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“There are a lot of things here that could kill you but I can do it mostly effectively.”

“Oh my God Oliver!” Felicity squealed hitting her husband’s chest. “I am so sorry.” She said quickly to the man that turned completely white with fear.

“I am not.” Oliver said simply still staring at the poor man.

“He is joking.” Felicity said through her teeth.

“No really…” Oliver wanted to say more but he was hit by Felicity once again.

“I am sorry once again for my husband.” She said while pulling her idiot partner away.

"Are you insane?” She hissed. “Oliver you can’t say things like that.” She sighed.

“Why?” Oliver blinked few times not understanding why his wife was so furious.

“Are you really asking me this question?” She arched her eyebrows. “Since you admitted of being the Green Arrow and people accepted you, you became very arrogant.” 

“Felicity…” He grabbed her elbow as he soften his voice.

“I really don’t like this version of you.” She said honestly.

They looked into each others eyes.

“I am sorry.” He mumbled as he rubbed circles on her elbow.

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me.” She pointed with her head at the guy who was still watching them and trying hard to hide it.

“He was talking to some people bragging how he could take me down without any problem. I just said what I was thinking.”

“And what you thinking was probably the truth. I mean look at that guy…he could not hold a candle next to you..” She babbled off and she didn’t notice the grin on Oliver’s face.

“But.” She looked at him and he tried to look a little bit serious. “Wipe that smirk off of your face Queen.” She smacked his arm.

Oliver grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Or what?” 

“Don’t challenge me.” She warned him playfully.

“Felicity that guy deserved my piece of mind.” He said trying to justify his action.

“You should be better than him.” She said softly leaning her body against his,

They were in the middle of the room full of people and Felicity wasn’t really a fan of public display of affection.

But she liked being close to her husband.

“You are right.” He sighed and put his hands on her back.

“Hon, I always am, you should learn that by now.” She winked at him.

Oliver grinned and then gave her a quick peck.

“I will be right back.” He said.

He let go of her and made his way towards the man that was still observing them.

Felicity couldn’t hear anything but she saw Oliver squeezing the guy’s hand and whispering something to him.

He patted his shoulder and straighten back. 

The guy didn’t look any better than before. Felicity was sure that Oliver pulled another one of his tricks on him.

When he got back to her he grabbed her hand and interlinked their fingers together.

He brought their joined hands to his lips and kissed hers.

“What did you say to him?” She asked looking up at him.

“Sorry.” Oliver grinned and winked at her.

Felicity shook her head. 

She had a feeling it was anything but sorry.

Oh well some things would never change no matter how much she tried.

She still loved him, and why?

“Shall we dance?” Oliver asked.

She smiled brightly at him and nodded.

This was exactly why.

Imagine meeting Chris at a coffee shop.

A/N: For those who wanted something more realistic.

You grabbed the paper cup and placed it under the coffee head, pressing the double shot button on the espresso machine. You left that to do its thing while you grabbed the metal jug filled with cold milk so you could begin to froth it for the latte order that just came in.

It was another busy day at Starbucks which wasn’t surprising considering it was located in the hub area of New York City; the only thing good about that was having the occasional famous face pop in for coffee. You hadn’t been lucky enough to serve one yet, your co-worker and best friend on the other hand- had served Bucky Barnes himself, Sebastian Stan, while you were having a day off. You could still remember how you teared up a little when he told you.

“Don’t look now.” Oliver beckoned his head at the Harvard frat boy who’d been trying to get your number for days now. He caught your gaze, excused himself from his group of fellow Ivy Leagues, and started to make his way over. You sighed and Oliver chuckled. “Richy Rich is persistent, I’ll give him that.”

“He’s stubborn, that’s what he-” You cut yourself off and faked a sweet smile when he stopped in front of you. “Hey, um-” You couldn’t remember his name for the life of you, you spent half the time calling him by his code name ‘Richy Rich’. “Hey.”

“It’s Adam,” he reintroduced yourself and you nodded politely though you were going to forget it the second he left. “You should probably remember that, 'cause you’re going to be-” You scoffed before he could finish because you knew where it was going, and he wondered why you weren’t interested.

