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// top photo credit: @chiiburi / @daiisho. bottom photos taken by yours truly and Lex Lang.

( and, of course, i forgot to take my glasses off in the first one like a total goof! )

so the convention was absolutely phenomenal! i met so many amazing people, made some incredible new friends and overall just had a real blast!! Tony Oliver and Lex Lang were total sweethearts and i absolutely adore them, and they both complimented my cosplay! a few people mentioned that i did an incredible job on the cosplay and took my photo and the con was a real success!

however, with all the good, came a small bit of bad. Columbus is a dangerous city at night, apparently, and i feel lucky to have gotten out of there without something worse than what had happened after the con ended Saturday night.

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‘I chose this life and I chose you. And I don’t understand why we can’t have both’

[Felicity’s version] [Oliver’s version]

Enoch O’Connor - Newcomers

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Request: Could you pretty please do #2 with Enoch O'Connor?

2: “Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine?”

Fandom: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Warnings: Sarcasm, low-key flirting

Word Count: 2518

A/N: This is my first requested imagine so I hope it’s good enough! Thanks for the ask btw! Ily!❤❤

My best friend, Jacob Portman, and I were in the small town of Cairnholm near Whales, looking up at the children’s home that his grandfather, Abe Portman, had told us about in his stories when we were young. He had died recently and requested Jake to come and visit it. I just came to keep him some company.

But when we found the home just yesterday, we were surprised to find the place in ruins. Jake was explaining to me what he found out from Uncle Oggie, the old manager at the inn we were staying at.

“He said that it got bombed during World War II. September 3rd, 1943. Grandpa said something about that just before he died.” He started to ramble as we walked towards the disastrous house. “I just thought maybe we should investigate, you know? Like old times.”

“Like old times,” I repeated quietly. I missed the old times. When we were children and didn’t have a care in the world and would run around and play together. Guess that’s all changed now.

We walked through a hole in the side of the wall, passing through what looked like the living room. Jake picked up a dusty picture from the ground and blew it off. I walked over to see, it was all of the kids and the headmistress from the stories his grandpa used to tell us. I looked at him and shrugged, putting the frame down and continuing through the house. There were lots of strange rooms, from a creepy greenhouse with vines growing all over it to another room filled with jars that… wait, are those organs? Ugh.

We rounded a corner, suddenly seeing a silhouette of a girl. I gasped out in shock. What the hell is going on? Jake grabbed my hand, just as freaked as I am.

“Abe?” she questioned. That was his grandfather’s name! Suddenly he took off running the opposite direction, dragging me along with him.We stopped when we saw a cute girl with blonde curls and a pink dress peek from behind a door frame, but she disappeared almost as quickly as she came. Stomping came from the floor above. We looked around and saw two kids in matching sort of costumes and they disappeared also. we started running again until Jake ran straight into a mountain of rocks and knocked himself out. Typical.

“Jacob! Wake up, you idiot!” I screamed into his ear, he didn’t budge. I looked back to see a group of people slowly walking closer and closer to us. I screamed for my unconscious friend once more before everything went black.

I woke up when someone threw me on the ground, along with Jake right beside me. Wait, when did I even start sleeping? I looked up to see a group of kids, some younger, some around our age. Who are these people? Do I know them? They look quite familiar. Questions swarmed inside of my head, none of them I have a reasonable answer for. But apparently Jake did. He smiled at the group of kidnapping strangers in front of us. New question, is he insane?!

“Your Emma!” He exclaimed pointing at a blonde girl that looked close to our age. “And the twins,” pointing at the two little kids in matching costumes we saw earlier. “And Olive,” pointing at another girl around our age, with fiery red hair. “And Bronwyn.” The small girl that was carrying us smiled and nodded. “And he’s Millard!” Jake finished pointing at some floating clothes in the shape of a human body. He grabbed his cap and nodded in greeting.

“W-what the h-h-hell is going o-on?” I stuttered to Jake. “They a-aren’t real. It’s j-j-just f-fairytales!” I recognized them from the stories Abe used to tell us when we were kids. “Even if they are r-real, t-they’re d-dead! I mean, he’s i-invisible, but still d-dead.”

“None of us are dead,” The floating clothes, I mean Millard, said. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before widening my eyes.

“Oh my God, are we dead?” He said, voicing out my thoughts exactly. He looked at the group before looking back at me, wearing the same scared expression. I opened my mouth to say something but was unable to find the words, so just shook my head in confusion.

“No.” Said Emma, saying it like it was the most obvious thing ever.

“You, you called me Abe, in the house. Why?” Jake asked her. She sighed, looking away for just a second before facing him again.

“You look like him, just for a moment. Before you started screaming, running away and concussing yourself,” she replied looking him in the eye as he turned his head, trying to hide the red on his cheeks. I laughed, loving this girl already.

