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UPDATE: Holy heck tree’s finally finished, whoop~ And thank goodness for it, I’m still debating whether I ought to resize the whole thing for better viewing. o.o;

New names are new bc I didn’t like the canon name for Amber and co. in the LEAST. Also, pleasant reminder to keep your hands off the fanbabies Flame and Plume, thank you. 

Canon-friendly tree here: Firestar Family Tree -Canon-

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A couple tings I love: (a) Arrowverse characters, (b) eeveelutions, © cozy outfits, (d) quirky hoodies, (e) miss-match socks

this was like…therapeutic to draw. I like thinking about pokemon AUs, and I like to think if the league got all the eeveelutions, these are the heroes they’d go to.

Key: Eevee - Amaya Jiwe (also Mari McCabe, but I drew Amaya here), Vapoeron - Sara Lance, Jolten - Barry Allen, Flareon - Jax Jackson (maybe used to be Ronnie’s), Esepon - Cisco Ramon, Umbreon - Dinah Drake (former Laurel Lance’s), Leafeon - Oliver Queen, Glaceon - Caitlin Snow, Sylveon - Kara Danvers

I have explanations/potential AU plots for all of them including how the evolution happens and where they got the eevee and I’m WAY too invested 


Canon-friendly family tree for whoever prefers canon over my small tweaks~

Original tree here: Firestar Family Tree

Dandelion and Juniper’s looks are however completely original, considering the Erins haven’t seen fit to give them an official design… and chances are, they’ll turn out COMPLETELY unrealistic anyhow so who cares~

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Olicity Hiatus Fic: A Boy and His Socks...

Okay so this is my first contribution to the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon organized by the wonderful @thebookjumper who honestly is a gem for thinking this up! 

Prompt Given: Summer Vacation

Read it here or on AO3

“A Boy and His Socks” 

The room around them was bustling with the sounds of buser’s carrying dirty dishes and, servers checking their tables. Felicity dragged her finger along the edge of her half empty water glass while Sara’s voice drifted softly around the space around her. 

“Hey if you’re going to ignore me then we can just skip the monthly lunches and go back to skyping when I’m in the calling area.” 

Felicity’s eyes slipped down to the wrinkled table cloth while she smiled shamefully. “Sorry Sara I was just daydreaming…” she admitted as Sara’s chest deflated before her downcast stare. 

“What caused the daydream?” she asked almost cautiously which made Felicity’s eyes snake upward. 

“You asked about my summer and, well I guess I just sorta got sidetracked,” Felicity hiccuped absently while Sara’s fingers inched toward one of her untouched French Fries. 

She giggled at first thinking her thoughts had swerved toward her once again burgeoning romance with Oliver. Felicity saw the sassy smile and, the devious wink displayed over her very interested face. “Oh so are you saying you were daydreaming about Oliver?” she finally managed to chuckle between her small swallows. 

Felicity’s head shook easily as her friend’s easy laughter filled her soul with happiness. “Oh sweetie my daydreams of Oliver leave me feeling far more than distracted…”

Sara nearly choked on her fry when she sputtered, “I can’t believe you just alluded to your sex life!” 

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Do you know what’s been killing me since Wednesday? Out of everything? 

This. SO MUCH this. I mean, yes, also the William stuff because I’m me. But, mostly, it’s been this. Know why? Because this has meaning

Oliver washed up on Lian Yu, undoubtedly soaking wet, dirty, traumatized and exhausted.

He survived through sheer force of will and a refusal to give up.  

He fought. He bled. He almost died countless times, but he just kept going.

Imagine for a minute this is you. Imagine you’re cold. And sore. And hungry. And tired. And in pain. All. The. Time. For years. Imagine the level of athleticism required to survive. 

It isn’t quirky that Oliver has a thing for socks. And it’s not a throwaway meaningless moment. With shoes undoubtedly worn through the soles and socks worn to threads, the only replacements available found on the feet of the people he killed. Imagine how badly his feet hurt. Imagine how blistered and sore they were all the time. Imagine, when he washed up, how badly he wanted clean, dry socks and shoes. 

Oliver needs socks now because Oliver knows what it’s like to go without socks. And that is what’s been haunting me since Wednesday. 

Not so hypothetically, but actually, a date

aka, what could have happened if Chase’s minions had been so kind as to hold off on their kidnapping spree an extra 24 hours

for my friends on twitter who told me I should write this and know I can’t say no to them :) 

psa: this is unbeta-ed and it’s past my bedtime, so read at your own risk of grammatical errors lol

Felicity opened her refrigerator in search of the leftover takeout she could’ve sworn was still in there somewhere. To her dismay, all she was greeted with was mostly empty shelves. She was not a big grocery shopping person to begin with, and with everything they had been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t remember the last time she pushed a cart through those fluorescent lit aisles.

“How did Oliver manage to be the Green Arrow and keep our refrigerator stocked,” she muttered to herself as she checked a container of yogurt to discover it had expired months ago.

Her eyes caught the box from Oliver’s party the night before and she slid it out, remembering that there had been a few leftover slices of cake. They were on summer break after all, so cake was an acceptable dinner… right?

She was debating eating it straight from the box versus preserving some of her dignity and getting a plate when she remembered that she didn’t have to spend her evening sitting at her counter eating cake alone.

Setting the box down and reaching for her phone, she hit her first number on speed dial and waited while it rang. Which wasn’t a long wait since he picked up before the first ring had finished.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Am I only allowed to call when I’m in danger?” she teased.

There was a pause. “Well, no I just—“

“Do you want to come over tonight?” She needed to get the words out before he gave her enough time to talk herself out of it. She could practically see his eyebrow rise in that way it did when she said something that could have multiple interpretations and she hastily added, “There’s just leftover birthday cake and I was about to eat it but I realized that you should probably get dibs on it since it was for your birthday.” And also, I just really want to see you. “I promise this isn’t a ruse. But if you’re busy I understand and—”

“No,” he interrupted her. “No I’m not busy. I’m just finishing up at City Hall and then I can be right over.”

The corners of her mouth flicked up in a small smile at the eagerness he was trying so hard and yet failing to hide in his voice.

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“The captain looks bad,” he said. “What did he try to do to poor little you?”
“Patronize me,” said Polly, glaring at Maladict.
“Ah.” said the vampire.
—  the absolute best part of Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett.

Universal Harry Potter Ships

Harry Potter ships that everyone ships without needing to explain why:

  • Oliver Wood and Quidditch
  • Dobby and Clothes
  • Oliver Wood and Quidditch
  • Dementors and Umbridge
  • Oliver Wood and Quidditch
  • Hagrid and Magical Creatures
  • OLIVER WOOD and Quidditch
  • Newt Scammander and Magical Creatures
  • Your Favorite Characters and Not Dying May or may not be canon
  • Umbrid- I mean your Least Favorite Characters and Dying Not canon 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time
  • Remus Lupin and chocolate