olive tabby

advent drabble challenge: #1. ache

title: Season of Love

summary: Blaine, nearing the age of 30, thinks about what love used to mean and what it means now while the Christmas decorations go up. canon-compliant. (1175 words)

warnings: extremely brief mention of s6 spoilers, not in-depth though

When Kurt approaches him with one of their many boxes labeled “Christmas Decorations” and grins, Blaine knows it’s that time of year again: not quite Christmas, but close enough that they can revel in the holiday cheer. It’s the first weekend of December, to be exact.

It’s time for all of their favorite Christmas movies, including Love, Actually, which is one of many seasonal examples that revolve around what is said to be the most important part of Christmas - love. Love actually, apparently, is all around. Blaine remembers wanting that kind of love that’s in the movies, the kind that’s honey-sweet to burning-hot, the kind that’s epic and deserving of grand musical scores.

That’s not exactly what he got.

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