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Shado Slade and Oliver had five months of peaceful living on the Island together. Forming their own little community or family unit. When you pick up in season 2 you can see it. The camaraderie, the trust. They banter with each other, they have jobs and routines. The fuselage is almost a home. Slade and Oliver are training together in a scene that intentionally calls to mind Oliver and Diggle’s training sessions in the foundry and Oliver’s gotten good. They’re like brothers. Oliver and Shado have been together all this time, and there’s easy casual affection between them (in total Oliver and Shado were together for something like 7 months- that’s a much more substantial relationship than its usually given credit for being). All three are sharing memories of old times with each other. These three people had a special bond. They’d die for each other. When the fuselage is bombed and everything falls apart it’s because they’d die for each other. Oliver runs into a rain of smoke and fire to save Shado, and Slade does the same for him. Their bond rivals that of Oliver, Diggle and Felicity as a trio. But it’s never remembered in the wake of Shado’s death and Slade’s descent into madness. And that’s a tragedy in itself- Oliver’s family was obliterated and no one remembers that it even existed.