“Wow.” A familiar male voice interrupted Richy Rich’s horrible and degrading pickup. You turned off the steam wand and looked up; the speaker was the man in the blue cap and clear plastic Ray Bans who had order the latte. “That was- Pfft.” He laughed softly. “Pathetic, man. That was pathetic.” Richy Rich turned and shot Blue Cap a dirty look. “Did you really think a line like that was going to work? What are they teaching you at Harvard? Lemme guess, how to shove your head up your ass and spout shit to girls who clearly deserve a lot better than a rich frat boy.”

You laughed then covered your mouth to stifle your laughter when Richy Rich shot you a dirty look.

“Why don’t you mind your own damn business, old man,” Richy Rich growled.

“I’m sorry,” Blue Cap took his sunglasses off and your jaw dropped when you realized why his voice sounded so familiar; Blue Cap was Captain America. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.” Chris Evans inched closer to Richy Rich, his fierce blue eyes daring him to say another word. “Could you repeat that for me?”

You glanced over at Oliver who looked as mesmerized with the situation as you did. Neither of you could believe that Chris Evans- Captain America was actually defending your honor and chasing away a relentless and annoying pain in your ass. You turned back to the glare match and saw Richy Rich’s jaw tightened. With a quick glance your way, he huffed and retreated back to his friends. Everyone watched as they gathered their things and left the Starbucks with a peep.

“Thank you so much.” You chuckled in amazement and Chris turned his attention back to you with a sweet smile. “He’s- relentless and a little pigheaded, I don’t know many times a girl can say no before a guy gets it.”

“No problem,” he chuckled. “I get why though, you are very pretty. I’d probably come back and give it another shot if you rejected me the first time.” He flashed a charming smile and you felt your heart melt. “Sorry, I’m- I’m kind of doing what he’s doing, right?”

“No no no,” you laughed softly. “You are doing much better than he is. In fact- you I’d say yes to in a heartbeat.” He chuckled softly, lowering his gaze and displaying his ridiculously long lashes. “Let me get you your coffee as a thank you.”

“How about your number instead?” He boldly asked and you felt your throat dry up. Surely you didn’t hear him right, surely Captain America didn’t just ask you for your number. “You don’t have to if you don’t-” He began when he saw your speechless expression.

“Oh, she wants to,” Oliver cut him off and picked up the latte he had finished making for you. He scrawled your number across the paper cup and passed it to Chris. “This girl is free every weekend.” He told Chris. “She loves roses, Italian food, and Disney movies.”

“Duly noted,” Chris nodded with a light chuckle. “I’m Chris, by the way.” He held out his hand for you to shake and you managed to hold it together long enough to shake his hand. “And you’re Y/N,” he said and your eyes widened. “You’re- um- you’re wearing a name tag,” he pointed to the tag clipped to your apron.

“Right,” you winced. “Way to make myself look like a catch.” You joked and he laughed, making you slightly less nervous. “I’m sorry, I just- you’re Chris Evans and- I am an incredibly huge fan so this- this is incredibly intimidating.”

“I’m human like you,” he reminded you with a sweet smile. “Don’t worry, you’ll see that when I call you and ask you out.” You felt yourself blush at the thought of dating him. “So um- can I call you this weekend? I’m in town for the next couple of weeks and while I’ll probably see you when I grab my morning coffee, I’d love to see you outside your workplace.”

“I’d love that too,” you nodded with a smile.

“It’s a date then,” he flashed his pearly whites.

“It’s a date,” you agreed with a nod.

I feel like this needs a part 2, what do you think?

Imagine: Oliver telling you that he´s the Green Arrow.

Oliver: *nervous* Umm…  Y/N.

You: Yup?

Oliver: There´s something i need to tell you. 

You: What is it?

Oliver: Well… I guess I haven´t been completely honest with you. *he notices that you look confused* Anyway, the point is that there´s a thing about me, you know? *chuckles nervously*.

You: What are you talking about? 

Oliver: *sighs* I´m the Green Arrow.

You: No! Whaaaat? *screams* Oh my God… I freaking knew it!

Oliver: What? *raises eyebrow*

You: Of course! That explains the scars… and the abs. *laughs*

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“Do you see what you’ve done?”