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Living At Miss Peregrine’s Would Include

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All ages are movie ages except for Olive’s (because smol Olive is best Olive) and the peculiarities are as they are in the book :)

- Being unsure as to what this place is exactly

- Having to get used to the drastic time change

- Automatically becoming good friends with Millard

- Becoming extremely caring / protective over the others

- No seriously, anyone who were to hurt them would be slaughtered.

- Becoming Miss Peregrine’s ‘apprentice’ 

- Watching Enoch make his homunculi and getting really uncomfortable at his strange fascination with death and war

- Secretly telling the children about the future when the Bird isn’t around

- Helping Olive with her levitation 

- Reading all the books in the library 65 times over

- You and the older children making inappropriate jokes at dinner

- Pretending to listen to Millard and Horace’s intelligent conversations but really falling asleep midway through

- Getting onto Enoch when he’s rude to anyone

- Comforting Bronwyn over Victor

- Reading to Victor even though he’s obviously not listening

- You and Jacob relating over how you both came from the same time

- All of you looking after each other.

- Finally having a family of people just like you.


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Ransom when asked if Library of Souls was the last book in the series

“The sequence of events started in book one comes to a close. And I’m writing something else next but not necessarily closing the door on the world”



All this shit about the MPHFPC movie is pathetic. It’s just pathetic. Everyone who complains about it is acting like Tim Burton and Ransom Riggs owe them something and they absolutely do not. Ransom Riggs just happened to write a book series that we happened to read and enjoy. That’s it. So stop acting like two-year-olds about the movie. You should be grateful that there’s even a movie to go with the book.

Everyone is acting like they’ve done a great injustice and that’s not the case. You can be upset, but you can’t throw tantrums and that’s what most people have been doing. It’s disgusting. I hope you know that if Ransom Riggs had a problem during scripting or shooting, he would’ve spoken up about it. He seems to be over-the-moon excited about everything.

I don’t understand, honestly. You got what you wanted, right? A movie to go with your book is what you wanted, isn’t it? A lot of time, effort, and money was put into this movie and you’re just shitting on it like you never wanted it in the first place.

I’ve read the books. When I saw the movie, I was a little upset, but I was thankful that there was a movie made to begin with. I think that, as a stand-alone, it was a great movie.

Sooner or later, there’s going to be fanfiction written about the movie. Are you going to go hate on the people who wrote them? Just because they haven’t read the book doesn’t mean they can’t like the movie or write fanfiction. And I’m sure that based on all the drama the fandom has caused that they know the movie wasn’t close to the book.

This has gotten pretty long, so I’ll finish by saying, accept what you can’t change, and move on.

Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar Children, my humble opinion on the movie, aka Why i didn't like it—Fair warning TONS OF SPOILERS AHEAD.

First and foremost i have to say that as one grows older, one loses hope for proper adaptations to beloved books, there’s always flaws, little things changed here and there, that ultimately wound the fans, but are sometimes swallowable. With my age i no longer go to the movie theater to watch adaptations expecting a completely faithful retellings on screen, but rather for the sake of watching the world come to life. However, this adaptation has broken my usually diplomatic posture on the subject. 

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton work, he was, in fact, part of what impulsed me to ever want to become a screenwriter, I always found his morbid style to be one of my favorite things, of course his work has gone soft over the years, in fact, the last movie he worked in that I in fact enjoyed was Coraline, which, he did not even direct but produce. Dark Shadows was one big disappointment that struck me right to the heart, so I had truly hoped he would get up, once i heard he’d gotten his hands on the MPHFPC rights

I’m not going to lie, I first saw the movie trailer and that was what impelled me to read the books. And  although i’ve only read the first one I came to love it nonetheless, Although it of course has flaws, like absolutely everything, i found it’s characters loveable, hilarious and well thought out. (then again, nothing but my humble opinion)

However, having seen the trailer and knowing ages would be messed around with, as well as the Olive and Emma peculiarities swapped, i most honestly went in with low expectations…Which later ended up on a freefall down The Devil’s Kettle in Magney State Park. 

The book deals with some pretty serious themes, and the movie downplays so many in order to keep things under a PG-13 rating, the character aging  up was completely pointless and the essence of some of my favorite also lost. 

