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My favorite parts of the movie, Call Me by Your Name

This is INSANELY long (so obviously an insane amount of spoilers), jumbled, and in order of when I thought of each item (except for the Montaigne stuff) As long as this post is, there are tons of other moments that stick out, but one has to make choices! I tried to keep comparison to the book at a minimum as one can judge adaptations on their adherence/truthfulness to the source material or completely as its own thing (both are valid), and it’s easier to do the latter in this case. I’ve also kept it mostly positive, though as I’ve mentioned previously, I did have a few issues with the film (feel free to ask any questions you might have about that or anything else CMBYN related). Also, I need to see it again. As soon as possible.

*When Elio has the nosebleed (no footsie though ugh), he goes inside and sits on the floor and Oliver comes looking for him. The way Elio asks Oliver to sit with him breaks my heart. Just a subtle hint of plea. Everything that happens during that sit-down also fucked my life. It’s burned into my very being. Every look, kiss, touch, word.

* There’s this wonderful housefly that, throughout the movie, shows up occasionally to hang out with Elio when he’s thinking about Oliver. I could probably write a paper on what I think the significance of the fly is, and my feelings about the fly, but really, it was just a fly- a nice touch by either Luca or Ivory.

* The desperation in Elio’s kiss after he breaks down crying during the peach scene. How is Timothée not actually feeling that at that moment? Talk about acting. It was spectacular. Everything about his reaction was spectacular. The crying, the sad embarrassment for crying, the clutching at Oliver. (Aside:Oliver not eating the peach was unacceptable and Elio’s reaction being switched from being overwhelmed that someone felt something for him so strongly that they would do such a thing to being upset that Oliver is leaving soon was annoying.)

* The hilarious lunch conversation with the extremely talkative, not very polite, guests. This conversation needs to be witnessed and experienced, because it’s so funny. At some point they start insulting each other- someone gets called an “asshole” I think, but the expressions and tones of voice of everyone involved stay exactly the same, so it’s hard to even tell who’s being called an asshole, etc. Like this is just everyday conversation.

* After Elio says goodbye to Oliver at the train station, he sits around for a bit trying to process and calm down and then, because what else to do in this lovely family?, he calls his mom. As he asks her to come pick him up, he breaks down (I did, too). The shot is perfect. He’s in the phone booth and we’re outside and a bit away. He starts off the call facing us, but during the emotional bits, he turns his back. He’s hiding his crying from the world (including the viewer), but not from his mother, who can hear him losing it. This is a lovely private family moment, one of many that we’re privy to throughout the film.

* On Elio and Oliver’s trip, there’s a shot of Oliver’s face as Elio sleeps, looking completely at peace. Oliver is sitting on the bed, looking wrecked, and remorseful, and like he wants to stop what’s about to happen. The next scene is their goodbye hug at the train station. I wonder if Oliver sitting there that night knows that very soon he’s going to break Elio’s heart. Not just by leaving, but in telling him that he’s getting married (Over the phone? Really Oliver?) I’ve never been totally sure just how “on and off” Oliver and his future wife actually were. We never really get to know much about Oliver. In both the book and the movie, he’s more a mirror of Elio than a separate character. We only know him through and via Elio. So, in that way, is Oliver’s “on and off” relationship the same as Elio’s “on and off” relationship with Marzia? Where they hang out and fuck, but Elio holds back everything important? I don’t know.

* On the phone call when Oliver tells Elio he’s getting married, Oliver asks, “Do you mind?” A perfect, though strange, bit from the book to carry over- those are the words someone uses when asking permission to do something. What if Elio had said yes? Was Oliver seeking an admission that Elio loved him and wanted to be with him? Was he looking for an ego boost? Was he just asking an awkward question? Oliver is such a mystery to me.

*Anytime Armie/Oliver danced, I laughed. Man, that was some awful, but adorable dancing. The only time I didn’t laugh was when Elio got up on the dance floor and danced with Marzia right next to where Oliver was dancing. That time, I held my breath.

*The morning after they have sex (make love?) for the first time and Elio goes after Oliver into town. They walk a bit to have some privacy and while walking, for a few seconds they “hold hands” with just a finger or two tangled. So insanely lovely.

*After Oliver and Elio talk about how open Oliver is about showing his Judaism by wearing his Star of David, the next image is of Elio coming up for air while swimming in the lake, his Star of David around his neck. It’s a rebirth via water being symbolized, so a baptism of sorts. Oliver, simply by being Oliver, allowed so many hidden parts of Elio, parts Elio felt ashamed of, to be reborn into things that were not shameful, that were beautiful, things to be celebrated and nurtured.

*After Elio receives the note that they’ll meet at midnight and subsequently becomes seriously obsessed with his watch, they’re sitting outside, Oliver, Elio, and Elio’s mother. Elio gets up to leave the table and Oliver, so nonchalantly, asks Elio for the time. It’s such a sexy and funny way of Oliver reminding Elio what’s going to happen that night. And ratcheting up their respective anticipation.

*Sufjan. Sufjan. Sufjan. I can’t even.

*The way Elio says Oliver’s name. So often he says it as if he’s asking for everything he’s ever desired. There’s so much longing and affection.

*The sight and the sound of Oliver eagerly removing his belt the first night that he and Elio sleep together is super sexy. He’s kneeling over Elio, who’s lying between Oliver’s legs and they both look desperate. The sound and look of the leather as it’s being pulled quickly through Oliver’s belt loops is the perfect symbol for that desperation.

*It was completely genius, whoever’s decision it was, to have Elio constantly pressing himself against Oliver, whether it’s Elio’s head against Oliver’s chest or Elio’s whole body as he’s, literally, climbing Oliver, jumping into his arms, pulling Oliver against him as Elio leans back against a wall, etc. It’s like Elio is trying to absorb Oliver into himself. Like he can’t possibly ever get close enough. Like he wants to crawl inside Oliver and make himself a little home in his tummy or in his chest, by his heart- maybe take a nap surrounded by Oliver. Like he simply cannot get enough of this man.

*Elio’s hairstyle at the end of the movie & every single time Elio did his slide dance move. What glory was that?

*That one lovely shot of snow before the last scene. Foreshadowing the cooling off of Elio and Oliver’s relationship, and letting the viewer know that their summer, which was, vicariously, ours, is officially over. Also, snow is just beautiful.

*The night that Elio confesses his feelings to Oliver, Oliver comes back late. Elio, thinking that Oliver has been out with someone else, is restless in bed, and mutters, “Traitor,” as Oliver uses their adjoining bathroom. Then when Oliver closes the bathroom door without acknowledging Elio, Elio rolls over again says, sadly, “Traitor.” The word enlarges Elio’s desire- makes it so much more than just lust. He’s saying that they have something important together, something that can be betrayed. The fact that he doesn’t consider his actions with Marzia to be traitorous makes perfect sense to me. He knows his own feelings, that Oliver is, for whatever reason, infinitely more important to him than Marzia. But what Oliver feels is, at that time a mystery.

*Elio tells Oliver that they have to sit in the backseat of the car because Anchise usually drives as Elio’s father navigates. Then Elio’s father comes along and tells Anchise that he doesn’t need to drive and then invites Oliver into the front seat to be navigator. Elio is adorably upset that he doesn’t get to ride shotgun (understandably!). But also probably a bit unpleased that he doesn’t get to share that small backseat with Oliver. Ha.

