Chuck Riley (20) and Marlene Olive (15) of San Rafael, California, believed they were in love when they plotted to kill Olive’s parents, steal their money, and run away to Ecuador together. Chuck Riley was an obese drug dealer; Marlene was an obnoxious high schooler with a taste for marijuana and platform shoes. Together the odd pair hatched a plan so horrid even seasoned police officers could hardly bring themselves to speak about it in court.

On June 21 1975, Marlene Olive rang Chuck screaming ‘Get your gun! The bitch has to die today!’. Chuck complied and travelled to the Olive family home, carrying a revolver and a hammer. Naomi Olive - Marlene’s mother - was upstairs sleeping when Chuck entered the bedroom. He attacked Mrs Olive with the hammer as she lay prone on the bed, hitting her skull so hard her left temple collapsed. She had not been dead long when Jim Olive came home with Marlene and discovered Naomi’s beaten corpse; as he crouched before his wife’s body Chuck came out from behind the bed and shot Marlene’s father four times in the chest at point blank range. The callous couple then piled the two corpses into Chuck’s car and drove out to a remote picnic area that was equipped with a coal barbecue pit. Marlene doused her parents bodies in gasoline and then set them alight, hoping the intense heat would render them unrecognisable.

Marlene and Chuck were arrested after just four days when a workmate of Jim Olive became concerned over his absence from work. Police were unconvinced by Marlene’s weak assertions that her parents had run away, and a thorough search of the picnic area revealed charred human remains in the barbecue pit. Jim and Naomi Olive had been so badly burnt they could only be identified through dental records.

The press immediately dubbed the killer pair 'The Barbecue Murderers’. Since Marlene was only fifteen she was charged as a juvenile and sentenced to three-to-six years in a reform school. Chuck Riley was tried as an adult and was initially sentenced to death, but this was commuted to life in prison. He was released in 2015 after serving nearly forty years behind bars.

A Quick Stop At Bed, Bath And Beyond

“I don’t know, Felicity. It doesn’t seem all that promising,” Oliver mused as he turned onto Interstate 10 and continued south.  “I was thinking more along the lines of, oh…I don’t know, something more personal.”

Felicity sat in the passenger seat of the Porsche. The top was down and warm Southern California air washed over her as they drove to San Diego, no more than an hour away now.

“And besides,” Oliver went on. “I have no idea what we can find there. It feels…well, it feels so not exciting.”

“Oliver,” Felicity was able to get a word in. “Thea and Roy told me what they wanted. Thea said that if they’re going to start their blissful life together, they’ll need something practical—bedding, sheets, blankets, towels, or even a comforter, although I don’t know why they would need something to keep them in San Diego.”

Oliver shook his head. “But Felicity…Bed, Bath and Beyond? Is that the best we can do?”

Felicity smiled at him. “Baby, I know you want to give them something special, but the whole point of a gift registry is to let the guests know what the newlyweds need and want. I’m happy about the choice.”

Oliver sighed. “Okay, I’m on board. But you’re going to have to take the lead on this one.”

“Oliver, trust me. Thea and Roy will like what we get them.


A half hour later, they pulled into the mall and Oliver parked a few spaces away from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked Felicity again.

They climbed out of the Porsche and Felicity took his hand. “Come on, Oliver. It will be fun.”

They walked inside the store, and Oliver was immediately overcome by the scent of sandalwood. He could also detect something fruity, lemons, or maybe oranges. And cinnamon too. This was not the kind of store Oliver would normally shop at, but now that they were here, he started to get in the spirit. He noticed that Felicity was happy, which made Oliver happy too.

“So what do you think?” Felicity asked him. “Some bedding? Or maybe lotions and soap?” She sniffed the air. “Or maybe something Beyond? Thea does like incense. Ah…the possibilities are endless.” She squeezed Oliver’s hand tighter as they moved deeper into the store.

“I don’t know, Felicity. Are you sure this place doesn’t sell stuff like bows? Maybe a couple of nice new quivers?”

Felicity slapped playfully at his arm. “Oliver, Roy and Thea are not vigilantes anymore. Why would we want to get them something they won’t use?”

“I’m just kidding, hon.” Oliver looked around the store. “So, I’m drawing a blank here. Felicity, I have no idea what to pick out.”

Felicity was also gazing around. “You know,” she replied. “You’re right. What do you think…”

A sudden scream rang out and  Oliver instantly moved closer to Felicity. Another scream pierced through the store.

Then the sound of a shotgun pumping a round into its chamber made Oliver freeze.

“Everybody get on the floor,” a male voice ordered. “And nobody try being a hero.”

Oliver and Felicity looked at one another , small smiles on their faces. “Too late, “ they whispered in unison.

An  unspoken plan of action passed between them as they communicated to each other through looks and touches. Felicity squeezed his hand again. Then she let it go and suddenly dropped to the floor. Oliver squatted down beside her, being the ever concerned husband. He noticed there were two more perps and they had fanned out, taking up firing positions as they kept an eye on the store’s patrons.

“Honey!” Oliver cried out, putting his hand on Felicity’s shoulder. “Are you alright?” He looked up as the dude with the shotgun approached.

“Get on the floor with her,” he ordered Oliver.

Felicity let out a loud moan. “Oh god honey…” she wailed. “It hurts so much…”

Oliver squeezed her shoulder, letting Felicity know that he was about to spring into action. He noticed the other two bad guys were bracketing Oliver’s position. Oliver also noticed some fireplace implements a few inches next to him—a poker and ash shovel. He took a few more seconds to envision his attack.

“I said…” the guy with the shotgun started to say.

