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Happy Valentine’s Day - Oliver Queen is Your Man

Hello my Lovelies!

I promised that this week would be special. Last year I created a Valentine’s post that was a lot of fun and I thought I would do some themed edits for you wonderful peeps who enjoy Man Face Monday, Washboard Wednesday, etc. So, no Valentine this year? Not true. You have me and Oliver! And there is much love in the Arrow universe to be shared!

So, in closing, I hope that you have a lovely week ahead, filled with things you love, people you love and Arrow, which we all love!  Also, do enjoy the Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-a-thon tomorrow. I wrote a story and made a pretty picture for mine – it’s called “Yes.” I hope you’ll enjoy it. 

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Imagine: Being the captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team and Oliver Wood having a huge crush on you.

The Ravenclaw team was finishing practice, having a group huddle at the middle of the field. Oliver smiled, recognizing your voice coming from the circle of excited Ravenclaws. “We are going to beat those Slytherins and get the Quidditch Cup this year!”

Excited cheers and yells filled the fields, Oliver looked at your smiling face in adoration. The team had disbanded and you had passed by him, smiling and saying hello. 

Oliver sighed, watching you leave, he had it bad.

Not your Cinderella

If her happiness means I have to give up mine, I wouldn’t mind my tears.

How does every girl imagine her wedding day to be?

Sunny weather with a clear blue sky, an old church decorated with roses and your family and friends waiting for you in excitement. A white dress, puffy and sparkling with a long veil. This was every girl’s dream, right? Then why were you so unhappy?

With dull eyes, you stared at yourself in the full-length mirror. Light make-up, slightly curled hair with crystal flowers in your bangs, a white veil and a dress that sparkled with tiny stones and glitter. You hated it. It was too attention seeking, expensive and overdone. Sure, it was your wedding day, but this just wasn’t you!

You whinced slightly at the knock on the door but your eyes didn’t leave your reflection.
“Dear? Come on, it’s time”, your father’s deep voice reached your ears, muffled by the door. With one last glance at the sad woman in the mirror, you opened the door and stepped into the long empty hallway where your father was waiting for you with a big smile.

“You look stunning”, he said quietly to which you gave him a faked smile. “Thanks, dad..”, you mumbled just as quietly. Didn’t he notice how unhappy you were or did he pretend not to see it? But what kind of father wouldn’t notice that? What kind of father would ignore that?

Linking your arm with his, you walked down the cold corridor before you eventually came to a halt in front of two big wooden doors. You gulped silently.

Behind those door were your friends, your family, waiting for you to walk down the aisle and stare at your fiancé in happiness with tears in your eyes and a smile on your lips.

You gaze wandered to your father who looked more excited than ever, like he was the one who was about to get married, not you. Oh how you wished it was like that!

“There’s no need to be nervous”, your father said, his voice cracked slightly. Why was he so excited? Oh, right. Money. After exchanging the rings, your family would be rich, thanks to your then - husband.

Without another word, the wooden doors opened and a soft melody started to play, ‘Wedding March’. You scoffed but quickly covered it with a tiny smile as you stared straight ahead. There he was. Black hair, golden eyes and a smile on his lips, Daniel. His eyes screamed that he was happy, that he loved you and you always told yourself you did too, but.. he wasn’t the one you wanted to see at the end of the aisle.
Was it too late to walk away?

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You and Oliver were good friends since the first year at Hogwarts and you spent lot of time together but as the years passed by you couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

But now, with the Yule Ball coming he looked different and suggested a bet: “if Gryffindor wins the last Quidditch match you will be all mine for the Yule Ball” he said.

“Hey Oliver! Are you ready for the match?”
“We’ll win for sure! And this means only one thing: you, me, Yule Ball, together”
“Don’t be so optimist!”
“C'mon Y/n! You’ll be mine, Yule Ball or not”
He said this pecking lovingly your lips before walking straight to the arena to win the match.
 You were so shocked that occurred you some minutes to realize what just happened while a wide smile appeared on your face.