*This part right here, when Elio asks for a truce and Oliver offers the hand of the statue. It should have been funny, but it was actually just very sweet and hurt my heart a bit.

*As Oliver and Elio leave on their trip, Chiara rides up on her bicycle. She’s late, though, and they’re already on the bus which is pulling away. The borderline sarcastic wave that Oliver gives her is pretty funny and Elio’s mother inviting Chiara to dinner with a thrown in, “Bring Marzia with you” is just ouch. But the look on Elio’s face as Oliver sits beside him, like this is everything. He’s sitting here with Oliver, going away with Oliver (!!!) and he seems so joyful, but also overwhelmed by that joy, and like he’s seconds away from crying. Lovely lovely acting by Tim.

* Elio’s father is pretty much perfect at fathering fatherly. And Michael Stuhlbarg is magnificent in this film. His final speech to Elio about Oliver, and love, and life is spectacular, both in the book and the film. The line that always makes me cry, whether reading, listening, or watching is:

We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster than we should that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new.

I’ve had one of those lives where this would have really been nice to hear when I was younger. But since I kind of want to rip out every memory I have of this book/movie, to cure myself of too many feelings, it might not have mattered.

* Also in Elio’s father speech is my favorite quote about love. I was ecstatic that it was in the book so having it in the movie made me doubly ecstatic. The quote, by Montaigne about his platonic male friend, is untranslated in the book (& I don’t know if anyone bothers to look that stuff up), while in the movie, there are subtitles (the translation in the movie is different than my preferred which is below, but whatevs). Below is a larger portion of the quote, the part in bold is the bit in the book/movie:

Si on me presse, continue-t-il, de dire pourquoi je l'aimais, je sens que cela ne se peut exprimer qu'en répondant: parce que c'était lui; parce que c'était moi.

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than it was because he was he, and because I was I.

From the book:

“You’re too smart not to know how rare, how special, what you two had was.”

“Oliver was Oliver,” I said, as if that summed things up.

“Parce que c’était lui, parce que c’était moi,” my father added, quoting Montaigne’s all-encompassing explanation for his friendship with Etienne de la Boétie.”

I can’t explain why I’ve loved particular people most in my life- we were just the kind of people who would love each other. We spoke to something in the other. I’ve always appreciated the joyful, but also, almost resigned (potentially tragic) quality of such an acknowledgement. “We were meant to love each other” alongside “I couldn’t have stopped it even if I’d tried.” It’s perfect for Elio and Oliver.

Monster Inside (pt. 5)

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Green runs another diagnostic on Oliver’s core, but the results are the same. Under the pressure of having Anti in his system, Oliver is dying. Green’s hands begin to shake minutely, and he hides them behind his back when he notices that Oliver—Anti—is watching him.

“What’s wrong, brother?” Oliver’s brown eyes are tinged with sadness, genuine sadness that Anti can turn on like a switch now that he’s in control. “Are you worried about my heart?”

Green can’t help but see the numbers, the odds. He knows the likelihood that Ollie won’t make it out of this alive because of that stupid programming that makes him protect the injured with all he has, throwing his own safety to the wind. Part of him loves that about Oliver, that he’s so caring, but part of him wants to rip apart whoever decided that it should be part of his little brother’s coding. Because it’s why Oliver is currently dying like a bug in a jar.

It’s why Anti is currently smiling through Oliver’s teeth.

Green walks up to the glass, face impassive. “Anti, you might as well know that if my brother dies, you’ll pay with your life. And when your precious adoring fans inevitably bring you back to life, I’ll kill you again and again.” Green’s eyes flash. “As many times as it takes until you rue being brought back with every fiber of your being and you fade permanently.”

Oliver’s face crumbles. “Terrance, please, I want out of here.” Oliver presses his forehead to the glass, using the human name given to Green by the yellow android. Hearing it said, knowing that Anti is pulling the strings, Green almost glitches into the next room.

“Red,” he calls, voice trembling as Oliver pouts at him. “R-red, it’s y-your tu-turn!”

The other android steps into the room slowly. He’s been working on Google Blue ever since the incident with Dark, and he looks like he desperately needs to charge. Green instantly feels guilty for calling his other brother in, but Red pushes his hair back and sighs, “Green, I…”

He’s interrupted when Oliver screams, one hand clutching at the front of his shirt in the area just over his core, and he sags against the glass, panting and gasping as his systems continually hiccup from the core’s malfunctions. His eyes flicker like an old projector, and when he looks up at Red and Green, the other androids are certain that it’s Oliver, really Oliver looking back at them.

Anti manifests within the cell, his head glitching to either side and a knife clutched in his hand. “L͓o̠̥̬o̜̼̠k̻̰̬̤͕s̤̮̦͜ ̶̭̞̱̫̲̯̝l̻̭̖į̮̹ķ̗̘͕͙̭̜̭e̛ ͍̟͍̳̬͜h͟ìs͓͜ t̩̖̲̤̘im҉̰̜͓e̸̖̜̼͖̜̜ͅ ̹͟i͇̪͉̬̙͢s̟ ̯̻͕̭̞̯u͖̳̫͈̭̭̕p̩̖̥͙!̰̲͙̤̹̬͟”


Dr. Iplier and Wilford Warfstache appear outside of Sean’s old cabin where the Jacksepticeye Egos have been living together for a few months. The cabin is small and quaint from the outside, but the stillness puts Wilford on edge. There are no signs of life anywhere nearby.

Dr. Iplier walks up to the front door and knocks three times, waits for a moment, and then tries the doorknob. It’s unlocked, and as Dr. Iplier sticks his head in, Wilford watches the other man go rigid in fear.

“Chase…” Dr. Iplier raises his hands up to either side of his face. “I’m not here to hurt you. I just want to help.”

Chase throws open the door with one hand, but with the other, he points a gun at Doc’s head. “How do I know you’re not Anti?”

Wilford flashes his own gun at the other figment. “Put the gun down, Brody.”

A flicker of rebellion flashes across the green-haired man’s face for a just a moment before his arm drops to his side. He gestures a bit for them to enter. “It’s not good.”

“A Touch Unlike Any Other”

A Olicity Historical AU:  Touch can be so much more than just, physical.

A/N:  T-rated and 1 chapter of ?.   I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for a while and wanted to say thank you to three lovely friends for their friendship and never ending cheerleading.  It is so appreciated.  xo @tinaday3w @hope-for-olicity @quiveringbunny


Chapter 1

London, Spring of 1816

Oliver Queen, the Earl of Archer, concentrated on taking his next breath as he attempted to keep the piercing noises of the jubilant ballroom suppressed to a tolerable irritation.   Draw air in, as if inhaling the pleasing scent of a blooming flower.  Ease out, to attempt to relax.  Draw in.  Ease out.  Draw in.  Ease outHe repeated his personal mantra over and over in his mind.  If he could keep his concentration he just might make it through the night without embarrassing himself and his family.  

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Felicity: “That’s what I came here to say to you.”

Oliver:   “We’re usually on the same page.”

Felicity: “About a lot of things.”


Oliver was running through the forest. Everything was on fire. Thick smoke from the burning trees threatened to choke him, but he had to keep going. She was waiting for him. Oliver believed with all his desperate heart that she was still alive somewhere in the conflagration. It would take her from him if he succumbed to the heat and flames. He had to keep running.

“Oliver, you’re too late,” Chase’s voice suddenly echoed in his head. “You can’t save her. She is burning up. She is in agony, a charred blackened thing dancing in agony.”

