olive sapling

When Friends Are Trees

Summary: Percy is the heir to the throne of Atlantis, and Annabeth is a tree. Well, she’s a dryad, trapped to an olive tree and left to serve the royal family for the last century. This is just another king growing up by her side. To Percy, she’s quite a bit more.

Word count: 8,101

Visuals by the wonderful @eerna

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Bush Starts and Sapllings for sale!

What’s For Sale: 24 white azaleas,16 pink azaleas, 17 pink hydrangeas, 12 blue hydrangeas, 8 holly starts, 23 sweet-olive starts, 10 cedar saplings, 14 saplings
Looking For: Bells. I usually do 1 mil for under 10 starts/saplings, 5 mil for 10 starts/saplings and 10 mil for 20+. I am willing to negotiate however!
URL: dropitdownfordiktown
Ask Box/IM Link: IM only
Friend Code: 1134-9755-3006
Note: My bush starts are on a separate town than where I want the bells, so if you don’t mind, I can drop them off at your town then you can come to my second town once I switch to drop off the bells! Numbers may vary just slightly bc I tend to time travel and buy everything I can each day.

Lets see…A Palestinian farmer is holding an Olive sapling he is attempting to plant ON HIS LAND, while Zionist Jewish Soldiers hold guns and try to prevent him from doing so…SUMS IT ALL UP IN ONE PICTURE.!!


Okay I dunno, I got inspired to play sims 4 last night and I thought ‘Hey, let’s make a 100 baby challenge damn it berry!’ I mean I haven’t had a good reason to play S4 in sooooo long so this might just be it. 

This is Snow Bell Mystic, i’ve just moved her into Newcrest and done up a house for her and such. 

So anyway, 100 babies, roughly 50 daddies required blah blah blah :3 please give me S4 daddies :3

Colors are as follows:

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