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#she has seen him go through so much#but seeing him go through this emotional torture is killing her#she knows how this situation has affected oliver


On the left, a painting by Palestinian artist Souad Nasr painted more than 35 years ago. 
Which reminds me of the photo on the right of an Old Palestinian woman holding onto an olive tree that’s being uprooted by Israel somewhere in the early 2000s

  • Frank: Asher said he thinks about you sometimes when he's making love to himself.
  • Oliver: What?
  • Asher: One time.
  • Oliver: What?!
  • Asher: I thought about dark hair and your face just appeared beneath it, okay? By the way, like I'm the only one. Wes told me it happened to him, like, a bunch of times.
  • Wes: Frank, you told me the first week that Oliver came here, you had a sex dream about Oliver, and he had raccoon hands.
  • Frank: Dreams do not count.
  • Oliver: You've all thought about me while self-completing?!

I find it interesting that Oliver brought up post-traumatic stress when he was talking to John about why he blames himself for the bad things that happen to people in his life. I like to think Oliver brought it up because PTSD is something that he and John (and perhaps he and Felicity) have talked about before, even if we’ve never seen it on screen.

I’m just happy that after five years of strongly hinting at the fact that Oliver suffers from PTSD, the show finally decided to outright mention it (even if Oliver’s initial response is to deny it because Chase has broken him to the point where he just believes the worst of himself).

On this episode of “Make Everything About Your OTP”:

Here’s Damien Darhk holding Felicity’s mask up to Oliver’s, during Legends of Smoak. The camera zooms in a little too, because even in “Doomworld”, the villains (and cameramen) stay shipping Olicity (◡‿◡✿).

↳ A better look at Oliver’s mask and broken arrows:

(cry with me)

Wish list for the West-Allen wedding

-Barry’s other 3 groomsmen are Wally, Julian, and Oliver

-Iris’s maid of honor is Caitlin and her bridesmaids are Linda, Felicity, and a returned for a visit Jessie Quick

-John Diggle Jr is the ring bearer

-all the supergirl crew comes, and Alex brings Maggie (except Mon-el because…. somebody needs to protect their earth while they’re gone. Sure let’s go with that)

-Stein officiates

-Jax and Rip make them cool futuristic fireworks

-Felicity catches the bouquet

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Which characters were the most underrated ?

the entire longbottom family, canonically speaking. then i’ve always thought in my heart that narcissa black must have had a pretty difficult life and that in the end she only made the choices she could make and yeah.. but that’s not really canon
oh and ??? oliver wood???!!!!? like he’s not underrated but hello??? i need SO MUCH more on him like a ton shit like i need a series of his life idc if it’s only him brushing his teeth for ten books i need it okay

You know what I love to see in the Arrow fandom? I love to see the people who love and defend Oliver Queen because you have one group that’s all,

‘Excuse you sir how dare you hurt our smol son! You need to go sit in that corner and reevaluate your wrong decisions right this second. Here you go Oliver. Here’s a blanket and a movie. Don’t worry no one will ever hurt you while I’m here.’

Then there is the other group that’s out for blood.

‘I’m sorry did you really just say that to my husband?! My husband?! Oh no you did not! *pulls out knife proceeds to carve out the bad guys heart* That’ll show you and anyone else to mess with our hero. *casually wipes bloody hands on the bad guy’s shirt* Don’t worry Oliver babe I’ve got your back. Here’s a blanket and a movie. Let’s get out here.’

Soooo yeah just something I noticed and loved! Keep loving on Oliver Queen! Our boy has more than earned it. (Btw I’m definitely the second one)

ColdFlash Soul Mate ‘Doomsday’ AU

So spoilers for the new LEGEND’s episode, but this idea came to me when we see Barry’s cowl on that shelf next to Oliver’s mask. Anyways enjoy my lovelies :)

“This is no fun without the Flash to try and stop us.” Mick grumbled as he and Leonard headed towards where Thawne had ‘summoned’ them. Mick hated being summoned, but he kind of no choice right now.

“The Flash was a pest and now without him we have free reign of the city, Central is ours Mick.” Leonard sent his partner a sideways look. 

“When did they pluck you from the timeline? Have you ever even fought against the Flash yet?” Mick asked, a sudden coil of dread appearing in his gut.

“No, they told me everything though.” Len wasn’t sure where Mick was going at this, but felt something settle in his gut at the way Mick paled.

“You know Damien killed the Flash and has his cowl mounted on a shelf right?” Mick started off slowly, he almost threw up when he had spotted the red headpiece sitting there.

“So?” Leonard rubbed at his wrist, the leather soul mate cover starting to annoy his skin.

“Look at your mark Len.” Mick said quickly, picking up on the movement. Leonard all but ripped his leather cover off his wrist and fell to his knees at the sight of the black, scorched words that were inked on his skin. That only happened when their soul mate was dead.

“No, you mean… The Flash was my soul mate?” Len’s voice was small and quiet even to himself.

“His name was Barry Allen, he was your heart. The reason you agreed to Rip Hunter’s offer, he was the light to your dark. He was everything to you, he meant more to you than any heist ever did.” Mick explained, remembering seeing the two in quiet moments together, remembering everything his Len had told him about his soul mate.