Oliver tried to block Chase’s ghostly declaration. No, he told himself. She’s still alive. Chase is dead with a bullet in his head. She is safe.  His belief in that was unwavering. She would find a ways to survive.

Oliver increased his pace, running away from the dark phantoms in his head. The terrain was rough and uneven beneath his pounding feet. Burning branches were scattered all around him and he had to jump over them, ignoring the flames singeing his beard and eyebrows. A falling ember landed in his hair and Oliver slapped it away as it were a pyrotechnic insect. He didn’t know how long or how far he had run, but Oliver would sprint a million miles if need be to reach Felicity, to feel the cool relief that she was alive and safe.

He reached the top of a rise and Oliver’s heart stopped. Below him was a large meadow. It stretched out, seemingly to infinity. All of it was a raging inferno. Oliver felt the heat of it like a hot wall of madness reaching out to claim him. A scream was building from the bottom of his soul as he realized he found what he was running to.

A hundred feet a head, Oliver saw bodies on the ground. They were burning. He recognized John first. His leather jacket seemed to  have melted, creating a horrible second skin, blackened and oozing blood.  Rene and Dinah were next to him, clutching each other in a death grip, smoke and ash hovering over both of them. He saw Curtis, Lance, Slade , Samantha and Nyssa. All of them were lumps of charnel flesh.

Oliver frantically began searching for Thea and finally spotted her sitting up against the base of burning tree stump. She appeared to have welded to the bark. And next to her, stretched out on the ground, lay Felicity. Except for a few wisps of her beautiful blond hair, she was an unrecognizable mass of brightly burning flesh.

Oliver let out a soul wrenching scream, a sound that could tear down mountains and shatter the earth. “Noooo…” his voice wailed. “Noooo…”

As he continued staring at Felicity’s remains, she suddenly sat up and turned her smoldering face towards him. “Oliver, you’re too late,” she screeched at him. “You weren’t fast enough. Look what you did to me…”

Oliver came awake; the echo of his scream still bouncing off the Bunker walls. He was covered in sweat, as if the heat from his dream had followed him into wakefulness. Lying on his cot, Oliver’s breathing was rapid and his heart was beating hard enough to cause him physical pain. He lay there for a few minutes and tried to erase from his mind the horrible images he dreamed about. Finally, his breathing shallowed and his racing heart slowed down. A chill covered him like a cold blanket as the sweat on his body began to dry in the humid air of the Bunker.

When the last remnants of his dream left him, Oliver felt a cool relief and certain knowledge. Everybody was safe. Felicity was alive and back in his life. The team was safe. They had defeated Chase. William was safe and back in his life. Oliver clutched onto this reality as he lay in the darkness.

He supposed that Slade had earned some gratitude for leading all of them to the series of caves that provided shelter, a safe haven from the inferno Chase created with his bombs. Oliver still didn’t know how to feel about Slade. The man had so altered his life, bringing Oliver to the brink of apocalypse when he killed his mother, when he tried to burn the city down—and when he held a sword to Felicity’s throat.

Did he redeem himself of those sins by saving everybody Oliver loves? Maybe. Maybe Slade also saved himself. Maybe after three years in a hole, Slade had found his own answers. Maybe he, like Oliver, had quieted the darkness inside him. Yes, a lot of maybes. Nothing is certain. Sometimes forgiveness is a hard road to travel. And maybe that was something else he owed Slade—through forgiveness comes peace.  Oliver felt that peace when he gave Slade his freedom.

After the flames of Lian Yu died down, Oliver used the radio on Chase’s boat to call for help. Lyla’s voice was frantic, asking if John was safe. Oliver told her he didn’t know if any of them were safe or even alive. He asked her to send a rescue team and have them start searching the island for survivors. Lyla said she would fly the plane herself.

Oliver rolled off the cot and touched the good, safe floor beneath his feet. He stood in the darkness and felt a sudden, strong need to be with Felicity. Prompted by his nightmare, Oliver felt it was time to reach out to Felicity and have that talk he told her they would share.

He got dressed and left the Bunker, to face his redemption and his destiny.


Felicity came awake with a jerk, her legs kicking out beneath the green blanket covering her. She wasn’t sure if she had yelled out as her dream released her. The Loft was quiet. Samantha and William apparently were still asleep downstairs. There were no running footsteps coming up to see if she was okay. Felicity glanced at the illuminated alarm clock on the table next to her bed. It was 3:11am.

She lay there, and as she had every night since returning from Lian Yu two weeks ago, she thought about Oliver. After she suggested to him that Samantha and William stay at the Loft until they had some time to decompress and figure out what was ahead, Felicity thought it would be awkward to invite Oliver over to rekindle their romance. She wanted him with her. She wanted to feel him, to hold him close. She could still feel his arms around her, his kisses and his tears on her face when he saw her safe in that cave.

The dream that woke Felicity up tonight was the same one she had been having since coming home.  In it, she was hunkered down in the cave, worried about Oliver to the point of going mad. She could hear the burning and crackling of trees outside. A strong smell of charcoal drifted down into their shelter and Felicity was terrified that Oliver would risk his life in the flames trying to reach her. And then she heard movement at the mouth of the cave and he was there. He was smoldering and his Green Arrow suit had melted off his body. He was covered in burns, a naked decimated Greek statue barely alive. She jumped up and started running to him. But before she could reach him, Oliver burst into flames and fell into a pile of ashes on the cave floor. Her heart burst…and then Felicity would wake up, alone and scared and feeling a deep need for Oliver next to her.

She got out of bed and stood in a pool of moonlight coming through the window. Maybe it was time to go to him. Maybe they needed that conversation he promised her on the island. She told him she didn’t want to regret not kissing him. But that wasn’t the only thing. She regretted all the time they spent apart, the time they could have spent repairing their fractured relationship. Felicity knew, on a rational level, that going in separate directions was necessary, that the individual growth they were striving for was a mirror they could look into and see the truth and wisdom of what and where they needed to be in their lives. Oliver was looking for forgiveness and redemption. He was looking to reclaim the dedication and passion that inspired him to put on his hero’s mask and make a difference again. And Felicity was looking…well, after that brief time together under the salmon ladder, she was looking for the happiness and trust their lives encapsulated before he lied to her. She was looking for a way to move forward.

The only thing, Felicity told herself, is that her moving forward without Oliver seemed to be an impossible task—because he still had her heart. The chance to have love again in her life (with Billy or anyone else) was not realistic if her heart wasn’t in it. Yes, she was fond of Billy, and maybe if she wasn’t with Oliver every night crime fighting, she and Billy might have found something to sustain a long relationship. Of course, Chase made that academic when Billy died. Felicity was fooling herself though with Billy. She just could not let go of her and Oliver’s history.

Felicity suddenly felt a strong need to see Oliver. Should she call him this late? Or maybe she should just get dressed and go to the Bunker. Knowing Oliver, he would still be up, probably searching for any nefarious activity in the city.

She started to get dressed, making up her mind to go to him. She quietly left the Loft and went to face her destiny.


Oliver was about to cross the street to the Loft when the door to the building opened and Felicity stepped out. She saw Oliver and stood still on her side of the street. Oliver was similarly motionless. They stared at each other and the night was witness to two souls uniting on the same wavelength.

“Hey,” Oliver called out.

“Hey,” Felicity answered.

“I was …I was thinking about you,” Oliver told her.