Oliver jumped up and grabbed the barrel of the weapon, wrenching it free from the suddenly startled criminal. Oliver jammed the gun’s stock into the dude’s face, dropping him unconscious to the floor. In one fluid move, Oliver spun, grabbed the fireplace poker and threw it at the guy standing on his left. It was a perfect temple shot and bad guy #2 dropped and lay still.

The last of the three criminals started to aim a .45 at Oliver and did not see Felicity rise off the floor. She threw a vicious side kick, connecting with the gun and knocking it harmlessly to the ground. It gave Oliver enough time to close the distance and lay the guy out next to his partners.

The whole attack lasted fifteen seconds.

“Nice kick,” Oliver told Felicity. “Good form.”

Felicity smiled at him. “Yeah, well I had a good teacher.”

“Honey,” Oliver responded.” I think the lessons are over.”

The store manager, a middle aged woman, came up to Oliver and Felicity. Her face was flushed, and even though the would be robbers were lying unconscious on the floor, she was still rattled. “Thank you…” she spoke. “I…how…are you two police officers or something?”

“No,” Oliver told her.”  We’re just a couple of shoppers looking for a wedding present. But, maybe you should call the police, before these three wake up.”

Felicity moved away from the crime scene and walked down an aisle that had scented soap and potpourri and candles. “Honey,” she called out to Oliver. “There’s some cool stuff over here. Come take a look.”

Oliver gave the store manager a reassuring pat on her shoulder. “Call the police,” he reminded her.

The woman nodded. “Thank you again,” she said. “And to your partner as well.”

“It was our pleasure,” Oliver replied. “But I wonder…who robs a Bed, Bath and Beyond?”

The store manager could only shake her head.

Oliver walked over to Felicity, who was smelling one of the scented candles.

“Oliver, these candles are homemade by locals. They’re great” She put it up to Oliver’s nose.

Oliver took a sniff and smiled. “Nice,” he said. “You know, maybe this store was a good idea.”

“Yeah,” Felicity added. “It kinda grows on you, doesn’t it?” 

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What kind of soap does Bennett like to eat??

:o I’ll go with a wild guess here and say that it depends on his mood. Like on some days he can consume laundry detergent and the other he’s all about that one bottle of coconut flavored soap.
(I don’t think he’s a fan of olive soap, though…)

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wcif the posters on Hazel's walls? specifically the music ones :)

Hey! I think the poster you’re talking about is the one with the treble clef? It came with the Parenthood pack and is called “super wicked rad bad cool posters”. The other posters in Hazel’s room are the posters you can find around San Myshuno. Olive collected all the posters when she was younger!

I have sugarplums dancing in my… no, wait. That’s not it!

I’m dreaming of a White Chris… no, that’s not it either. I live in San Francisco, so no way will it snow. So WHAT could it be?

OH YEAH! DASH AWAY DASH AWAY ALL! That’s it! I knew there was dashing involved!

Hi, I’m Oliver, and I’m at Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue in San Francisco, and I need a place to go for the New Year! I’m a happy, affectionate, super-athletic, energetic cat who loves to snuggle in your lap and purr in between athletic events such as dashing, romping, climbing, and soaring!

I’m saying, if they ever start a Kitty Olympics I think it’s obvious I’ll go for the gold!

If all that sounds like as much fun to you as it does to me, could you adopt me? Or even step up and foster me? I’ll make you SO VERY HAPPY, guaranteed!

Just email info@givemesheltersf.org!




And I am BACK! Here’s some Frisk and Company. I was really struggling with turning these monsters into dogs… I mean, I could have made them all Poms again, but that would be any fun. I really like the mettapoodle though~


For the bonus, I was almost about to do a pic of metapoodle being all UMF!… but then my friend said, make Sans go against the doggies. I was like. SURE!

Séries DC/CW

Trailers das séries de super-heróis da CW:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S03, que estreia dia 10 de Outubro:

Supergirl S03, que estreia dia 9 de Outubro:

The Flash S04, que estreia dia 10 de Outubro: 

Arrow S06, que estreia dia 12 de Outubro:

Os vídeos fazem parte da divulgação das séries na SDCC - San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

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extending the proverbial olive branch, sans leaves a cup of chocolate milk on the floor outside of papyrus' bedroom and then ambles off to his own for a nap. in his lethargy, sans lacks the foresight to know that its unfavorable positioning means that it will be knocked over when the door swings open, spilling its contents all over the carpet. but it was made with real cocoa!

There’s a click and a thump, Papyrus staring silently in the middle of his doorway as the thick brown liquid begins to slowly seep into the carpet, some of it beading off the top layer of fabric and racing to the nearby steps. Even if he were to dab it up with a towel there was still a chance some of the substance would forever settle into the fibers, leaving a permanent sour smell lingering just outside his bedroom, a reminder to just how fucking much his brother pissed him off sometimes. Footsteps stomp to the drip of chocolate milk as it begins to advance over the side of the balcony, the opposing door thrown open as a familiar exclamation is screamed into the resting smaller skeleton’s room.


I think that s5 will bring a lot of things full circle, and one of the things it would probably bring full circle is the whole idea of The Arrow, The Green Arrow, The Hood, The Vigilante, The Hood Guy, whatever Paul Blackthorne called me (…) The Green Arrow is the Green Arrow. It’s the end point

Stephen Amell’s Panel | HVFF San Jose [08/25/2016]

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Audition to join multimedia production group Oscar Moreau - a group made up of marginalized people creating media that stars marginalized people.  More on the character and the audition process under the cut. 

Even if you personally do not plan on auditioning, please, reblog for your followers who might be interested!

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