Grooming Tips for All My Niggas

Alright, y’all

You’re nasty. Not tryna start nothing, but y’all are, it’s just a fact of nature, niggas is nasty. We smell, look, taste and feel nasty in our natural states. And ain’t nobody tyna get hollered on by a nasty ass nigga. But it’s all good, ya boy got you, we gonna get you looking smelling and feeling fresh as hell so you can go hit the club, or hit the bed. Let’s hit it.

To get started, you gonna need some tunes. I prefer something that’s gonna get you thinking about that one you tryna talk to, like some Badu or Sade, but my homeboy be swearing by Drake, so choose what you gonna wanna kick it with for an hour or two.

Alright, let’s hit it.

1.      We gonna take care of your face first, ‘cause this is gonna take some good time. Y’all know that shaving ain’t no punk for a nigga. We naturally got thick and wavy/curly facial hair, which has trouble growing up through the skin. Any nigga who shaves knows the hell that is your face bumping up, especially under your chin. So go hit the store. Walgreens is gonna have a majority of what you need. Wherever you go though, hit it up and get you some witch hazel and some aloe vera. Less than then bones for the both. Also, get you a double edge safety razor. It’s about $25 for one, and it’ll last you forever. If you a stingy/broke nigga, grab a bag of the single blade Bic disposables, but trust me, save up for the safety razor. It’s hella good for that Black skin and hair, and a nigga don’t wanna be bumpy (and red, for my lightskin niggas) tryna step. For shaving cream, you either need to get that professional shit with a brush, or else get you some olive oil (yo momma/sister/girl got some for her hair, I’m sure). Also, a bar of black soap is made for Black skin and’ll leave you feeling fresh and clean. Ask the Black Muslims, the guys at your barbershop, or hit up AfricaImports.com for some at a reasonable price, because it’s cheap. Go on and lather your face up real good with the soap, and wash with a washcloth in your sink. The soap lathers brown, so you’ll need to wipe down the sink area when you’re done, ain’t nobody wanna find some brown mess all over your sink. Rinse your face off and get your shaving cream or the olive oil, and slather it on your beard. Because there’s only one blade on your razor, you’ll have an easy ass time getting straight sideburns and smooth designs if you want them, but also there won’t be a lot of pull on your beard that leads to bumping. Just be careful with the safety razor, cause a nigga slip once and you got a nice gash to go show off at the spot. Rinse whatever remainders off of your face. The olive oil will have your face feeling smooth. That’s what you looking for. Ain’t nobody wanna lay up with a rough face-having nigga all up on them (PROTIP though, always but a barrier between your face and someone else when you laying up together. Beard stubble is rougher than a mug on someone else’s skin). PROTIP FOR THE BALDING NIGGAS! Shave it off. Niggas look good bald, but not with patchy ass hair.

2.      Hit the showers. You need to wash it all, my dude. Get you washcloth and clean that shit up. Be real thorough especially in your private areas. Ain’t nobody wanna experience yo dick cheese or smell your ass, so especially if your expecting company in that area, clean it out thoroughly. Especially pay some attention to your ass. Get all around, in the hair if you got some, and even rinse out the first little bit of your butt hole. Ain’t no shame in being clean, my dude. Bring a pair of scissors in the shower with you: I prefer the tiny ones with rounded points that they sell for elementary school kids at target or whatever, so you don’t have to worry about stabbing yourself. You don’t need to take everything off, but if you think something’s a little uneven or out of control, trim it up. Your dick looking like Shorty from Scary Movie 2, but you want Scary Movie 1, dude. If your armpits or ass looking thick as the jungle, consider that too, but it’s not as necessary. Rinse off well though, you don’t want no random stray pubes drifting about. Also, scrub your feet down, including between your toes. Wash your hair: hair naturally keeps odour, so if you ain’t washed it in a while you finna be musty, so get it right.

3.      Pat dry, and PUT ON SOME GODDAMN LOTION. For real, ain’t nobody wanna touch up on a dry ass nigga all day (or all night).