“Thawne took your soul mate away without a single thought and used you, us to do it.” Mick growled and Len looked up from his blacken wrist with a look of rage on his face that was rarely seen.

“I am going to get that spear and I will make him pay for stealing my soul mate from me and I will bring my Flash back.” Leonard snarled as he stood up strongly, his purpose was renewed as new plans started to form in his mind.

“That’s the Leonard Snart I know.” Mick said smugly glad he had lit a fire underneath of his partner.

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5x20 title is "missing" people are saying that Chase is gonna kidnap someone (some are saying William) and take the person to Lian Yu. What do you think?

5x22 is “Missing,” not 5x20, which super effects my answer here.   

I sort of doubt William will be kidnapped. He was kidnapped the last time we saw him, after all, and that feels too repetitive to me. Will we see him again? Yes. I think we will. Maybe not this season, but I do think we’ll get to see him with Oliver and the two of them finally on the same page. He’s come up too frequently for that to be dropped. But in spite of Oliver’s attachment to him, the audience isn’t attached to him (except for… you know… me) and that’s a weak plot-thread to follow through on for a season ender. You need your audience more invested than that. Main characters in danger only this time of year.

I do think Felicity will be kidnapped and I do think she’ll be brought to Lian Yu. There’s circumstantial evidence here and there, of course, but a lot of that is just based on gut instinct. They’ve put off having her kidnapped and in real danger for a reeeeeally long time. I think we’re at that point and I think it’s a good turning point for the team, for Olicity and for both Oliver and Felicity’s individual growth. As always, the Arrow writers like double meanings for their episodes, so I think we’ll see something missing earlier in the episode and then wind up with her kidnapped partway through. I also think that it’s not just that she’s missing, but what Oliver’s missing with her gone. Any which way you look at it, though, I’m looking forward to it.

P.S. This was my 4,000th post! I don’t know why this feels noteworthy…

Running (Last Chapter)

Oliver felt like he was in a time warp, taking him back ten years.

Chase came into Oliver’s cell and dragged him outside into the mercenary compound. A metal loop was embedded in the ground and Chase fed Oliver’s chains through it. It was mid-day and the sun shone down on Oliver’s nearly naked body, giving a little warmth to the coldness he was feeling. Beside himself and Chase, the compound was empty. Oliver looked around, wondering where they were holding Felicity and Thea. Empty huts and the ruins of a watch tower was all he saw.

Then he caught movement to his right, and Malcolm Merlyn came strolling up to Oliver and Chase.

“Merlyn. Well, that explains how Thea got here.” Oliver glared at him, visualizing all the times he could have and should have put arrows into the man. “I should have taken your head off that night on the roof,” Oliver told him.

“Oliver,” Merlyn replied. “This really is like a homecoming for you, isn’t it?”

“If I get out of this,” Oliver coldly said to him. “You are going to die.”

Merlyn chuckled. “Oliver, you’ve been trying to kill me for five years now. You keep missing your target. Sad really. You’re supposed to be an expert and all.”

Oliver dismissed Malcolm, not having any more to say to him.

Chase let out his low, evil laugh. “It’s show time,” he told Oliver.

Slade and Talia suddenly came out of two different huts, both dwellings in line with Oliver’s. Felicity was being led by Talia. She was limping on her right foot as Talia dragged her past Oliver. Thea was pulled past him by Slade. They stopped about ten feet in front of Oliver and were forced down on their knees. Talia pulled her sword out and put the blade to the back of Felicity’s neck. Slade repeated the motion with Thea.

Lambs to the slaughter, Oliver thought. Except for when he had to watch his mother die, Oliver never felt as helpless as he did now.

“Oliver…” Felicity started to say.

Talia pushed on the back of Felicity’s head. “Do not speak,” she ordered.

Thea knelt of the ground and her whole focus was on Merlyn. She didn’t move or speak, just glared at her father with hatred as deep as her bloodlust had ever taken her.

Chase suddenly put his hand on Oliver’s bare shoulder. “You know,” he said. “Isn’t it interesting how some people never learn from their mistakes? Their whole lives they keep repeating the same history, over and over.”

Oliver tried to shake his hand off, but Chase tightened his grip.

“Oliver,” Chase went on. “You can’t deny that I’m right. It’s your mistakes that keep hurting people. It’s your decisions that push them down, putting them in pain.”

“Oliver,” Felicity spoke. “Don’t listen to him. He’s wrong, He’s…”

Talia hit the back of Felicity’s head with her sword handle. “Shut up, I said. Adrian is telling your man’s life truth.”

The force of the blow knocked Felicity forward, face planting her into the hard dirt of the compound. Then Talia jerked her back up into a kneeling position. Blood flowed down Felicity’s face from a cut on her cheek.

Oliver lurched forward, trying to reach Felicity, but his chains stopped him a couple feet short.

Chase continued. “The people who you think love you?” He nodded at Felicity and Thea. “They are victims. They really don’t know who you are…” Chase suddenly punched Oliver; a clean shot to the kidneys that brought paralyzing pain to him.

