olive lennon


Oliver: “So Lennon are you excited that Soren’s gonna babysit you tonight?”


Oliver: ”You know .. if you’re nice he might pick you up from school in his police car?” 


Awa: “Lennon answer your father please” 

Lennon: “You can tell my da- Oliver that I won’t answer him until I get my room back”

Awa: “Honey, what is going on with you? It’s not like you to be acting up like this, is someone being mean to you at school?”

Lennon: “Ugh no! You don’t understand anything do you?! I don’t have time for this, Sam is waiting for me outside” 


Oliver: “Honey are you still awake?” 

Lennon: [sniffles] 

Oliver: “This isnt just about your stuff being gone is it? Can you please tell me whats really bothering you? I can’t help you if you dont” 

Lennon“I don’t wanna talk to you” 

Oliver: “Honey ..” 

Lennon: “Just go away” 


Oliver: “Sweetie what did I say about yelling-”


Oliver: “Lennon use your inside voice please. Edwin has to sleep in here with you for a little while, only till her room is ready, okay?”

Lennon: “No its not okay at all!! I don’t want her stupid stuff in my room!! Why can’t she share rooms with Owen?!” 

Oliver: “Honey calm down, your stuff is safe upstairs, I promise you. Its easier for her to share rooms with you since you’re both girls”

Lennon: “This is so unfair! Owen always gets everything he wants and nobody ever listens to me! And now its the same with Edwin! She’s ruining everything!” 

Christmas (Ashton)

“Lennon!” you shouted “Leave Josie alone!”. Your son had a huge crush on Luke’s daughter despite her being two years older than him and he kept trying to kiss her. Ashton laughed. Luke shook his head. “Watch your son, Irwin” he grumbled. “I kinda like the over protective daddy thing” Luke’s wife laughed as she walked into the room holding their infant, Carter. 

“Where’s Fletcher?” Luke asked his wife. You saw Ashton smile out of the corner of your eye. “He’s playing Candy Land with Calum, his wife, and Piper” she answered. The house was warm and smelled like cookies. Your’s and Ashton’s families were catching up with each other in the living room. The only thing that was missing was Mikey’s family. It wouldn’t be a holiday if one of the boys wasn’t late.

Your doorbell rang and you immediately jumped at the chance to greet your friends. “Mikey!” you shouted, giving him a hug. “Where’s your wife?” you asked. “She’s getting Jasey out of the car. Little Oliver here couldn’t wait another second to see his cousins though” he laughed. You looked down at the little boy who was already shrugging his coat off in preparation to run after the other children. You crouched down to greet him. “Hey Oli. How are you?” you asked, giving him a hug. “I’m good Aunt y/n” he answered before running off. 

Mikey walked in after his wife, who was carrying Jasey. You immediately offered to hold the child, like you did when Luke walked in with Carter. “I miss when Lennon was this small” you sighed, snuggling Jasey. “He’s not too much older than her y/n” Ashton said, coming up behind you. “He’s almost three Ash!” you exclaimed. “I guess you’re just going to have to have another” Mikey’s wife smiled as you handed Jasey back. You looked up at Ashton with a little smirk and he pressed a kiss onto your lips.

“Kids!” you shouted. A little army gathered around you. Lennon, Piper, Oliver, Josie, and Fletcher were all smiling up at you, the two youngest still with their parents. “Have you been watching out the window for Rudolph’s nose? Santa should be here soon” you smiled. The children rushed to the window, this gave Ashton enough time to escape up the stairs to get changed into his Santa suit. 

About 15 minutes later there was a pounding on your front door, followed by a loud “Ho, ho, ho”. One of the girls screamed “Santa!” and you opened the door with a grin. “Santa! You’re just in time! Here, we have a seat for you right here” you said, guiding Ashton in a Santa suit to the living room with a giggle. He lugged a bag of presents, it was tradition for the kids to get new pajama’s on Christmas Eve so that they would have nice new pajama’s on in the morning. But there was also a special little present in the bag for somebody else.

“Ho, ho, ho” Ashton looked around the room from child to child. “Now I’ve heard you’ve all been good this year. But my elves did tell me a thing or two. Fletcher, you can’t try to climb the fence to escape school. Lennon, you’re too young to be kissing girls” both boys looked horrified. “But I told my elves. These two boys, these two boys are good boys. I know it” relief washed over the boys faces. Ashton called each child up one by one to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas and give them their pajamas. 

Once the children all had changed and were lounging on the floor, comfy in their new pjs, Ashton started reading The Night Before Christmas. This was also part of the tradition. When he finished the story he pulled one more gift out of his sack. “Y/n, I believe you had me bring this for you to give to somebody” he said. “Thank you Santa” you smiled and took the little box from him. He got up and said good bye to the children, promising to bring them their gifts that night.

By the time Ashton got back, in his normal clothes and red faced from the warmth of the suit, everybody was giving you a look. “Mom” you both said at the same time. “That was fucking weird” Calum breathed. “Cal!” his wife scolded. “Watch your mouth!” she warned. “Oooooo, daddy’s in trouble” Piper giggled. “What does ‘fucking’ mean daddy?” Josie looked up at Luke. “Calum!” Luke shouted. Luke’s wife knelt down in front of her daughter “Uncle Calum used a bad word. You do not repeat that word again”. 

You giggled. Something comical always happened when all of you got together. “Well, moms, could you come here? We want you to open this together” Ashton said. Your mom took the tiny package and both mothers pulled the ribbon on top together. When they opened the lid Ashton’s mom gasped at the sight of the tiny Vans. Your mom turned around “Does this..”. You nodded with a big smile on your face. “Lennon is going to be a big brother” you said, leaning into Ashton. “Merry Christmas” he smiled.


I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first saw Paul McCartney play!!!

He’s playing for the Jimmy Kimmel show and it was fan-fucking-tastic. You know, beside the fact that we had to move back to watch from the TV monitor since there were a bunch of tall people Infront of where we were originally standing.

Anyway, it was still awesome. I lost my voice from singing and managed to get a few videos. I loved that day.