“Wait, what’s happening?” I asked once I contained myself, I could feel Jake glaring at the side of my head, which I contained a small smile.

“We’re waiting until the coast is clear before we enter the loop,” Emma explained as we saw Olive walking closer to us, placing a hand on our shoulders, looking around every few seconds.

“You never know who might be watching…” she said quietly, pushing us towards the rest of the group. That took the smile that was left right off my face. This was giving me the creeps, and big time.

“Wait, before we go into the what?” Jake asked as we all walked towards a dark cave they were waiting by before and walking into it.

“Please, Jake! Miss Peregrine’s waiting. She saw the both of you on the ferry. She sent us to get you.” Emma explained again as we walked deeper into the cave. The only light coming from a small hole in the top of it. Suddenly, there was a loud ticking noise inside my head. I put a hand to my forehead, and then, it all stopped. Everything was silent again. We looked behind us to see Emma and the rest staring at us.

“Jake… I don’t have a good feeling about this…” I whispered quietly into his ear. He nodded in agreement, slowly taking my hand in his before we bolted. We ran out of the cave, the sun shining down on us. Wasn’t it cloudy before though?

We kept running until we got back to the pub/hotel we were staying at and started to run up the stairs to tell Jake’s dad what we had just witnessed. But before we could make it even halfway up the stairs, a man called out to us. We looked back at the crowded pub, the bartender and the customers giving us weird looks.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” he said with a snarl, setting down his cigarette.I gave him a nasty look.

“To our room, if you don’t mind,” I replied in a nasty tone. Some of the women gasped at the words that came out of my mouth.

“We’re guest here,” Jake said calmly, giving me a look. I rolled my eyes before looking back at the bartender. He scoffed

“Does this look like a hotel to you?” he asked.

“Yeah,” We replied in unison. The bartender got up and started walking over towards us along with the other men he was talking to before we barged in. “No. I’ve got a key. Talk to the manager, he’ll tell you” Jake said fishing in his pocket and pulling it out, handing it to him. He snatched it and continued to move closer.

“I am the manager, boy.” He said back. People started putting in opinions.

“They’re American. Maybe they’re army.” one woman said.

“Bullocks. Listen to their accent. It’s terrible. They’re spies!” Another man said.

We started protesting, telling everyone how we mean no harm, we’re just tourists, but they wouldn’t listen. why would they think we’re spies, anyway? What century are they living in?

“I say we get the truth out of him, the old-fashioned way,” the bartender said as he grabbed Jake by the collar of his shirt.

“Leave him, you big brute!” I yelled as I tried to jump on him, only being held back by some other men. I struggled in their grasps, but they were too strong.

Suddenly, glasses and plates started flying everywhere, crashing into walls, counters, tables, even some people. The men that were holding us let go to take cover under tables and behind the bar counter.

We watched as everything flew everywhere. Olive appeared behind us, one of her thick black rubber gloves taken off. She rushed us out of the building and set fire to the small pub. Wait, WHAT?! There were planes that flew through the air, close to the ground, with Nazi symbols painted onto the sides.

“Jake, Y/N, get on!” Emma yelled from a horse-drawn carriage. We ran to jump onto the wood trailer the speeding horse was carrying. As we sped past the small town, we saw other men rush towards the now burning pub.

“I can’t believe you’re real! You’re all real”” Jake exclaimed, looking at them all in amazement. I had to say I was surprised too, and still very confused.

“They have been trying to tell you,” I said, laughing slightly.

“I think I’m special too! In the pub. Olive, you saw. So did Y/N!” Jake said looking at us. I gave him a confused look. “Everything was flying and breaking, and that was me! I was doing it with my mind!”

“No, that was me.” Someone said. Since I couldn’t see who it was, I’m assuming it was Millard.

“Millard?” I said.


“Are you naked?”

“…Yeah.” He said again as Emma handed him his clothes from the front. Jake and I let out a small ‘oh’ as we looked in another direction as he started to put his clothes back on.

“I don’t…” I started, not knowing what to say. “A bomb dropped on you in 1943-”

“It is 1943,” Olive said.

“September the 3rd, 1943.” Millard continued, pulling his sweater over his head.

“All day, every day.” Emma finished. “It’s our loop.” I nodded slowly, sort of, but not really, starting to understand what’s happening.

Emma had sent us to get ready for dinner, at 5:30. Jake and I went upstairs to get some dining clothes, Jake borrowing some of Abe’s old clothes and me borrowing a dress of Emma’s. Before we could reach the attic, which is where the clothes of Abe’s are, Olive stepped out of a room into the hall in front of us.

