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Last Night's Dream.

Last night I had a dream within a dream.

The first dream was in this weird city. It was deserted and all the building’s windows were shattered, but the glass wasn’t on the ground. It was suspended in mid-air reflecting all sorts of lights everywhere.

I was standing there, looking at this girl who looked very similar to Lain sitting in the middle of the street. She didn’t say anything- she didn’t move at all. She was frozen and all she could do was look at me.

Without us even knowing it soldiers began swarming the abandoned city. They were all after the girl who looked like Lain and had her at gunpoint, yet she still just sat there. I asked the soldiers what they were doing and they answered that she was a danger to the world that we live in.

[[It was pretty much the plot of Serial Experiments Lain]]

Suddenly the glass shards started sparkling and the one closest to Lain’s face transformed into some type of ring that would allow her to morph into different forms. For the first time in the dream she moved, reaching her arm out to catch the ring. Before the soldiers could react to Lain’s movements she started transforming as well. These transformations emitted a bright light and blew the soldiers away, preventing them from attacking both Lain and I.

This is when I woke up from the first dream. I can distinctly remember saying how weird that dream was and how something like that could never really happen. Of course this in yet another dream and whatever I had thought previously made no sense as I was still in a dream. Songs from the Disney movie Oliver & Company [mainly Streets of Gold] played continually throughout and I was surrounded by dogs. I had no idea where I was or why all these dogs were around me. I got up from the sofa that I was sleeping on and walked around the house I was in. The dogs followed me wherever I went and eventually we all started dancing to the music. At this point I knew, in reality, that I was dreaming all of these things and woke up without problem.