting and complex female characters, representation of a person with mental illness (and he isn’t treated any differently)

its witty and intelligent and doesnt talk down to its audience, it has a star cast including joel mchale, john oliver, allison brie, jonathan banks, and so so SO many more

plus a stupid amount of fantastic guest stars

not to mention the characters are flawed and wonderful and relatable to the point that you don’t even realize how invested you are until you’re crying over a game of the floor is lava

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Prompt: 5 times Felicity doesn't believe Oliver when he tells her that he loves her and 1 time she does? :)

This one was kinda difficult.

Thanks to Molly for the help.


The first time he told her was when they were trying to beat Slade.

“I love you,” Oliver whispered, and her heart nearly stopped. “Do you understand?” he continued, taking her hand, pressing a syringe against palm. And Felicity did understand. Slade would come for her, and she would be close enough to inject the cure. She would be the one to turn Hyde back to Jekyll.

Her heart sank a little at realizing his words weren’t true; he was so convincing. She nodded and watched him turn and walk out the door.

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Into The Dark: This Is Your Sword Arrow 3x22 Review

Sorry for the delay on the review. I was…a little drunk. No I am not kidding.  I thought it best to, ya know, sober up before thinkin’ my thoughts.

I feel like I’ve been in a game of chicken with Marc Guggenheim the last four weeks. I was determined not to swerve first, but after it was confirmed that Oliver & Nyssa get married…I swerved. I’ll admit it. I swerved right into a bar and drank my feelings all up. 

Well, first I let out a barrage of mildly humorous yet bitter tweets. Then I hit the bar. 

Anywho, I prepared myself for a necessary second viewing because I told my husband to make strong margaritas and he’s an over achiever. 

The only other episode I’ve watched twice before writing the review was The Canaries (shudder). I’ll admit…this was rough. But a rough Arrow episode is still 98% better than the other crap on television. I also realized during my second viewing there was no reason to swerve. All the spoilers, articles and Tiffany Vogt tweets (oh yeah Tiffany…you are so on my list)…were simply the very road signs I’d been warning against. 

Stephen Amell once commented that it’s always darkest before dawn. He was right. Arrow 3x22 was a difficult episode - painful, heart wrenching, devastating and downright enraging. We went into the dark in “This Is Your Sword”. So much dark it’s difficult to see what’s on the other side…

The dawn.

Let’s dig in…

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HYPETRAK Playlist: April 29

1. Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked (Joris Voorn Remix)
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3. BANKS - Goddess
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5. Kendrick Lamar - 2U (C. Justice Remix)
6. Taylor Bennett featuring King Louie - New Chevy
7. Nap$ Hindu - Twist Your Nap
8. Donn Gee featuring GDA - All We Talk About Is
9. INSPWR - 4,000 (4K)
10. Temple Invisible - Disappearance

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