4.      Let’s talk about your feet. They’re nasty. Here’s how you can fix that. You have two options. Number one, go get you a pedicure. Ain’t no shame, hell I got some play today sitting in the chair while my girl Nancy lotioned me up, buffed me out and gave me a clear coat for $20. You need a recommendation in Colorado, I got you. Otherwise, go get you some high-quality nail clippers and a nail file. Clip yourself down neat and even, use the file if need be. Now, slather your feet in lotion, I mean slather, and put on some socks until your ready to go. Once you’re ready to walk out the door, change your socks and wipe off the extra lotion. This should keep you mostly moist and smooth down there for a bit. Then your feet won’t be knicking and getting all up on your sheets and your partners legs. If you’re extra crusty, I recommend Crisco instead of lotion on your feet.

5.      Let’s work on your scent. Now you can keep all of those cans of Axe laying around in case you need something fast or you’re not looking to impress on the daily, but anytime you’re looking to smell fresh and sexy, I’mma recommend you get yourself a professional fragrance. Best way to do this is to first learn about notes, what you like, what you don’t like, and what smells good on you. Hit up Fragrantica.com and browse around a little bit, or go over to the department store in the mall and find the little men’s fragrance area. Smell a couple, first sprayed in the air, then on yourself (don’t mix). If you find something online your not sure about, order a decant (they’re small bottles that you can spend less than ten dollars on). Find a fragrance that both you and your target audience will think is fire. Give yourself three sprays: neck/chest area, back of neck, wrists.

6.      If you really wanna be a fly ass nigga, get yo colours right. Know what colours go good together. Look at some models at note the colours. Look at some ladies and note the colours (a lot of them have got this on point better than us, but some don’t, so take a grain of salt with that shit). Here’s a tip: opposites are good. Go find a colour wheel and look at the opposites. Red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple, etc. Don’t be that nigga who only got one colour scheme either, or that nigga who only wanna wear black, grey and blue. Think about which colours look good with your skin, and make sure your jewellery matches too. For example, I don’t like my skin in gold jewellery or bright orange. I be killing ‘em in silver and turquoise though. Guess what I be stocking up on. You got it.

7.      Brush your teeth. BRUSH YOUR TONGUE YOU MUSTY NIGGA. That shit’s uncomfortable, but it’ll have you smelling right for hours.

8.      Hit the club/date/party/bedroom/whatever. Talk right. Treat people right. Smell fresh. Taste fresh. Feel fresh. Look fresh.

Because I love you

Pairing: Oliver Queen x reader
Anon Request:
Could I request a one shot with arrow, where you and Oliver are dating and you are a vigilante as well. And there is something going on in the city and you want to come but Oliver says no, and then you fight and you ask why and he says because I love you and I can’t loose you. And then he leaves but you follow him and the others and you get injured and he gets upset and then you and Oliver make up. Pretty please, wow that was long but pretty please.
Words: 1619
Warning: Mention of injuries, angst…

My first Arrow Imagine, so bare with me if it isn’t perfect! I did my very best <3 
I had some serious problems with the time changes, and I’m sorry if the grammar is horrible… English isn’t my native language…. 

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More Than Quidditch?: Oliver Wood One Shot {Requested By Anon}

You dodged yet another Bludger that had been tearing through the air towards you. You threw the Quaffle towards Angelina Johnson, who caught it easily and soared through the air on her broomstick to throw the Quaffle into the Slytherins goal hoop.

You and Alicia Spinnet high fived Angelina before you all positioned yourselves, ready for the Quaffle to be thrown.

“Watch out (Y/N)!” called Fred Weasley; you backed up just in time as a Bludger came flying towards you. Fred’s beaters bat hit it hard; it soared across the pitch and hit a Slytherin chaser painfully on the arm, “Don’t think Slytherin’s beaters are happy today!”