“Yeah?” Felicity responded. “I was thinking about you too.”

Their smiles brought an ethereal light to the night, enough for them to cross the street and meet in the middle.

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More musical things please! I love them. Possibly flintwood? (If that's okay Xx)

this is for my @hpminorcharnet‘s ongoing get to know the members challenge: favourite minor characters - oliver wood + marcus flint

I’d heard about him before, I wanted to know some more,
and now I know what they mean, he’s a love machine.

  • Oliver’s obsession interest with Marcus Flint developed when they both became captains of their respective Quidditch teams 
  • They both got given the role at the same time and, Oliver quickly learnt, Marcus had already obtained a great reputation both within and outside the sport 
  • He was obviously a very aggressive and competitive player, something Oliver was happy to rival, but he was surprised to hear about Marcus’ social life 
  • “I heard he snogged all the Slytherin girls in his year last term!” One Ravenclaw whispered to him as he walked to practice one day 
  • “He just looks at one of the girls in our class and they swoon at his feet” another Gryffindor murmured, elbowing Oliver in the ribs when Marcus passed them in the corridor 
  • And Oliver was… interested, to say the least 
  • He was confused as to how this vibrant and vicious personality on the pitch could be so popular and sought after in day to day life 
  • How could anyone, Oliver wondered, want to be romantically involved with someone as crude and harsh as Marcus Flint?

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I’ve lost my daddy

I really can’t create titles.

Summary: Phil works at a holiday site, working onstage and introducing acts and entertaining the audience. Dan has a son- who is lost.

This is based off Haven holiday site (in England) if you’re wondering.

Words: 1041

Warnings: Lost Child- but only like losing your mum whilst shopping lost.

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As the van skidded to a stop and he saw her standing there he gave himself barely two seconds to feel relief before jumping out of the van and running toward her.

He had no idea what was happening except that Curtis had said she was trying to disable a nuclear bomb herself.

Felicity whirled around and saw Oliver running toward her. Seeing him was like seeing her very own safe haven because that’s what he was. After everything they’ve been through and even though they weren’t together anymore he represented safety. He always had and he always will. She didn’t hesitate running the short distance to reach him.

“What’s happening?!” Oliver barely got the words out before Felicity’s body collided against her own, her hands around him clutching tightly to the back of his jacket, gripping the fabric tightly in her fist, burying her face in his chest.

Felicity felt Oliver’s arm’s wrap around her only after a few seconds of hesitation, holding her to him and for that moment even though she knew a nuclear bomb was going to go off any moment now she still felt safe in his arms.

“Felicity?” Oliver clutch her to his chest, his voice full of concern.

“There’s not enough time.” Her voice cracked as she realized this might just be their last moments. The thought made her press her body tighter against him and she could hear the rapid beat of his heart against her ear. “The nuclear bomb’s about to go off.”

Oliver’s heart pounded in his chest at her words. If she was right this whole area was ground zero. This whole area and more would be wiped out in moments.

His hands pressed into her back holding her even tighter against his body if that were even possible with how tightly they were pressed against each other.

Every instinct he had was screaming for him to get Felicity to safety but there just wasn’t enough time.

But if this was it, if this was their last moments than he wanted to spend it kissing the woman he loved, the love of his life, the woman who represented everything he wanted out of life, hope, light, love, a family. She was his always and in that moment he couldn’t think of a better way to die than kissing her.

His hands moved from her back, to her face, cupping her cheek he tilted her head up toward him and swoop down capturing her lips with his own.

Felicity breath hitched in her chest as his lips touched her and couldn’t help but kiss him back. If these were her ladt moments than there was no other place she wanted to be.

Oliver’s moved his mouth over hers, pouring everything he had into it, how sorry he was for everything, how much he wished he could change things between them and how much he was still completely in love with her.

Felicity sunk into the kiss her hands moving up to clutch at his shoulders, her mouth opening on a sigh.

Oliver slipped his tongue into her mouth, tangling her tongue with his own in a familiar dance.

Felicity slid her hands past his shoulders and wrapped them around his neck, clinging him tightly as they kissed as if it were the last time.

Oliver slid his hands around her back, wrapping his arms around her so completely he surrounded her.

The rest of the word fell away to the point they didn’t notice the flash light or the ground rumbling beneath their feet.

It wasn’t until their lungs started to ache with the need to breathe that they finally broke apart registering that the bomb had gone off but was contained.

Still they barely separated, they’re lips just inches apart, leaning their foreheads together as they practically breathed each other’s breath.

And for a moment they allowed their selves to linger snd feel that perfect feeling of how right it felt to be each other arms because once they separated things would go back to before this moment and neither of them was ready for it.

So they lingered commiting this moment to memory. A moment where they thought this was it, they were going to die but it didn’t matter because their last moment would have been spent in each other’s loving embrace.

Awkward (Reid)

A/N/ summary: just a little drabble where olive asks some things that spence can’t answer.


Olive clutched Spencer’s hand tightly in her own, giggling as she tried to match his strides. “Did you have fun, princess?” he asked before scooping her up in his arms.

The pair had been planning their trip to the science center for weeks, and Olive was practically screaming in excitement when he finally told her. “Yes, yes, yes! Thank you daddy!”

He smiled at her before making a turn towards the door. “Can I go to the bathroom?” she whispered next to his ear. “Yeah, yeah of course,” he assured, rerouting his path. After looking between the women’s, men’s, and family restrooms, he entered the “family” one.

“Daddy?” Olive began as Spencer helped her into a stall. “Yes, pumpkin?” he answered before turning his back while she did her business. “Why do boys and girls have different bathrooms?”

Spencer was flabbergasted as he tried to come up with an appropriate answer. “W-well, um.. boys and girls.. are different,” he stammered. He swallowed thickly as Olive tried to process his reply.

“Different how?”

Spencer mentally cursed as he struggled for words. “Well, boys have- girls are-” he stopped briefly, flustered. “Boys and girls have different parts,” he rushed, helping her to flush and wash her small hands.

“Why?” she pushed as Spencer continued their journey to the exit. “Because,” he said with a shrug. She appeared deep in thought as the pair walked under the hot sun, making their way to the car.

She giggled as his nimble finger grazed her tummy while buckling her seatbelt. “Daddy!” she squealed, causing Spencer to smile wider.

He hopped in the front seat, deciding to further distract the curious toddler with some ice cream. He was glad to have avoided having that discussion. What exactly would he tell her? He couldn’t answer h-

“Daddy?” “Yes babydoll?” “Where do babies come from?”


Imagine the Avengers finding out you're a single mom

So, this is the first Avengers fan fiction I’ve ever written, and I’m really excited about it. I felt like writing something light-hearted and cute.

Also, no pictures or gifs because I wrote it on my phone. Sorry.


You had been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D for several years now, working your way up through the ranks. After your most recent promotion, you were finally working with on the actual Avengers Initiative project. It had caused a bit of a stir, a young, pretty female agent working with the team. However, you’d made it clear that you weren’t interested in a relationship right now, and you’d developed some good friendships especially with Natasha (because she finally had another girl around) and Steve (because he was just such a sweet guy).

What you didn’t count on was Tony Stark and his darned curiosity and need to know everything about everyone. You were pretty open about most things, but you were careful to make sure that your work and your personal life never mixed. There were certain… aspects of your life that you didn’t want to make public knowledge.

