oliver and kyle

Recently it was revealed that Jason also watched a Flying Grayson’s performance before Dick became Robin, just like Tim did.

That got me thinking. The circus was pretty famous and traveled internationally, the flying Graysons were their main number. So just imagine how many DC Characters may have seen Dick perform before he became Robin.

Clark took Louis on a date when the circus was in metropolis, and seeing those people fly made him remember an old Kriptonian tale…

Jim took Barbara and James Jr. back when they still lived in Chicago. James didn’t like it, but Barbara was so happy she asked to go again the next day, just to see the acrobats on the trapeze. She started gymnastics class after that, but will denie it if questioned.

Selina watched through a hole on the tend. She was a very young woman at the time, and just wanted to distract herself a little after a tough day. When she saw that little acrobat, she knew he had an abnormal pontential, even though she only saw him doing very simple tricks.

Hal Jordan watched a special presentation they did for the army.

Oliver Queen saw a privet performance before becoming green arrow.

The possibilities are infinite (of course, no one was as bright as Tim, the only one who was able to link Robin to Dick Grayson after having watched a single performance)


My fancast for the DCEU *PART 1*.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Poison Ivy
Katheryn Winnick as Black Canary
Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow
Danay García as Catwoman
Armie Hammer as Green Lantern
Lindsey Morgan as Batgirl
Matt Bomer as Nightwing
Evan Rachel Wood as Batwoman
Meghan Ory as Huntress

I had so much fun doing this ❤

more batfam/dc tweets

Bruce: Airport security doesn’t let you through with a wine opener, apparently. Even if you tell them, “It’s okay, I’m just a harmless alcoholic.”

Bruce: *orders something on Amazon because he needed a box*

Selina: I am having an affair
Bruce: *handing menu back to waiter* I’ll have the affair as well

*airhorn sound*
*second airhorn sound*
Stephanie: this isn’t deodorant

Dinah: I like to reassure my girlfriend that even though I don’t have big muscles she is always safe with me cause I’m a really loud screamer

Oliver Queen: kinda sucks that there’s only one day a year it’s acceptable to put on a diaper and shoot arrows at people

Alfred: You’re going out with that boy again? He’s no good.
Bruce: Relax, Alfred.
Alfred: *furiously knits a condom*
Bruce: Alfred, that’s not how it works.


Martha: You’re going out with that boy again? He’s no good.
Clark: Relax, mom.
Martha: *furiously knits a condom*
Clark: Mom, that’s not how it works.

[clark drops bruce at the airport]

clark: have a safe trip!
bruce: I have no say in the matter
Clark, flying off: die then

Tim: *gets a paper cut opening a bill*
Ah, yes, capitalism.

Bruce: Alfred, fetch me my robe.
Alfred: You sold your robe and everything else you own so you could afford a butler.
Bruce: Hold me, Alfred.

Bruce: Being goth is hard. The curse on your enemy is not working. Bats are impossible to train. Deodorant marks on your black clothes. Ugh.

Selina: *holding 6 kittens* YOU TOLD ME YOU WANTED TO ADOPT!
Bruce: Children. I wanted to adopt CHILDREN.
Selina: *defensive* They are our children.


Bruce: *holding 4 orphans* YOU TOLD ME YOU WANTED TO ADOPT
Selina: ANIMALS. I wanted to adopt ANIMALS
Bruce: *defensive* They’re Robins

Bruce: First day of school and Damian’s teacher has already sent a note home with him: “You dropped your son off at the wrong school.”

Bruce: My kids all went to bed without being asked so I’m interrogating them all to see who did what. Eventually they’ll break.

Bruce: Being a parent is great because you get to start conversations like:
Hey buddy, don’t leave your tooth on the coffee table.

Bruce: I’m not saying I’m a great dad, I’m just saying it’s a holiday weekend and I’m wearing cargo shorts with a Hawaiian shirt…

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15 - Cover by Yanick Paquette 

“MANSLAUGHTER” part one! It’s flu season in Gotham City, but something odd is happening…only the men are getting sick, including those closest to the Birds of Prey! With Commissioner Gordon on his deathbed and Batman fighting a foe even he can’t beat, only the Birds of Prey have the strength to stand up to what’s happening and keep the city from spiraling into chaos!