“That’s because you and George put maggots in their breakfast!” you bellowed back to Fred before flying out to catch the Quaffle that Alicia had just thrown towards you. You weaved in and out as the Slytherin chasers as they all tried to intersect the Quaffle from you but you were too quick for them, dodging them all easily.

“(Y/N) look out!” You heard George shout, you turned your head to see a Bludger that Peregrine Derrick had just aimed directly at you, before it whacked you on the back of the head. You heard shrieks of terror before you blacked out completely.


“Are you sure she’s alright?”

“Angelina stop fretting, of course she’s fine! She fell about eighty feet through the air, she’ll be up and walking in no time!”

“Oh Fred shut up!”

“Can’t you two shut up? You’re giving me a headache,” you mumbled, rubbing your head groggily. It throbbed like hell. You opened your eyes blearily to see the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team surrounding you… well almost everyone.

“Where’s Oliver?”

Oliver Wood was not only your Quidditch captain, he was also the boy you have had a crush on since your third year at Hogwarts. He was in seventh year and you were in fifth, along with your fellow Chasers and the Weasley twins, but even though he was two years older than you, the pair of you were very close friends. You couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that Oliver was not here in the Hospital Wing to see you.

“I wonder where our favourite walking sexual innuendo is,” said Fred curiously, looking around at Harry, George, Angelina and Alicia, “do you know where he is?”

“No,” Angelina replied, shrugging, “I haven’t seen him since he decided to be Prince Charming save (Y/N) from breaking her body in half–”

“Wait, wait, wait,” you were staring at Angelina, your heart rate had sped up dramatically and a faint flush crept up your cheeks, “Oliver saved me?”

“Never seen that boy fly so fast,” said George, grinning at you, “He didn’t even fly that fast when Harry fell off his broom and he always told us that Harry is like our baby secret weapon and must be protected at all costs,” he rolled his eyes and Harry snorted with laughter.

You were cleared by Madam Pomfrey to leave the Hospital Wing by dinner time. You left with Angelina and Alicia, they were still giggling about how Oliver was your knight in shining armour.


You all turned around just before you were about to enter the Great Hall for dinner. You were surprised to see Oliver, his face was bright red, veins were popping angrily in neck, he looked angrier than you have ever seen him.

“Are you okay Oliver?” you asked tentatively, an angry Oliver Wood was something that one would be recommended to avoid, but you couldn’t help but think just how hot Oliver Wood was when he was angry.

 “Oliver, why the bloody hell do you have blood on your knuckles?” Angelina asked, rather alarmed.

Your eyes flickered to his knuckles and you gasped a rather large amount of blood stained upon his skin.

“Well somebody had to knock out Derrick, the bloody gorilla,” Oliver muttered darkly, cracking his knuckles, “He almost killed (Y/N)!”

Alicia’s eyebrows rose and looked from Oliver, to you, smirking, “Well Ange, I think we should give the captain and (Y/N) some privacy,” Angelina and Alicia gave you the thumbs up as they both walked into the Great Hall, leaving you and Oliver, alone in the entrance hall.

“So…” you began.

“Fancy a walk (Y/N)?” He asked you, grinning rather shyly. You nodded and followed him through the oak front doors. The summer air was warm as you walked down the slopping lawns, towards the Black Lake. He sat down beside a large oak tree just besides the bank and you sat down beside him, feeling rather flustered.

“Did you really knock out Derrick just because he hit a Bludger at me?” you asked Oliver.

He shrugged, his warm brown eyes fixing upon you for a second before he stared out across the lake, “couldn’t let my favourite Chaser get killed,”

You blushed and picked up a daisy to busied yourself so you didn’t have to look at him, “don’t let Alicia or Angelina hear you say that,”

He smirked, yawning widely and stretching his arms out. Your face grew extremely hot as one of Oliver’s hands rested upon your shoulder, “you’ll probably tell them anyway,” he said simply.

“Am I really your favourite Chaser?” you asked, turning to face Oliver, your head titling to the side.

