oliver oc

A test page I did a bit back, Mostly meant as a portfolio piece, but also as a means to figure out how I would portray this particular story if I get the chance.

A silly little scenario that gives you a little idea of how these two act, it has no punchline or meaing but that’s how the whole story is, really~

This is actually a re-hash of an old page I did maybe, 3 years ago? Here’s how it used to look:

Keep drawing my guys, it pays off!


Cisco: *Gif*

Y/N: “yeah…. I spilled something on it so Barry let me borrow this.”

Cisco: “you are a very bad liar!”

Y/N: “yeah, I know.”

Barry just smiled the whole time.

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You where sitting next to the Christmas tree with Barry while Iris and Joe finished opening their presents. You pulled the present out from behind your back and handed it to Barry.

“Hey bare… I decided to keep this present for last.” You say handing him another gift. He smiled and took the gift off of you.

“(Y/N), I told you. You already got me en-” he stopped talking once he opened the present and looked at it. Iris and joe got curious about what the present was.

“Hey Barry what is it?” She leaned over and saw the gift you got him.

‘500 Best Baby Names for Your Newborn’

“For Real?” Barry asked as he finally looked up at you. You nodded your head.

“I’m going to be a dad!” Barry said filled with excitement.

“Congratulations you guys! We’re so happy for you” Iris said smiling like an idiot.

“This is the best Christmas ever!” Barry shouted before hugging you.

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Ocs with @ricelily from @hereinthewestcomic
She told me to design 3 new ocs (counting out jake coz hes been alive since 2011), but one of them had to be lean/smaller.
Gabby (Gabriel) - an obvious inside joke from Gabe (ovw) and added my aesthetics
Thomas - inspired and mixed from male!shep and kaidan from Mass Effect 3 coz i love them
Oliver - just some tool


“(Y/N), you’re a speedster!” Barry asked in disbelief.

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prompt: oli, sunset colors, kinda roughed up - i threw in a bonus tasos standing over him ;) even though all you can see is the tips of his shoes, lmao… suggested by @owltrocious

went ten minutes over my half hour coloring limit with this one but whatever, inventing dramatic lighting is hard lmao



I realised something … Something that Cham has tried to teach me since I was a child …

I am fat. It is a fact and I can’t change it, it is what I am.

But I am also so much more ! You said it ! I am pretty, I am beautiful, I am nice and kind ! But being fat and being myself must not be something I am shamed about ! I must be strong and accept who I am !

I am Olive, I am fat, I am pretty and kind ! I am loved and cared about ! Now all is left is to love myself too . It will not be something easy to achieve, it will take time and energy.

But with all your support and love and also with my family I can do it ! Somepony may not like my body but it is a fraction of all my being ! Of all Olive ! They don’t know anything about me and I will not let anypony make me feel like I am nothing than a detail about myself !

Thank you so much ! I will now finish to dress myself ! I can’t wait to show you ! “

Mod ; “ You can be fat and pretty ! You can be both ! Thank you all so much for your messages ! I cannot draw everybody I am sorry It took too much time ! 

You are all amazing and beautiful ! Never forget it ! You matter and people cares about you ! 

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I forgot these ones I am sorry … There was so much at once ;w ; Thank you so much kind anons ! “