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FF# 40: It’s Christmas Eve, Carter Bowen (Step Away)

This is my first attempt at one of these Flash Fic challenges. The prompt was Christmas Eve. I hope I’ve done it right!


Who invited Carter Bowen to this Christmas party? That was foremost in Oliver Queen’s mind as he entered Queen Inc.’s lobby and spotted his childhood nemesis on the other side of the room. It was the first official social event, post-renaming, and the room sounded like a beehive accompanied by seasonal music.

Rather than making it a stuffy gala affair, Felicity had suggested something different – a two-hour informal gathering for a last minute toy drive. Everyone was asked to bring a wrapped gift and afterwards they would be distributed to the local hospitals in time for Christmas morning. Since the event would be short, people could get back to their usual traditions. The room was festooned with white trees and silver garland with pops of red glass balls.

Oliver’s day had been crazy, filled with grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, last minute wrapping, a workout with Digg and then a quick stop home to clean up and dress for the occasion. That made him approximately 30 minutes late – fashionable by some standards, unforgivable by Felicity’s. She was the CEO now and while she was perfectly comfortable in the boardroom, she was still unaccustomed to being a hostess. She was counting on Oliver to step up and deploy his Queen charm to take the rough edges off the social awkwardness she swore she had, but no one actually noticed.    

Why was Carter Bowen standing so close to Felicity? That was second-most in Oliver’s mind. Why was he flashing his expensive smile and preening in a Hugo Boss suit, like Hugo Boss was still alive and he’d sewn it especially for his favorite client, Carter Bowen? Felicity looked fetching tonight in a green blouse and black skirt, decorated with snowflakes. 

Did he just touch her arm? Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen again. Unfortunately, the crowd was so dense and people with familiar faces, he knew he wouldn’t make it across the room in less than ten minutes.

The tinkle of frantic tapping on a champagne flute drew attention. Felicity, grateful for any distraction from the overly-attentive “TV doctor,” turned with everyone else. Her eyes lit up and her mouth took on a surprised smile.

There was Oliver, perched atop the Security Desk, holding his drink and a pen he was using to tap the edge of the glass. He was wearing it – the penguin sweater she had given him as a Hanukkah gift a few nights earlier. She laughed so hard when he opened it and held it up to his frame to model it. She hadn’t expected him to wear it in public, but then it was just like him to stare danger in the face and wink at it.

He scanned the crowd and finally locked eyes on Felicity. She bit her bottom lip and he smiled broadly. There was a silent acknowledgement of his outfit. The bastard looked handsome in everything. The room finally hushed and he held court. Like Oliver Queen.

“Hey everybody! It’s me.” Oliver projected his voice like he’d been taking lessons his whole life, because he had and his winning small already won over the room. “I hope you won’t mind, but this will only take a minute. First, I know you are all jealous of my sweater, right?” Oliver’s blue eyes sparkled and the room erupted in laughter at the face of the penguin that decorated his expansive chest.

“Well, you can’t have it. It was a present from my girl and I love it.” He grinned at Felicity while faces in the crowd turned, smiling at her. “Hey, Carter! I see you over there.” Carter Bowen looked at him quizzically. Oliver waved his hand, indicating he should step away from the blonde. Carter sighed, now informed, and shifted toward the open bar. Mission accomplished, Oliver nodded to Felicity with a smirk.

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Lost in Fiction

Books may not bring back memories, but they can help create new ones. Olivarry Week 2017 Day 2. Read it on AO3 also.


Barry walked among the shelves of his school’s library, running his hands over the spines of the books. He couldn’t decide what he wanted to read; fantasy, sci-fi, biography, academic journal? He didn’t care really, he just wanted something to read over the weekend.

He usually wanders through the library on Friday’s during the lunch break. Iris was usually busy finalizing some story for the school paper, Cisco was with the Robotics Club, and Caitlin was with Ronnie in the Biology Club.

So, Barry wandered the library.

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FOTD: Motherly Forest Elf Concept
By Kham

Nothing says magical like sparkly and pearly eyeshadows. Here’s me attempting to look very supernatural. (Although, I think I’m channeling a bit of Glamorous Seaweed, maybe?)

- Urban Decay eyeshadows in Mildew, Maui Wowie, & Sin (brows)
- NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk / dark green & olive matte eyeshadows by ELF
- L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Nature’s Blush 

Under the cut you will find a list of #68 male and female Scandinavian first names (and their meanings) that are still popular in 2016. It does not include names originated elsewhere; though many of these are very popular in Scandinavia, I will only be listing names that originated in the region. Additionally, it does not include old-fashioned names that typically are not in use anymore. Because I am Scandinavian, I have compiled these mostly by listing names that I know are common, with some additional help by searching various name sites. Please reblog or like this if it was helpful to you!

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jeh0vahsthiccness  asked:

I was wondering what were some of the other blogs you follow that you would recommend.

My top ten favorite blogs in no particular order:

[…]Ebenfalls beendet ist die Champions-League-Saison für Dortmunds Milos Jojic. Der 22-Jährige, der schon an den ersten beiden Rückrunden-Spieltagen der Bundesliga nicht den Sprung in den Kader geschafft hatte, zählt nicht zu den 25 Auserwählten, die Trainer Jürgen Klopp in der Königsklasse weiterhin einsetzen kann. Statt Jojic finden Neuverpflichtung Kevin Kampl und Oliver Kirch Platz im elf Spieler umfassenden Mittelfeld-Aufgebot des BVB
—  Sportbild.de