“Yeah,” you smiled when you saw that Oliver was blushing darkly, “I mean…” he ran his hand over the back of his neck, a habit he had whenever he was nervous, “you-you’re a great player, I mean,”

“You knocked out a Quidditch player, most probably risking a ban from Quidditch simply because I’m a great player?”

“Your hair looks pretty today,” Oliver said, changing the subject and beginning to play with your hair, twirling it with his fingers.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed his wrists, “You can tell me anything Oliver. You know that, I’m not Fred or George, I won’t make fun of you,”

“You won’t?” He asked, he sounded almost nervous.

“Of course not,” you told him, moving closer to him and smiling brightly, “so tell me, why am I your favourite Chaser?”

“Well,” he shrugged, avoiding your eyes, “you can catch the Quaffle pretty well–”

You let out an exasperated sigh and felt your heart drop, you thought that Oliver was finally going to say something meaningful to you, but once again, it was about bloody Quidditch. You looked at him for a moment before you got to your feet, brushing off the grass that had collected onto your robes.

“I’m going to dinner,” you murmured, turning to walk away.

“No, wait!”

You sighed before turning to face him, your hands on your hips and glaring at him, “What?”

He didn’t say anything. Instead he strode over to you, his brown eyes never leaving yours. Your breath hitched in your throat as his hands grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him. Your lips were inches away from his, yours breaths were mingling together, you were sure that your heart was about to explode in your chest. “You’re my favourite Chaser because I like you,”

“You do?” you asked in a voice that was barely a whisper.

“In fact,” he said as your hands gripped the front of his robes in anticipation, “I think I like you more than Quidditch,”

“More than Quidditch?”

“Yes, more than Quidditch,”

With that, his lips pressed against yours and your heart seemed to stop as you kissed him back, your hands trailing from the front of his robes to his hair.

He pulled away, staring into your eyes and smiling in a sheepish sort of way, “so… would you be my girlfriend?”

“Of course you idiot,” you said, reaching up to place a small kiss upon his lips.

“Good,” he said, winking at you, “Because I’m a keeper.”

Flirting Battle- Oliver Wood imagine

Requests: Can I have a fluffy one shot with Oliver Wood where they have a sort of flirting battle and start getting really sarcastic and dramatic? Thanks so much, you’re a wonderful writer!


Oliver wood, just anything involving that bloody quidditch player


“Morning, gorgeous.” Oliver joined you in the grass, crossing his legs and laying down his broom in front of him.

“Hello, handsome.” You smiled.

“You know what, Y/N? I think you’re the prettiest girl in the world.” He sighed, tilting his head to the side. You giggled and closed your book. This sudden ‘flirting’ confused you slightly, but you went with it.

“Well, Oli, I think you’re the cutest Quidditch player ever in history.” You fluttered your lashes at him. Oliver straightened, preparing himself.

“You could tame seas just by looking at them with those sparkling eyes of yours.”

“My my, Mr. Wood, brave statement.” You tapped your chin, smiling at Oliver’s innocent expression.

“It’s your move love. Tell me how great-looking I am.” He puffed out his chest. You laughed loudly and rocked backwards on your butt.

“I love the silkiness of your voice when you tell me what to do.” You said suggestively, making a red tint warm Oliver’s cheeks.

“Your hair is like gentle grass flying in the wind in the bright sun of summer.” He sighed dreamily. You smiled and shook your head.

“Your face is like a grand marble palace, gracing the land with it’s eminent charm and elegance.” Your last compliment of sorts silence Oliver.

“That was beautiful.” He said lamely. You giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Does that mean I win?” You smirked.

“Not a chance, my glorious princess. But it was a good try.” Oliver cupped your face and brushed his lips over yours. “See you later, my love. I’ve got practice.” He said regrettably, collecting his broom and leaving you alone in the grass again.

“Train hard, my knight in shining armour!” You called. Oliver walked backwards, facing you. He gave you a salute with his free arm.


Thanks for requesting! Sorry it’s short…

anonymous asked:

I started looking into oil cleansing method and this one blog suggests using a mixture of castor oil and olive oil to clean your face does this sound fucking bad or what??