You had been training with Clint and Natasha when Stark first confronted you. After several hours of the other two beating you in almost every competition, all you wanted was to get home and take a hot shower. However, before you could even get to your locker to get your stuff, Tony was stepping out from around the corner, giving you an odd look. You glanced down at his hand and felt the warmth drain from your face; he had your file.

“So.” He leaned back against the wall. “That twelve month leave of absence you took five years ago. What’s that about?”

“Family emergency.” You muttered, trying to push past him. “I need to get home, Stark.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that. You’re always off the clock by nine pm. Why? You know, you get more than your fair share of days off, too. Where do you go, (Y/N)?”

“It’s really none of your business.” You glared at him, resisting the nervous urge to run a hand through your hair. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”

You pushed past him and practically ran out, not slowing down until you were sliding into the seat of your car. You breathed a sigh of relief. You knew when you came back to work that you would have to be careful. You couldn’t risk anyone finding out about your four-year-old son, Oliver.

You took a long, complicated route back to your apartment, making uses that anyone (meaning Tony) would have a hard time finding you. When you did get home, your babysitter was waiting impatiently on the front porch. It was 9:45, and she was supposed to get off at 9:30. You apologized and handed her an extra tip. “Is Oli in bed?”

“No.” The babysitter sighed. “I tried, but he said he needed you to tuck him in.”

“Okay.” You smiled at her as you unlocked the door. “I’ll take it from here. Thanks for everything.”

The moment you stepped inside, Oliver ran up to you, throwing his skinny arms around your legs. “Mommy!”

You scooped him up, peppering his face with kisses, which caused him to giggle. “Hi, baby. Did you have fun today?”

“Yes, Mommy.” Oliver yawned, burying his little face in your neck. “Mommy, will you tuck me in? I’m sleepy.”

“Of course, Oli.” You gave him an extra squeeze and carried him to his bed. You had just set him down on the bed when you heard a thump in the front of the house. You stared seriously into his big eyes. “Oliver, stay here. Mommy will be right back.”

You grabbed the gun that you kept hidden on you at all times, slowly making your way into the living room, you turned to corner, gun at the ready, only to lower it with an exasperated sigh. Tony Stark was standing in the middle of your living room, examining the family pictures on the walls. Steve stood behind him, looking somewhat sheepish as he met your eyes. You figured Tony probably convinced Steve that you were in some kind of trouble to get him to come.

You were about to speak when you felt little hands clutch the back of your pants, Oliver’s head peeping out around your leg. “Mommy, who’s that?”

“Just some men I work with, baby. Don’t worry.” You knelt down to pick up your son. “Come on, let’s get you in bed.”

After putting Oliver in his bed for the night, you made your way back out to the living room, crossing your arms angrily. You glared at Tony and Steve. “Explain.”

“So what, that’s your kid? That’s why you’re off so much?” Tony was staring at you like he’d never seen you before.

You sighed. “Yes, that’s Oliver. Who, incidentally, doesn’t know that his mom works for S.H.I.E.L.D. I try to keep my work and my family separate.”

“So, are you married then?” Steve asked innocently. You sighed. Of course, he would ask. In his time, people got married before they had kids. You closed your eyes slowly, taking a deep breath.

“No, Steve. Oliver’s dad skipped town as soon as he found out I was pregnant. It’s just me and my baby.”

Steve looked extremely upset on your behalf, while Tony just looked interested, like he wanted to know more about the situation. Which, knowing him, he did. “So you’ve been raising this kid all by yourself.”

You nodded. “I was so scared at first, but Oli is the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s my whole world.”

Steve nodded, his gaze flickering to the framed finger paintings on the wall. It was obvious that your son was the center of your life. “He doesn’t know about what you do?”

“No.” You shook your head. “I’ll tell him someday, but right now I just want to keep him safe.”

“What’s his favorite superhero?” Tony interrupted, and from his cocky attitude you knew he expected to hear his name.

“Spider-Man.” You informed him, smirking as his face fell slightly. You grew serious. “You won’t tell the others, will you?”

“Nope.” Tony smirked. “You will.”


The following week, you stood next to Steve in the elevator, clutching Oliver tightly in your arms. The two men had helped you tell the others about your son a few days before, and they had all insisted on meeting him. You had spent a very long two hours explaining everything to little Oliver, who was know staring at Steve with wide eyes.

“Are you really Captain America?” He asked in a small, shy voice.

“Yes I am.” Steve smiled at him, causing Oliver to snuggled closer to you.

“Were you really frozen in an iceberg for a looooong time?”

You were about to scold Oliver for being rude, but Steve cut you off with his reply. “Yes.”

Oliver stared at him, dead serious. “Was it really cold?”

You giggled as Steve answered that yes, it was. Before Oliver could ask another question, the elevator doors opened, revealing the room full of eager faces.

You walked in, introducing Oliver to the first people you saw. “Oli, this is Clint and Natasha.”

“You’re Hawk Eye.” Oliver pointed at Clint. “And you’re Black Widow.” He directed his finger at Natasha. “You guys are so awesome!” He wriggled down from your arms and ran to hug both of them. When he hugged Clint, he looked up at him very seriously. “Mr. Clint, are you in love with Miss Natasha?”

He ran off before Clint could answer, leaving them both blushing. He ran over to Thor, gasping in awe. “You’re Thor! Are you really from Asgard? Where’s your hammer? Can I feel your armor?”

Thor, who didn’t have much experience with small children, smiled amusedly at your son and then glanced up at you, clearly not sure what to do. You smiled, motioning for him to kneel down so he could better talk to Oliver.

Before Thor had finished answering even half of Oliver’s questions, your son was running over to Bruce, startling him by climbing up into his lap. “Hi. Are you Mr. Bruce?”

Bruce nodded, looking terrified. Oliver bounced on his lap. “My mommy says that you’re reeeeeally smart. Are you really smart? Do oh do a lot of math?”

He looked over Bruce’s shoulder just then and saw Tony, who of course, wore his Iron Man suit. Oliver scrambled down off of Bruce and ran over to Tony, staring up at him with wide eyes. “Hey, you were in my house last week!”

He turned to grin at you. “Mommy, did you know Iron Man came to our house last week?”

You nodded, watching as Oliver hugged Tony’s metal-clad leg and asked him to teach him how to “kill all the big bad guys”. You did believe that this was your sons first fangirl moment.

Steve smiled at you, gesturing towards your son, who was now excitedly asking Thor for a piggy-back ride. “You have to bring him to work more often.”

You smiled. “Yeah, I think I will.”

we make the rules, now

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood

setting: catholic all male boarding school (pt 1 here)

word count:  965

a/n: this verse is doing things to me tbh

Maybe it’s because it’s spring, the turn of the season - could be because he’d swallowed down coffee at dinner to get through studying for his biology exam tomorrow, but Oliver feels a restlessness burn underneath his skin. Wavering, wanting something that cool, articulate text on firm textbooks don’t do for him.

He sneaks out - the first time in his entire track record, because the nuns are strict on curfew. It’s the first time, sure, but he has enough friends who do it to know how, to creep, silent as a shadow through the long stone corridors.

He’s unsettled, shaky, needs something that he doesn’t want to admit.

The cool night air is refreshing, wakes him up, fuels the restlessness festering in his chest, and Oliver stalks magnetically to the track, lone figure running laps catching his eye. He vaguely wonders why no one has realized - track lights are still on, after all, glinting mistily against the dark sky.

