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hannasus  asked:

Prompt: "Why are you wet?" And you can interpret that however you care to. ;)

Hello, friend! Thanks for the prompt @hannasus​! Sorry it took SO LONG to get done. This is set during season 2.5, my favorite season of UST. ;)

This is NSFW, #Olicity UST that becomes resolved.

Moving Things Along

“Why are you wet?” Oliver blurted out standing at the edge of Felicity’s desk, a Big Belly Burger bag hanging precariously from his fingers.

She heaved a sigh and walked towards him, her bare feet light and quick across the foundry floor.

“Did you get me a belly buster?” she asked ignoring his initial question.

Oliver barely contained a groan as she drew nearer. She smelled like him, well, like the body wash she’d purchased for him and he’d bought religiously ever since.

On her, it smelled different somehow, the tang of citrus more pronounced than when he used it.

Drops of water dripped down her shoulders and into the top of her towel—his towel—that she’d wrapped around her body.

“Why are you in my towel?”

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