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How about Oliver and a poorly timed birthday surprise for Felicity.

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“In the kitchen! Hey, you. How was your appointment?”

“Hi. Uh…it was okay. Nothing-um, nothing too exciting. I mean, of course it’s exciting, but you know, nothing’s wrong.”


“Everything’s okay. We can talk later. William wants to go to the movies with his friends, so…we can talk later.”

“You’re scaring me.”

“No, no. Oliver, everything is fine. I promise. Perfect. It’s nothing to worry about.”


“What are you doing? Oh, is that strawberry cake!?”

“Yes. It is your birthday, honey.”

“That’s my favorite.”

“I know.”

“I’ve been craving strawberries all day! Do we have pickles?”


“Uh huh.”

“You’re a weirdo. In the fridge.”

“Hey. You don’t get to call me or my cravings weird. You did this to me.”

“Damn right I did.”

“Oh, you think you’re cute, huh?”

“Okay, okay, I surrender. I’ll buy you all the pickles and strawberries our baby wants.”

“Damn right you will.”

“Did Dr. Carson say anything about your nausea lately?”

“Ugh, no. But you know what? Morning sickness is a lie. It’s all day. Why don’t they call it ‘all day sickness’?”

“I’m sorry, baby. Do you need anything?”

“Hmmm, will you cuddle with me on the couch and watch Doctor Who tonight?”

“You don’t even have to ask, Felicity.”

“What about a foot rub?”

“Of course.”

“Mmm, best husband ever.”

“You’re the best wife ever. Even if you eat cake and pickles at the same time.”

“Eh, fair enough.”

“I love you, though. And happy birthday.”

“I love you too, and thank you. Now give mama some cake.”

“One second. I have a surprise for you first. Come on, take my hand. Okay, now close your eyes.”

“Upstairs? Oliver we could at least wait until William leaves for the movie before we do that.

“What? That’s not…oh, Felicity…just keep your eyes closed. No peeking.”

“Oliver, you have your hand over my face. Even if my eyes were open, I wouldn’t be able to see.”

“Right… Okay, ready?”

“I’m ready.”

“Alright…what do you think?”


“Is it…do you like it?”

“You made a crib?”

“John helped.”

“And you painted the room.”

“Yeah. You said you liked that navy blue bedroom you found in the magazine, and that you liked a nautical theme for the nursery whether it’s a boy or a girl. So, John and I have been…we built the crib, and I skipped work to paint and put some things together today. I know it’s still early, but I was just getting excited and-oh, Felicity. Why are you crying? These are happy tears, I hope.”



“I’m sad!”

“What? What are you- okay, it’s okay! Hey, we can change it! Felicity, it’s okay. We can paint it a different color. Don’t cry, we can-we can fix it!”

“It’s not the nursery!”

“Then what is it? What’s the matter?”

“Dr. Carson found another one, Oliver!”


“There’s two in here! That’s what I wanted to tell you tonight!”


“Yeah. And you built me this beautiful crib. And now…what is the other one gonna get? A crib from Ikea!? While his or her sibling has this gorgeous, hand carved crib made by their father and uncle!? That won’t be fair, Oliver! We’re going to have to pick a favorite! Who’s gonna get this crib? I didn’t want to pick a favorite!”

“Oh, honey. We don’t have to pick a favorite. We still have plenty of time. Dig and I wanted to finish this one quickly so that I could have it up here as a surprise for your birthday. We still have six months, Felicity. We can make another one. Okay? Hey, it’s alright, my adorable girl…no favorites. It’s okay. Oh my god, we’re really having twins?”

“Uh huh. I’m sorry, Oliver.”

“For what? This is incredible. Come here, baby. Oh, Felicity, why would you need to apologize?”

“I just found out today…and I thought you were working during my appointment but you were doing all of this and…I was going to tell you.”

“I know. Hey, I know. You have nothing to be sorry for, Felicity…”

“Are you mad?”

“Am I mad? That we’re going to have two little versions of you out there? Changing the world? Felicity, this is amazing. I’m so happy right now.”

“Really? Okay. Okay, good. I’m so happy that you’re happy because when Dr. Carson said that she heard a second heartbeat I was just so happy and I want you to be happy about it, too. So, good. We’re both happy.”

“I am. I really am. Felicity, I’m like, twice as happy as I was before. And I love you. I love so damn much.”

“I love you too, Oliver.”


“I know…mmm, I’m really into this handsome smile on your face. Like, really into it. But we should probably talk about the fact that if both of these babies are girls, William might disown us.”

“No…he’ll be happy. And he’ll teach them to play baseball either way.”