It’s Flint, Oliver realizes, feels a low heat surge through his entire body at the sight of the older boy, muscles outlined starkly from the inky sky.

No wonder nobody cares. None of the teachers bother anymore, not with Marcus Flint. They know it’s a lost cause and no amount of detentions can nudge him from his habits, push him to ‘strive for the best and proper education’, as they always plead.

Flint doesn’t notice him until two and a half more laps, or maybe he pretends not to. But then the tall figure is padding over, half graceful and shining with sweat, to where Oliver is curled in on himself against the wind, arms crossed tightly.

Flint grins, jagged teeth flashed for a millisecond. “Looks like I’m a bad influence. Wood.”

“You think a little too highly of yourself.” Oliver scoffs, but his pulse is fluttering against the thin skin of his neck, almost feels like butterflies are going to burst out and swarm around him, make his emotions transparent and bare.

Flint doesn’t come closer, not like two days ago, but Oliver still feels like prey, cornered. 

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Finding Forever (M) Pt. 12

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 Pt 6 Pt 7 Pt 8 Pt 9 Pt 10 Pt 11

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: M since it’ll eventually have smut

Genre: Fluff, smut, probably some angst

Warnings: depression, cheating, violence, probably some swearing tbh.

Summary: Your divorce is final, and the only thing you can think of is escaping from the life you used to share with your ex-husband, Yoongi. At the urging of your best friend Jimin, you buy a house and move out to the little seaside town he’s living in. For a while you almost regret the decision, thinking your life could never open up to someone again, until a chance meeting with Jungkook has you thinking otherwise.

A/N: Final chapter guys! enjoy!

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Home To You

Over You: The Prelude

Over You

With You

(These are listed in order of the timeline of the series, not the way that they were written! If you’d like to read them in the order that I wrote them, start with Over You first, then The Prelude, With You, and then Home To You. Thanks for reading! I’m really glad y'all are liking this series!)

Felicity rang the doorbell, her heart beating out of her chest as she ran through the scenarios again. His mother could answer the door and politely ask her to leave. Or it could be Thea, who would undoubtedly slam the door in her face. Or he would, and he’d give her some kind of lame reason why he hasn’t spoken to her or returned any of her calls. Felicity groaned, stepping back from the door and hitting her forehead, “Oh, I just got really busy, after telling you that I love you and kissing you senseless.” She mumbled, pacing in front of the door.

Just as the door swung open, a flash of lightning lit up the sky and Felicity yelped.


Felicity turned around to see Thea standing in the doorway with her arms crossed. "It’s not a good time.”

Felicity hesitated, “Wait, Thea.”

“What? You think Oliver actually wants to see you? After everything you put him through?”

“You blame me, and I get it. Trust me. I blame me too.”

Thea watched her carefully, “My brother got on a boat to run away from you. He was gone for five years because of you.”

“I know I can’t fix that. But I want to fix this. Thea…I loved you as much as I loved Oliver. You guys…you were my family.”

“And if you hadn’t broken his heart…we still would be.”

“Look,” Felicity sighed, “I deserve every low blow that you want to hit me with, but I need you to listen to me. I loved him. I would have given up the world to fix it, to take it back…Thea, I wish that I had said yes.”

Thea watched as tears filled in Felicity’s eyes, and for the first time in four years, she saw her the way that she used to; like her hero. The woman she wanted to grow up to be just like. She trusted those words. “It’s the biggest regret of my life, Thea. Maybe the only regret. And now he’s back, and I’d be lying if I said that I don’t still love him. I always have.”

Thea pushed the door open a little wider, “He’s asleep…but I guess…if you wanted…we could, I don’t know, hang out, or something. Like we used to.”

Felicity smiled, feeling her heart healing for the second time in nearly six years. The Queen family left a void in her, but Oliver kissing her mended it a little, and Thea wanting to talk to her again healed it just a little more. “I would love that.”

Felicity followed Thea into the kitchen, sitting at the counter while Thea went to the cupboard and pulled out two glasses. “So, Oliver’s been pretty strange lately. Disappearing all the time, leaving in the middle of the night…I was kind of wondering…have you guys been, you know?”

“Have we been what? Oh. Oh. No. No, no, no. Definitely not. I haven’t seen him since he checked himself out of the hospital and I dropped him off here.”

“I’m starting to think he’d be better off at the hospital, then. I have no idea where he goes. Mom’s talking about getting him a handler,” Thea smirked, “Like a babysitter. Oliver refuses, but Mom tends to get her way with these things. He’s just been so strange, we’re both worried. He’s different, Felicity,” Thea breathed, her eyes full of concern. “Something in him just seems…broken.”

Felicity felt her stomach knot at the thought of Oliver being broken. “Where do you think he’s going all  the time?”

Thea shrugged. “My first guess was you,” she eyed Felicity suspiciously for another moment, before deciding she was innocent. "But I guess it must be some random girl he’s using to forget.“

Felicity bit her lip, not wanting to hear or believe that. The knots in her stomach tightened even more. "What about you?” she asked, changing the subject. "How are you dealing with all of this?“

"I’m okay. I was really happy to have him home. I always dreamed about it but I guess I just…expected it to be different. I know that sounds selfish and awful. He’s just not the same person, and I really want him to be okay. I need for him to be okay. But I don’t know how to help him, he won’t talk to me about the island, about what happened to him…about those scars.”

Felicity nodded, “He’ll come around, honey, he just needs time. He’s spent five years away from society, he needs to adjust. But he loves you. And he’ll be okay again.”

Thea smiled, taking a sip of her water, “You always could make me feel better.”

Felicity shrugged, rolling her eyes, “I’m just that good.”

“I’m sorry, you know. I’m sorry for the way I acted at the hospital, and for all of the nasty things I’ve said to you over the last five years. For ignoring your calls and shutting you out.”

Felicity shook her head, “You have nothing to be sorry for, Thea. You have a right to feel any way that you do, just like Oliver does. And I hurt both of you. I understood why you hated me…I’m just glad to get you both back now.”

Thea smiled, “I really think Oliver still loves-” Both of the girls jumped at the sound of shattering glass. “Oliver!?” Thea called, her voice rising in worry as she abandoned her spot at the counter and ran for the stairs. Felicity followed, grabbing her phone from the counter top and calling after Thea.

Felicity was on Thea’s heels as they barged into Oliver’s room, but she wasn’t fast enough. Oliver laid on the floor of his bedroom, glass surrounding him, the storm coming in through the shattered glass doors. Thea immediately ran to him, her bare feet stepping on the glass. She pulled on Oliver’s shoulder, trying to turn him over.

“Thea-” Felicity started, about to warn her to be gentle when Oliver flipped over, pinning Thea on her back and holding her down with his hand clenching her throat. “Oliver!” Felicity yelled, instinctively stepping towards him. His grip didn’t loosen, and his eyes were wild as his head shot up to look at her. “Oliver,” She said again, calmly, “It’s Thea, look, it’s Thea. Let her go.” She spoke soothingly, coming closer until she could touch his arm. Oliver’s eyes dropped to Thea, and after a moment of recognition, his hand released her, flying behind his back like someone had hit him. He fell back and pushed himself away from her, curling up into a small ball as he breathed, trying to control his thoughts and calm down.

Felicity pulled Thea up, inspecting her, a bruise in the shape of Oliver’s hand already forming. She hugged Thea to her chest, glancing down at Oliver, who was already watching them with hurt, remorseful eyes.