JLA Sleeping Arrangements

Request from @canadianwithagun
I am absolutely mortified it took me so long to get to this, I am so so sorry

-Everyone technically has an assigned room for if they have to stay the night or any extended period of time, but it never really works out well because half of them forget which room is theirs and end up crashing wherever

-the rec room is a favourite spot to sleep in but there are sometimes sports events (both Earth sports and intergalactic events) that the team (or parts of it) gathers to watch and so it gets really loud in there and unless you’re a really heavy sleeper (like Clark or Hal) there’s no way to sleep there

-Barry and Oliver are the most likely to show up in other people’s rooms and it’s gotten to the point where if someone finds them crashed in a bed that isn’t their own, they just kind of leave them be and find somewhere else (or if they’re able to, pick Barry or Oliver up and move them to the proper room)

-once in a blue moon you can find Bruce asleep at the monitor and nobody really believes that it happens, but it’s a sort of legend around the tower (“If you find Batman sleeping, all your wishes will come true” “Well I heard if you see him sleeping, you have bad luck for a year”)

-It occasionally happens that someone just passes out while doing things because they’re tired (like once Kyle Rayner fell asleep while on a treadmill and got slammed into a wall. He was super confused but Kara got it on video and now Hal showed it to most of the GL Corp so Kyle is suuuuuper embarrassed)

-coffee and other caffeine products are in high demand at the tower so J'onn is in charge of making sure to tell people what they need to get on trips to and from Earth or he goes shopping for them (it’s a big ordeal because everyone wants something different so it’s a long trip to make and Shiera sometimes goes with him so she can help moderate what they get)

Gotham academy+role models

-Olive looks up to red hood because of how he defends people who’s families have been messed with and how he takes none of batman’s shit
-One time Jason was at the school doing Red hood stuff and olive was just 1000% overwhelmed
-This made Jason 1000% overwhelmed too because ????¿¿!? People look up to me ???!?!¿?
-Colton looks up to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
-TBH he just stumbled into harley while going to his trailer in the woods
-harley:“Hey puddin ya’ know how we were talking about kids”
Ivy:“I know of it”
Harley:“yeah well we have a son now his name is Colton”
-The two of them just let Colton sit in this apartment and complain about his parents and school (and Kyle)
- Ivy gave him a little succulent so she could keep an eye on him
- Ivy:“This way if your family ever puts a hand on you again I’ll know and be able to beat them up”
-Pom likes Cat woman
-honestly tho who doesn’t look up to cat woman
-Independent Cuban woman with a really high education and self-confidence.
- one night she witnesses cat woman escaping a robbery and she yells “Please just be my sugar mama omg”
-Selina starts laughing so hard she stops and almost gets caught.
-Colton uses his moms to hook up Pom so she can actually talk to Catwoman
-Colton:“boi am I about to make your fucking day”
-Kyle and Maps are the only ones from a pro-batman family
-Maps is super embarrassed that her hero knows her as the kid who got Damian expelled on his first day at a real school.
-Still not embarrassed enough that when she was invited as Damian’s plus one to a fancy Wayne gala she refrained from playing deep throat by cupcakke from the speakers
-that was also known as the time she was running way from Bruce and face planted into the entrance to the bat cave
-For Halloween everyone dressed as their respective role models
-olive:red hood
Colton: harley
Pom:cat woman
Kyle: batman (he saw his friends were uncomfortable and changed in the end)
- maps was too small to get a regular robin costume and had to get the “girl” version
- Damian actually ended up dropping by on Halloween and found it hilarious that people would even sell something like that
-of course they knew they were almost the same exact size and needed to switch costumes
-only problem was Damian forgot to switch back and had to go on patrol as sexy robin
-also the batfam saw the pictures he took of the club and were generally confused
-tim:“why are your friends so against us good guys, you’re the only one in the family that’s attracted such anti-hero people”
-Damian: “super boy”


dc challenge 52 - week 2 - favorite n52 title 

Gotham Academy

(I know I’m late with this) Actually I was pretty close between Robin Son of Batman and this title, but I love all the original characters in this comic and the art is just so nice. Also I love all the random cameos of Gotham characters. (I really wanted to do this because its been at least like 2 years since I’ve made edits of anything)