Both Felicity and Thea cried out, neither one caring about retaliation from their captors.

“Oliver,” Chase went on relentlessly. “My father died because of that killer in you. You weren’t interested in justice or second chances. I wonder if you got off watching him drown. Was the killer excited?”

Oliver shook off the pain from Chase’s punch. “Adrian,” he whispered in defiance. “Your father deserved to die. He was evil, like you are. He was poisoning people for profit. If I had to do it again, I…”

Chase spun Oliver around and unleashed vicious punches to his midsection and face. Oliver dropped to his knees, blood spurting from a broken nose, a smashed lip and an ugly cut that opened above his eye.

“Enough!” Talia shouted out. “Adrian, back off. I need Oliver conscious. I need him to be a witness.”

Felicity and Thea yearned to go to Oliver. They would risk the blades at their necks to reach him.

“Yeah, “Slade agreed. “Oliver’s pain can wait. It’s time for him to choose.”

Oliver spat blood on the ground and wiped some away from his eyes as well. “Slade” he breathed. “You can go the hell. I’m not playing your game.”

Talia responded. “Oliver, you don’t have a choice. If you refuse, the game is over and both these women lose their heads.” She paused and made sure she had everyone’s attention. “So these are the rules of our game. If Oliver remains stubborn and doesn’t choose, all three of you will die. I will, however, spare one of these girls if Oliver does decide to play. Simple. So, Oliver, what’s it going to be?”

“Felicity, Thea,” Oliver spoke as he ignored Talia. “Close your eyes. It’s alright. I’m not going to choose either of you. I love you both. I want you to know that. I want you to take it with you into the next life.”

Slade became furious. “I’m done,” he growled. “Game over.” He pulled his blade from the back of Thea’s neck and brought it around in a backswing.

Three things happened simultaneously.

First, an arrow came out of the trees surrounding the compound, sailed past Talia and Slade, and then planted itself in the links of Oliver’s chains. A red light blinked and then the arrow exploded, severing the chains and freeing Oliver.

Next, one of Curtis’s T-Spheres came out of the trees, hovered above Slade, and then it too exploded, taking Slade’s head with it.

Finally, Rene and Dinah came running into the compound, heading toward Talia and the kneeling Felicity. Talia brought her sword up, and then Rene crashed into Felicity, taking her to the ground and shielding her with his body. Dinah emitted a sonic cry, the strongest she ever attempted. It hit Talia, liquefying her internal organs and killing her instantly.

Oliver pulled his chains off and turned to face Chase.

John and Lyla came into the compound. John was carrying Oliver’s bow and quiver. “Oliver,” he yelled out. “Do you…”

“No John,” Oliver replied. “Keep everybody back. Chase is mine.”

John stood down, and the rest of the team went over to the stunned Malcolm Merlyn, forming a circle around him. Thea picked up Slade’s swore, advancing toward her father.

“Thea,” Oliver called out, and then Chase was on him. His arm attempted to circle Oliver’s neck. Oliver spun around and threw a head butt into Chase’s face, shattering both his cheeks. Chase stumbled back a few steps and Oliver followed up with a flying kick into his chest, knocking him to the ground. Oliver reached down and picked up his broken chains. He went over to the dazed Chase and wrapped them aroud the man’s neck, tightening his muscles and choking the life out of him.

“You’re right,” he said to Chase. “I am a killer. I kill because sometimes infections in this world need to be cut out.”

Chase started to frantically struggle out of the chain around his neck—then Oliver jerked it and snapped Chase’s neck. The man dropped to the ground, his brutal, evil life over.

Oliver heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and Felicity crashed into his arms.

“Oliver,” she said. “You were…you were…well, heroic is the only word that comes to mind.”

Oliver wiped away the blood from her face.  “You were pretty awesome to,” he told her. Then he softly and tenderly kissed her lips.

Suddenly, John and Lyla yelled out. “Thea, don’t…”

Oliver broke away from the kiss in time to see his sister run Slade’s sword through Merlyn’s chest. Malcolm dropped to his knees in front of her, as if he were pleading for forgiveness. Then he fell dead at her feet.

“Thea…” Oliver sighed. “You…why…” Then he stopped trying to figure out what he wanted to say. Instead, he nodded at her. “If anyone was going to kill him, it should have been you.”

Thea looked back at him, a small smile on her face. “Damn right,” she replied.

John came over to Oliver and reached out to shake his hand. “I figured you might need some help,”

“John, when did you become so accurate with a bow?”

John grinned at Oliver. “Well, you know, I’ve had five years to watch an expert. I guess some of it rubbed off on me.”

Felicity smiled at them and then turned to Oliver. “Hey,” she asked. What’s the date today?”

Oliver shook his head. “I have no idea. Sometime in May, I think. Why?”

“Isn’t your birthday this month?”

“It was last week,” Thea told her.

Oliver nodded. “Uh, yeah Speedy, you’re right.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Felicity said to him. “You’re going to get some cake when we get back home.” She acknowledged all of Team Arrow as well.

“All of you are.”

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