Thea was crying, but she knelt down to Oliver, “It’s okay,” she choked, “It’s okay, Oliver,”

Oliver shook his head, “No, it’s not.”

Thea slowly wrapped her arms around her brother, “Your pain is deeper than what we can see, Oliver. It’s not your fault.”

Oliver pressed his face to Thea’s hair, “I’m so sorry, Speedy. I never want to hurt you.”

“I know that,” Thea rushed, “I know.”

“I have to leave.” Oliver replied. “I can’t stay here like this, with you and Mom right down the hall.”

“Oliver, you can’t be alone, either. You’re staying here. This is your home.”

“He can stay with me.” Felicity offered, and both of her favorite Queens stared up at her.

Oliver shook his head, his eyes darkening as he imagined all of the ways that could go wrong. “Hell no.”

“I have the room. You could sleep there…” Felicity trailed off, smoothing Thea’s hair.

The meddler in Thea saw her opportunity, “Oliver, at least for tonight.”

“No.” Oliver insisted. “I’ll find somewhere else to stay.” He said, getting up and gathering his things. “I’m sorry, Speedy. I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll…figure this out.” He glanced at Felicity as he shoved clothes into his bag, “And I’m sorry…to get you involved in any of this.” He finished quietly.

The two most important girls in Oliver’s life watched as he rushed out the door, headed off into a storm where neither of them knew he’d be safe. “Oliver.” Felicity followed him into the hallway, grabbing his arm. He turned slowly and her hand instinctively slid down his arm to hold his hand. “You’re a good man. Don’t forget that.”

“I just…I just hurt the one person I’ve never wanted to hurt.”

“Thea’s going to be fine. But I think she needs you here more than she needs to you to go.”

“Not tonight,” Oliver said, shaking his head slightly, “Tonight I think she needs you. Take care of her, please.”

When he tried to let go of her hand, she held on tighter, "Oliver,“ she argued, "What if I need you too?” She asked.

Oliver’s eyes searched hers for a brief moment, and then he dropped her hand, “Then I would say that you’d be better off with someone like Barry Allen.”

“Barry? How did you even…Oliver…” Oliver turned away from her and headed down the stairs.

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Scrap the Drawing Boards

prompt: day 1 of @olivarryweek features “Barry working for the SCPD” #olivarryweek2015

Barry first day as a resident of Starling City starts off pretty swell until his past decided to catch up with him - but Oliver and team arrow got the scientist’s back, right?

On the day that the paperwork for his transfer to the SCPD came through, Barry’s lab at the CCPD got struck by lightning.

“Guess you left Central City at the right time,” Joe told him over the phone.

“Yeah,” Barry laughed, “Good thing Iris jumped all over my case to pack up early, or… who knows?”

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anonymous asked:

yes hi hello time for cute Coliver prompts? I gotcho back LET'S SEE how about all the domestic Coliver, Connor coming home from a stressful day and Oliver doting on him and baking him tasty treats because he's the world's best boyfriend and then they make sweet sweet love perfect

Gahhhh this is ridiculously sweet. I love it. Thank you for the prompt! Enjoy!

If Connor were being honest with himself, he would just admit he was having a stressful day. It was finals week at school, which was enough to drive him over the edge of insanity. Plus on top of having to study, he had to cram in time to work on the latest case for Annalise. It was too much for Connor to handle. And he should have just told Oliver he was stressed out and had a lot going on; rather than ignoring him and shutting him out.

He wasn’t trying to be an awful boyfriend, it just sort of happened. With all the time he was putting into work, and studying, it seemed like there wasn’t any time to see Oliver. So for the past four days, he had been holed up in his apartment. Dishes piled up in the sink. Take out boxes strewn over the counters. And paper was everywhere. Spread over the coffee table, littering the floor, everywhere.

Currently, Connor was slumped on floor, eyes burning from lack of sleep and the late hour, a pen tucked behind his ear, and a cup of coffee half empty in his hand. Taking in slow, careful sips, his eyes scanned over the paper clutched tightly in his other hand. All the information was blending together. Things for the case, study material, he could hardly distinguish it. A sudden pounding in his head made him clench his eyes shut, hoping it would just go away. It didn’t.

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monalyssa33  asked:

#15, Caskett and their kid(s)

Please don’t argue.

Whatwas it about her husband being gone on book tours that made her kids misbehave? It seemed like as soon as he was gone, they worked together to make her life difficult. Sometimes, it made her question her competence as a mother. She was strict, more strict than Castle, and she struggled when he wasn’t around to find a balance. He had pointed out to her one day that she tended to question them like they were suspects, hard and unrelenting, causing them to either shut down (Elizabeth) or act out (Oliver). Today was worse than usual. Oliver had been in a fight at school, causing her to leave work early to pick him up. He kept insisting it wasn’t his fault, and yeah, the other kid pushed him down, but he either can’t remember or doesn’t really know who threw the first punch. “It all happened so fast, Mom.” He explained from the backseat, his hazel eyes meeting hers in the mirror. 

“Do you know what this means? It means you will be branded as a troublemaker. Now any time there’s trouble, your teachers are going to look at you. Is that what you want, Oliver?” She fought to keep her voice level. 

“But I’m not a troublemaker!” He blurted from the back, his eyes wide as he yelled out in protest. “I’m not, I swear!”

Kate sighed. “I know that, but your teachers look at your track record, and a fight doesn’t look good.”

“I promise never to fight again. I swear, Mom, it won’t happen again.” He whined from the backseat, a sound that still sent chills down her spine. She hoped he would soon outgrow that habit,

“Oliver, I can’t understand you when you talk like that.” She listened to him huff. He knew as well as she did that it was a load of crap, but he stopped, quieting down and relaxing into the seat. Kate tightened her hold on the steering wheel. “Here’s the deal.” She started, speaking firmly but not raising her voice. “We are going to the precinct. You are not to play with your uncles, they know why you are there and what happened. You will sit in the break room with my pad and a pencil, and you will write one apology note to Justin, and one to your teacher.”

“Mom! Not fair!”

She scoffed. “Yes, it is fair! You hit a boy and took extra time out of your teacher’s day! They both deserve apologies!”

“But Justin hit me too!”

“And I am your Mom, not Justin’s. She will punish him how she wants to.” She could hear her son muttering something under his breath. “What did you say?”


She shook her head. “You know better. I tell you what I’m thinking, so it’s only fair you do the same.”

He sighed. “I said, Justin’s Mom won’t do anything to him.”

Kate shrugged. “Oh well.” That just meant her son would stay out of trouble in the future, and that Justin would be more likely to end up across from her in the interrogation room. 

At the precinct, she set him up in the break room while she caught up on paperwork. He worked away for hours, or at least she thought he did. It wasn’t until her Dad dropped off Elizabeth, like he did every day around four, that she realized he had been doodling the whole time. 

"Mom! Look at the cool pictures Oliver drawed!” Beth enthused, bouncing on her toes, her blue eyes wide and bright.

She sighed. “Yeah, they’re cool, but he was supposed to be writing letters.” She tucked a loose piece of hair behind her daughter’s ear as she picked up her notebook. She looked at him, hoping her disappointment came through in her expression. “You will finish this at home.”

Before they could get there, they had to stop to pick up a gift for Beth’s friend Theresa, who was having a birthday party in two days. Which of course triggered a tantrum in the four year old, because Kate wouldn’t buy her something too. She had to drag the screaming child out of the store, Oliver clutching on to the bag and his Mom’s wallet, her face thoroughly red.

