olive oil

How to feel like an ancient empress

*Wear velvet, silk, fine fabrics

*Take long baths with milk, honey, and olive oil

*Wear perfume with frankincense or rose or myrrh or neroli

*Wear gold and pearls and precious stones

*Paint your nails red or gold

*Put lavender satchels in your drawers

*Have good posture

*Give yourself a facial massage

*Speak with confidence–no one has the right to overpower your voice

*Rub a body oil into your skin when you get out of the bath

*Use a face oil with your moisturizer

*Wear a watch and be punctual

*Listen to those in need

*Clean and declutter your space

*Smile–but only when you want to

*Braid your hair

*Read novels or folklore/myth or poetry

*Be kind to children–have no sympathy for those who would hurt them

*Use cosmetics with pearl powder

*Go to bed early

*Eat well

The Real Godsend: Almond Oil

Coconut oil? Nah, man, fuck that. Okay, coconut oil is pretty great, especially for whitening teeth, but let’s talk almond oil.

Benefits and Uses:

This is a perfect face moisturizer if you have dry skin. Unlike coconut oil, this won’t clog your pores. It leaves your skin glowing and even makes it softer, since it contains vitamin E. It also lightens acne scarring.

Almond oil can be used to remove makeup, especially eye makeup and liquid lipsticks. No more rubbing your eyes!

Massage a bit under your eyes before bed. It will reduce dark circles, as well as fine lines.

Use it to treat chapped lips! Personally I prefer to use rosehips oil on my lips, but almond oil works well too.

Use it on your body! Moisturize your hands, feet, and elbows with it. It’s a light oil, so it won’t leave you feeling greasy and it absorbs easily. Almond oil can help prevent and lighten stretch marks too!

Almond oil also promotes hair growth! Use it on your lashes and brows. You can also use castor oil - castor oil is a little heavier than almond oil, so it’s just a preference thing, they work about equally well for me.

Use it in your hair! 1-2x per week, massage a bit into your scalp. It will make your hair more lustrous and it’ll look healthier! Replace any leave-in conditioners with this. Pro-Tip: Try mixing it with olive oil and castor oil in equal parts.

The scent is very light too, it doesn’t even smell like almonds, so don’t worry about the smell. It’s also super affordable. You can buy a 16oz bottle on Amazon for around $10.

Do NOT use if allergic to nuts.

Note: Make sure you are using sweet almond oil.

Rosemary Sugar Scrub for Cleansing and Healing

• sugar: for a gentle cleanse
• olive oil
• rosemary leaves: cleansing and protection
• optional: 3 drops rosemary essential oil (3 for body, mind and soul)
• honey: healing
• squeeze of lemon juice: happiness

Cut the rosemary leaves into small pieces. Mix the sugar, rosemary leaves and rosemary essential oil. Stir counterclockwise, thinking about what you want to be cleansed of. Add in olive oil, honey and lemon juice. Stir clockwise, thinking about how this scrub will heal you and bring happiness back into your life
Take a shower as usual, then gently rub the scrub on your body thinking about all the things you are cleansing yourself from right now. After that, rinse the scrub off, thinking about how you are rinsing your troubles away. After rinsing, the oil still leaves your body smooth. Think of this in a way that the oil leaves you healed.

Important! Make sure to clean the shower’s floor of any oil afterwards so the next person who takes a shower doesn’t slip and fall!

Blessed Be! )O( 

High John the Conqueror Oil

High John the Conqueror can be a very elusive and mysterious botanical. It has very unique properties. There really is nothing that substitutes for it. If there is one condition oil that you should make for yourself, this is it, if only to be sure you are getting the proper ingredients.

High John the Conqueror provides luck and success in all areas of life. It is particularly beneficial for men in regards to romance, although many women swear by it too. High John is considered a completely benevolent botanical. It is used to achieve the highest success without mal intent toward others. Saint John’s Wort and tormentil are frequently substituted for High John. Although they are both plants packed with magic powers and used in many spells, their powers are different and cannot be used to provide High John’s unique effect.

High John the Conqueror is the root of a member of the morning glory family. It also goes by the name jalap and as such was once an important medical product in the United States, although it has fallen out of favor and perhaps for good reasons. Do not take High John internally: it is an extremely potent purgative and laxative. Reserve it for magical use.

It’s the root that’s used and it has a very characteristic appearance. Once you are familiar with it, it’s difficult to be confused. High John is large, solid, and brown with a vaguely earthy aroma. Its shape ranges from perfectly circular to extremely phallic. This oil calls for High John chips, as do many other spells. Once a root is broken up, it is typically indistinguishable from any other. Grind your own High John so that you are not fooled.

  1. Break up a High John root. Use a mortar and pestle if you’re strong. This is a hard root; grinding may not be easy. Place it between a sheet of folded wax paper and smash it with a hammer, if necessary. Small chips are sufficient; the root doesn’t have to be powdered.
  2. Put the pieces in a dish and cover them with peanut, olive, sunflower, and/or jojoba oils.
  3. Expose the dish to sunlight for seven days.
  4. Strain out the root pieces or leave in the oil, as desired. Bottle the oil and use.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)