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how did Oliver and Felicity find out about Terry being the bat? :)

The first time Jon brought Terry home for dinner, and Oliver and Felicity heard the words, “Yeah, I’ve been working as Mr. Wayne’s assistant,” they both instantly leaped to the conclusion that this kid was a vigilante in training, the latest in Wayne’s collection. Jonny met him through martial arts tournaments, after all. They knew what had become of Wayne’s previous proteges, and for Terry’s sake they hoped they were wrong.

For a little while, it seemed they might be. Four years went by, and Terry kept going home to Gotham for the summers. No Bat ever appeared.

“Bruce is really super old,” Felicity pointed out hopefully. “Maybe he’s done with all that. Maybe he really does just need an assistant.”

“He’s not the kind of man who knows how to retire,” was all Oliver replied.

In May of 2039, approximately six seconds after Terry took off his cap and gown, the Batman was spotted in Gotham, crashing a motorcycle into the side of a pharmaceutical company’s headquarters.

So there was that question answered. 

I like seeing them together, I like the dynamic. I like that she’s a badass, that she’s capable in the field, that she’s smart, that she has a child. The couple has evolved. They’re Felicity and Oliver in five years.

#when promitheus reminded of oliver one of the first times that he truly saved felicity from a villain(and that I think was the first moment oliver ever let himself show his concern and feelings for felicity)#i think that moment was one of the most important olicity scenes and the fact that promitheus focuses on that moment shows a lot#he could have picked any other villain from season 2 to taunt him#he has a whole collection of photos on the wall# but he picked the count#he knows how important she is to oliver


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