At home, Oliver continued to screw around, refusing to write until she was literally standing over him, watching his every move. He had inherited his father’s creative streak, and much of his schoolwork had monsters and race cars drawn in the margins. He finished them, his halfhearted apologies written in his messy scrawl on the yellow pages, and handed them to her so she could put them in envelopes. She released him to make dinner, mac and cheese with hot dogs, something simple. The two of them fought over who got to sit in Castle’s chair, because the fact that it was his just made it that much cooler than every other chair in the loft. 

They picked on each other all through dinner, Beth kicking Oliver under the table, while he flicked the condensation from the outside of his cup at her, each action making the other kid yell or whine or cry. And she really couldn’t take it anymore.  

She had to remind herself that it wasn’t her. Their routine was disrupted with Castle gone, and they acted out. But she was frustrated and exhausted, and didn’t feel bad about sending them both to bed an hour early, not one bit. 

She curled herself up on the couch, a tall glass of wine in one hand, and the latest Nikki Heat book in another, and got lost in her husband’s words. So lost, that she almost didn’t hear her phone ringing on the table next to her, Castle’s smiling face flashing in the screen. She smiled for the first time that day as she picked it up. “Please tell me you’re coming home early.”

“Uh, yeah actually. How did you know?” His confirmation had her smile growing, the warmth in her stomach spreading across her body. 

“I didn’t, I just guessed. I’ve had a crazy week, and I just can’t wait to see you.” She brought her knees up to her chest and rested her elbows on them as she talked. 

“Well it’s your lucky day. I should be home in about an hour. I can kiss the kids goodnight and everything.”

She shook her head, not that he could see it. “They’re in bed already.”

“Oh.” She could hear the disappointment in his voice, and felt somewhat guilty, like she was keeping his children from him. 

“I mean, you can kiss them if you want, I just don’t know how responsive they’ll be.”

She heard him chuckle. “They must have been hellions.”

She laughed at that, the sound bursting from her chest. “Something like that. We’ll talk when you get here.”

“Okay. See you soon. I love you.”

“Love you too.” It still amazed her how her heart fluttered every time he said those three words, even after all these years together. She put the phone back down and returned to her book, a peace settling over her as she awaited her husband’s return. 

She didn’t get as caught up in it this time, and was up before the door closed, her arms wrapping around his neck as she crashed into him, almost knocking him over. She pressed her lips to his urgently, his head held steady in her hands as she peppered kisses across his jaw. He wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her close. “I’m not complaining, but could I actually get in before you attack me?” He teased between their kisses. 

She pulled away, meeting his blue eyes with hers. “Castle, I have spent all day fighting with murder suspects and both of our children. I missed you, and I want to unwind. Please don’t argue.” Her lips meant his again before he could answer. 

He spent the night agreeing with her instead.

anonymous asked:

"so...did you miss me?" (from that 5 word prompt list) for coliver pls?

Part of the little College AU I have. Enjoy!

“When does your flight get in again?” Oliver asked over skype.

5:30, hopefully there won’t be any dumb weather issues.”

“If there are, I’ll change them myself.” Oliver smiled when he heard Connor’s tinny laugh over the screen.

It was the end of another semester, and Connor was awarded a study abroad scholarship to Oxford for his English and History studies. Connor was dying to go, and after constant support and pushing from Oliver, his application was so stellar that the program would be foolish not to accept him. Both men were over the moon, but it wasn’t until the night before Connor left that they realized just how long they would be away from each other. Four months. Four months of not waking up to each other. Four months of having to work around a schedule to talk to one another. Four months of not touching, kissing, laughing, or holding each other. They slept holding each other that night, the tears they shed stuck to their faces and shoulders.

“Tomorrow morning can’t come fast enough, I’m ready to get out of here,” Connor shifted, his face becoming blurred by pixels.

“I’m ready for you to get out of there, too. Did you have a good time?” Oliver asked, clutching the pillow he was holding closer to his chest.

I guess, but I miss you so much. Still do,” Connor said softly.

“Only a few more hours, then I’m all yours,” Oliver replied, moving so he was lying on his side.

Connor sighed, “I can’t wait,” he looked at what must have been the clock on the screen and winced. “Shit. I should go now, I have to finish packing.”

Oliver tried to ignore how quickly the pang in his chest came when Connor said that.

“Okay, go finish packing. I’ll see you soon, okay?” Oliver winced at the painful lump that formed in his throat.

I’ll see you. I love you Oliver, so, so much,” Connor croaked.

“I love you too, have a safe flight.”

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and i will find you (i'll always find you)

because some people are enabling enablers - freaoscanlin, sufferhopegracelessheart, allstartstofade, felicityremarkablesmoak, ohmypreciousgirl, fromfanontocanon, callistawolf - may I present an OUAT au for Arrow? 

title: and i will find you (i’ll always find you)

rating: pg

pairing: oliver queen/felicity smoak

summary: “Are you Sara Lance?” the girl asked, awfully precocious for a ten year old.  "Yes,“ Sara replied, wary as hell because one) what parent let their kid out this late, and two) if this kid had no parents, what the fuck was she supposed to do about that? She didn’t exactly have any to take example from. "Great!” the kid chirped, “My name’s Laurel  - I’m your daughter.  You need to come with me - I know who your parents are, and they kind of need our help.”  

Drawing back his bowstring, Oliver glowered at the carriage below. 

A year ago, he would have been in that carriage.  Perhaps not that one in particular.  But still – the thought was the same.  His scowl deepened.

Almost in sight, now. 

The carriage rumbled down the road, wheels jostling on the dirt and gravel.  The passengers inside were idiots, to take the King’s Road – far less people and far more out of the way.  Even the peasants knew that. 

A voice drifted from the window, feminine and high.  “I just thought, it would be nice – it’s so pretty here, you know…”

Just a few feet more.

“This way, we can get to know each other – not that I don’t know who you are, of course, but, well –”


Oliver released his arrow, knocking the carriage off its course, and notched three more, taking down the guards.  Swinging off his perch, he dropkicked the last of the men, rolling and spinning back round before he could recover.  The guard drew his sword, lunging; Oliver stepped away, releasing another arrow through his throat. 

Easy enough.

He lowered his bow, eyes skimming the guards for any signs of movement.  All that was left was –

Pain blossomed at the back of his head; he stumbled forward, nearly dropping his bow.  Spinning round, he lunged at his attacker, knocking them both to the ground, his hands wrapping round her –

Oliver blinked. 

“You’re a girl,” he exclaimed, hands still gripping her neck.  Not just any girl.  A very pretty, very noble girl – with hair the color of sunshine, skin the color of snow, and lips the color of flowers in spring.  He could feel the curves of her hips between his thighs and wished, suddenly, that they had met in much less platonic circumstances.

Pain hit him again, now at his forehead.  “Woman!” she hissed, winding her arm – and her rock – back again.  Oliver grabbed her wrist, pushing her chest into full view.  Her very lovely, very distracting –

Light caught his eyes. 

It wasn’t much, but it would have to do.  He yanked the ring, chain and all, off her neck, before leaping up, the forest hiding him, as always. 

Behind him, her voice called to him. 

“Hey!  That belongs to me! You can’t hide from me, whoever you are – I’ll find you!”

Oliver clutched the ring tighter, and thought of her hair, her lips, the fire in her clear, blue eyes.  He half-hoped she would.