“Y/N, Jake, come and meet Enoch properly,” she said as she led us into the room filled with hearts in jars. I shivered. There was a boy, once again around our age, maybe a bit older, sitting at a desk working on a very demented looking doll. He had a nice face, though.

“You two must feel pretty out of place.” He commented, looking up at us. He stopped momentarily when he set his almost black eyes on me. I raised my eyebrow, causing him to look back down at his work.

“Don’t worry. We’re used to it.” I replied, walking towards the desk. He looked back at us, placing the tiny heart down.

“No, I wasn’t worried,” he said before looking at Jake. Some advice for you, though. Man to man.”

“If you could even call either of you that,” I mumbled under my breath, but loud enough for both of them to hear. Enoch glared at me before looking back at Jake.

“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” he continued, ignoring your comment. “If you think you’re staying just because of you like Emma, don’t bother. You see, she swore off romance decades ago when she got her heart broken. And she’s never gonna change her mind, so…” he finished putting out his hand, signaling Olive to get something for him.

“Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine?” I asked sarcastically. He looked up from his doll, smiling slightly to me.

“It’s not like your any better, darling.” He said cheekily. I was taken aback and started blushing like mad. Jake looked in between my beet red face to his sporting an attractive smirk. Before quickly changing the subject.

“What are you doing?” He asked quickly, just as curious as I was. Olive smiled widely. Enoch didn’t answer, instead turned his smirk to him before taking the tiny heart from before and placing it into the odd looking dolls. They both popped to life and started walking towards each other.

“Isn’t he amazing?” Olive asked, not taking her eyes off of the tiny creatures.

“What did you do?” I asked in shock. Looking from the dolls to their creator.

“This?” He asked. “Y/N, this isn’t even the fun part. Do you want to see the fun part?” He raised his dark eyebrows. He whispered something to them, it was inaudible to us, and the two dolls started to circle each other in battle stance. I gasped in shock as I watched the small figures fight, tearing off limbs and clipping each other’s strings until the one crab-like doll stabbed the other with his sword hand. Olive started clapping and laughing hysterically.

“They’re like puppets. Just do anything I tell them.” He said as the crab doll checked if his opponent was truly dead. “It’s even more fun with people. You should’ve seen some of the epic battles they used to have at my parents’ funeral parlor.”

My mouth was left open but closed immediately after when I heard Emma calling for us, asking if we found the clothes. She pulled JAke away to lead him to the attic and Olive went to go help the other kids, leaving me and Enoch alone in the room.

“Did you like the show?” He asked, standing up and walking over to me. I shrugged.

“I don’t know whether to be amazed or freaked, to be completely honest,” I said, laughing nervously.

I take that as a compliment.” He shrugged, leaning against the front of the table, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I have to say, you’re very… strange,” I said, choosing my words carefully. He gave another emotionless laugh.

“In here, everyone is.” He said, looking out the window at the side of the room where there was a pleasurable view of the garden the kids were playing in. “You must be too if you were able to get through the loop.”

“You really think so?” I asked.

“I’m quite positive, as I said my reasoning before.” He shrugged looking back at me. I smiled, wondering what could possibly be my ‘peculiarity’.

“Well, I better get ready for supper,” I said slowly walking back towards the door.

“As should I,” he replied. “Guess I’ll see you down there.”

“Yeah,” I said quietly, winking at him before skipping down the hallway. This really was going to be an… interesting trip.


Discotek Media have just announced that the blue jacket TV series will be coming to home video in the US next year, complete with subtitles and the new Pioneer / Geneon cast English dub!

A release date and format has yet to be confirmed, but we’d hope to see the show come home on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Check the Twitter link above for a trailer, and hear Oliver, Epcar and company in action! All of the original voice cast are back, sans Jake Martin as Inspector Zenigata, who is now played by Doug Erholtz.

What do you think of the trailer? The returning voice cast? We’re so happy Discotek got hold of the new show, the dub is a huge added bonus! Let us know your thoughts in a reply or comment below!

Macedonian Gold Olive Wreath, 4th-3rd Century BC

From a group of jewelry thought to come from a single tomb near Amphipolis, one of the principal cities of ancient Macedonia. Though all the jewelry was produced in the Hellenistic period, the wide range of dates (the 4th to 1st centuries BC) suggests that the tomb was used by several generations of the same family.

More about ancient Greek wreaths…

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Counting on you writers

Okay so I love the little things Oliver has been doing this season, in terms of Felicity’s religion.

1st) We had the heart-breaking throwing of the dirt (Jewish custom)


2nd) We had the word “Hock” (means nag in Yiddish)

Possible 3rd) Oliver lighting a menorah. We know that it’s going to be in the episode, and I want to believe that Oliver will have something to do with it.

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Please don’t fail me writers.


Chloe & Oliver

Masquerade 10x14 (3rd anniversary)