olive the poodle


@flintwoods Summer Challenge: Summer Nights / Grease AU

I met a guy crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be

(credited to everyone in the Flintwood family because this has been a discussion at one time or another & you all deserve recognition)

 Original caption: “New York, NY – 30 March 1956 – Taking time out from her preparation for her departure for Monaco, Grace Kelly, soon to become Princess Grace, poses with her French Poodle ‘Oliver’ at a window of her Fifth Avenue apartment. 'Oliver’ is going with his mistress to take up residence with her and her husband, Prince Rainier, after their marriage on April 18. Miss Kelly is scheduled to sail on April 4. She was awarded a silver medal by the Treasury Department today for her contribution to the U.S. Savings Bond Program.”


Miss Seventeen before and after.

This was one of those faceups where I messed up, brought it back, messed up, brought it back, over and over. So it’s just terribly lumpy and badbadbad close up, but I really like the overall colors and look! After I totally messed up about the second time I thought I’d at least practice the rest before I wiped it, but now I might keep it a while.

There’s a line from a song in Oliver and Company where the poodle wakes up and looks in the mirror like, “Girl, we got WORK to do… pass me the paint and glue,” and that was stuck in my head for the duration.

Yesterday (10 Oct) was Oliver’s 12th birthday~!!

That apparently makes him around 64 in human years according to an online dog age calculator (that takes his breed into consideration).

He still thinks he’s a puppy though! XD