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I’m a Gryffindor, and I would bring a gray tabby cat named Meredith with me🖤Happy birthday love!


Previous to Hogwarts; 

You were a half-blood born in 1960 and had very loving parents. Your mom is a witch. Both of them prayed that you would have magical abilities. When you got your letter, your mom cried. 

First year;

You became fast friends with Marlene Mckinnon, who you sat with on the train. once you got to Hogwarts the two of you were quickly sorted into Gryffindor. That’s when you meet the rest of the first year Gryffindors. Alice and Lily were the next two to become your close friends.  

Watching Quidditch matches became your favorite past time.

Second year;

For your birthday, your parents took you to Diagon Alley and bought you Meredith, a grey tabby to keep you company in school. 

You became closer to ‘The Marauders’ as they called themselves. 

Third year;

Remus became one of your best friends because of the similarities between the two of you and when the holiday time arose, he asked you to come with him to Hogsmeade… him and his mates. 

Fourth year;

Being close to Remus meant you knew all about him. That included is furry little problem.  When the Marauders decided to become animagi you said you would too, “But for Remus, not because of you pillocks.”

You constantly remind them to keep their mouths shut about “his furry little problem” 

Fifth year;

 You became a bit closer to the Marauders, seeing as you were forced to at least work with them once a month. You heard James’ side of his crush on Lily. Remus and you went to Hogsmeade without the Marauders.

Sixth year; 

Sirius played him prank on Severus who now knew about Remus’ secret. You almost killed him. Lets just say James didn’t just save Severus. James was growing up a bit and Lily with some help decided he wasn’t that bad. 

Seventh year;

You and almost everyone who wasn’t already a part of the order, joined. you fought alongside your friends, without much time for anything else. Technically, you never graduated from Hogwarts.

Post Hogwarts;

A quiet life in England with Meredith, undisturbed until you caught news of the Order re-forming. 

I hope you liked it? 

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Ad for friends. *super easy to talk to* *funny* *thats all i got* *read below for more* 😂😂😂

Hey guys my name is Tyler. I’m 19 and I live in the U.S. I’m ftm transgender. I love animals, books, youtube, Netflix, writing. I volunteer at an animal Shelter. I have 2 cats. One is an orange tabby named Olive and the other one is black and white and his name is Spencer. I dont read a specific genre. I kinda just go for whatever looks good which has never lead me wrong. Some of my favorite books are The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the Silence trilogy and You. Not being weird. That’s a real book and its awesome. On YouTube I watch Jenna Marble, Gabbie Hanna, MilesChronicles, Ty Turner, Jeydon Wale and a few others. On Netflix i watch Elementary, Lucifer, Bones, Atypical and some i cant think of right now. I also like history, psychology, science and math. I was really bad at algebra and geometry until about a year ago and then i got good enough that i could teach other students which i quite enjoyed. I love accounting. I took a class my senior year on business accounting and absolutely loved it. I taught some students in that class too. I love learning languages. I was learning Spanish, German, American Sign Language, Portuguese and Danish. I’d like to get back into that and learn some others too. I have a passion for learning. About anything and everything. I’d really like to build things like dog houses, tables, furniture, boats. Fix cars. I love things that are hands on. I’d like to get gauges and tattoos, but have yet to do that. I love memes and music. My taste in music varies. Pop to emo to hip hop to post hardcore to classical to rap. I love helping people and making them laugh. I’d love to be a pediatrician, trauma surgeon, NICU nurse, veterinarian or medical examiner. Kinda crazy. Just havent found where I fit in this world yet.

Preferences: 17 to 20. Don’t be a jerk. Any country, but i only fluently speak english. Any gender or sexuality.

Tumblr: tyjames1819 (my fastest reply)

Email: bluemoontrain23@gmail.com (i forget i have an email but try to stay on top of it cause i communicate with 2 pen pals through this)

I also have Twitter and Snapchat if you’d prefer that.

Side note: I’m ugly but i love to video chat. I have a skype, but prefer Google Duo. Best video chat i’ve ever had. Super awesome. So if we become friends and you wanna video chat that’d be great. Anyway hit me up. I’d love to talk.

advent drabble challenge: #1. ache

title: Season of Love

summary: Blaine, nearing the age of 30, thinks about what love used to mean and what it means now while the Christmas decorations go up. canon-compliant. (1175 words)

warnings: extremely brief mention of s6 spoilers, not in-depth though

When Kurt approaches him with one of their many boxes labeled “Christmas Decorations” and grins, Blaine knows it’s that time of year again: not quite Christmas, but close enough that they can revel in the holiday cheer. It’s the first weekend of December, to be exact.

It’s time for all of their favorite Christmas movies, including Love, Actually, which is one of many seasonal examples that revolve around what is said to be the most important part of Christmas - love. Love actually, apparently, is all around. Blaine remembers wanting that kind of love that’s in the movies, the kind that’s honey-sweet to burning-hot, the kind that’s epic and deserving of grand musical scores.

That’s not exactly what he got.

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