Sounds fucking bad the oils i reccomend for this are in a post abt oils in my skincare tag. Safflower would b the best cuz its cheap and still very good

Not In Love

Request: hi there! do you think you could do and Oliver Wood oneshot based off of this quote “they didn’t have a ‘normal’ relationship. they teased each other and they called each other names but underneath that anyone could see how much they cared” and like everyone knows Oliver likes her and everyone knows she likes Oliver but they deny it and they tease them a lot about it and it just gets really fluffy and cute and then both of them are like 'oh shit maybe we do like each other’ and yeah lol thanks!!

If someone told you that you were going to fall in love with Oliver Wood, you would have punched them in the face. How could you ever fall in love with him? He was your best friend, your own punching bag, and the person easiest to make fun of. Doesn’t sound romantic whatsoever. Same could be said for Oliver. 

It was your usual Thursday morning, breakfast, class, Quidditch, the usuals. More often now, people are starting to basically lie their way into convincing the both of you that you two were in love. You couldn’t exactly punch the entire school, so you and him just put up with it. Today was no different. 

“Sheesh, doesn’t anyone else have anything better to do all day? I mean, I know you don’t but still…” You whisper to Oliver.

“Please, Y/N. You can insist that my life is boring, but at least I have one, unlike this one,” He pokes you. 

“Hey! Leave it to you to be a complete jerk about it,” You scoff and blow hair out of your face. 

“Just kiss already you two,” A classmate walking by giggled at you. 

“If you’re looking for something to do, I hear jumping into the lake is a wonderful pastime!” Oliver shouted at her. 

“Yeah! Oliver tried it once! It was great!” You add on, stifling a laugh. 

“Only because you pushed me!” Oliver crossed his arms and defended himself. 

Although you sort of got where everyone was coming from, no matter what angle you looked at the situation, it just seemed ludicrous to you. The two of you continued to insult, tease, and crack jokes about each other until you reached the Common Room.

“Give it back!” You groan as Oliver steals the book you’ve been reading and waves it around in the air with magic. You two were having your usual fun, until people had to butt in and ruin it all.

“You should be nicer to your girlfriend, Oliver. She might leave you forever if you keep that up,” Someone remarked. 

“I’m not his girlfriend!” You practically shout. Oliver, of course, backed you up on that statement. You’ve had enough of everyone’s comments for one day. Grabbing your book, you sit down with a thud and read in silence as Oliver runs over Quidditch plans in his head. 

Out of nowhere, a thousand explosions fill your ears along with blinding colors. You jump in fright and grab Oliver’s arm. He waves it away to reveal that the Weasley twins exploded a bunch of fireworks in your face.

“Hah! So you do like him!” Was all they said while high-fiving each other. You give an angry grumble and throw your book on the couch in frustration and storm out of the room. Deciding to find some peace and quiet, you run to the Quidditch Pitch. 

A minute or so later, Oliver catches up to you. He sits down next to you in the middle of the field in silence. 

“If we wanted to date, we would have already,” You sigh and lean your head against Oliver. 

Instead of a remark or comment, all he did was wrap his arms around you. You sit up a bit and look at him in the eye. For once, you didn’t feel like making fun of him or anything. Something felt different inside of you, and you were very very scared to admit it. 

Luckily, you didn’t have to because Oliver grabbed your face and slammed his lips into yours. You were almost knocked over onto the grass as you kissed back eagerly. 

“Are we going to tell anyone?” He asks after a bit more of kissing. 

“Are you kidding me? And let everyone be right? Forget about it,” You laugh and tug him back into you.

So they were right. You and Oliver do love each other…a lot..but no way in the name of Merlin’s Beard were you going to tell anyone anytime soon. Both you and Oliver knew that you didn’t even have to tell each other because you knew. You both knew all along, and it didn’t matter. 

Who knows? Maybe someone will catch on, but for now…

“It’ll be our secret.”