The changes 

—My first complain goes for Millard, he is by far my favorite character in the book, his sass and his brains make him an endlessly compelling character, and spite of him having no physical appearance, the character’s actitude tells us that he’s one of the oldest. At least Emma’s age or even one year older. Now, the aging down is not exactly the problem but the fact that his entire character was basically erased. All his sass was gone, his witty one liners and important contributions such as being the one to find the map with the loops, the bullet he received and his time journal…All erased, the characters entire brilliance fades and he is reduced to like five lines in the movie, which, mostly consist of “ok” “yeah i know” and “Aw” 

 —Then there’s Olive, who suffers the same kind of treatment. The peculiarity swapping had absolutely no point, just having Emma blush as Jacob ties a rope around her waist, THAT’S IT . her character is also reduced to very few lines and aged up for the sake of an unnecessary, completely forced romantic relationship with Enoch. The script intends to maintain her childlike tendencies, but fails miserably making her appear downright dumb instead. 

—We move on to Emma, who, while i never particularly loved i did recognize as one of the toughest characters. She was hot tempered, she did not trust easily and we all know how her relationship with Jacob began. She was however reduced to a blushing princess who was batting eyes at him from the first second they landed eyes on eachother. She was completely kind and condescending from the very first moment and not for once doubted him being Abe’s grandson, matter of factly it seemed she knew. In case you’re wondering, it was absolutely pathetic and the performance bland (meanwhile i do not criticize Ella Purnell as she is very young and was probably handed a shitty script) i will say that i do not know who that girl was, but she was not Emma Bloom. 

—Even Abraham’s character was shit on. They reduced his relationship with Emma to a completely non existent one quite literally, his relationship  with Jacob was erased as well and the bond he shared with his grandfather completely downplayed, they did not speak of his time in the army as it was, or of his relationships with the other children and how much they cared for him, or about why he’d chosen to leave. Not even the fact that his children thought he was cheating was addressed properly (the characterization of jake’s dad was dreadful too, but that’s not the worst to happen to this movie) By the time Jacob gets to the peculiar home (to which they, I shit you not, carried him after he fainted) all of the children know Abe is dead,  and do not even mourn him. His jewish heritage is also erased

Jacob’s depression was so minimized it does not even qualify as depression, the storytelling was rushed and it ended up omitting important aspects of his trauma and taking away (completely) the scenes in which he opens up to Dr Golan. Whose participation in the movie is so bland, the shock of finding out, that Dr Golan is in fact Mr. Barron in disguise, is not even half as satisfying (been condescending and trying not to say it is not satisfying at all) 

Assa’s performance was also quite disappointing, considering i’ve seen him in roles in which he proves he can act. Jacob was completely emotionless, and his delivery of the dialogue made it seem as if he was reading it straight from the page for the first time. Alot of his emotional turmoil was omitted and the scenes with his grandfather and with anyone overall had less impact on me than a mosquito bite does. 

On another note, which has to do more with the character than the performer, Jacob was also portrayed as this Bad ass in control kid all the time. A natural leader who knew how to use a crossbow like it was an everyday article for him. We’re talking the same kid who was in shock for two pages straight when he managed to kill a Hollow on luck. He was not scared, or shocked or moven at any given moment, he was just there, ready to save the world like he knew absolutely everything there was to know. 

—In spite of being a very respectable actress, Eva Green portrayed Alma as if she was on Marihuana the whole time. And alot of her jumpy factor was erased, her backstory as well, her relationship with Miss Avocet is never mentioned, and the woman (Esmeralda) arrives to the house practically jumping on a leg, even though all her children have recently been slaughtered. She spends alive way more time than she should, and not for the sake of revealing important details like how she’s meant to be an eminence among Ymbrynes and how the finest caretakers come from under her wing (including Alma herself) but to just…Be devoured in a jumpscare by a hollow (whom by the way, just like all the hollows looks like a cheap slenderman rip off for the most part)

—Wights and Hollowgasts devour…People and peculiar’s….Eyes?????

—Enoch is aged up and turned into the typical twilight-type brooding boy, which adding to the lack of expressions from the actor erase the characters entire appeal, his peculiarity is victim of a plot hole as he creates (I shit you not) a fucking skeleton army. How the fuck do you put a heart in bones. Also his temper, which, in spite of everything is meant to be amusing due to his size, is turned into something downright scary and abusive (especially toward Olive) 

—Martin’s character is erased completely 

—Browyn’s awesomeness is erased as none of her heroism is shown in the movie at all and i won’t go in depth because if i do i’ll cry. Most of Browyn’s moments were erased to the point in which she became a secondary character instead of a main one. Her friendship with Emma was also never mentioned or adressed in any way. Which erases one of the most important relationships of the movie in my opinion.

—Hugh and Fiona were never mentioned as a couple and barely seen as separate people, Which is completely painful as they were both fantastic characters. 

—Horace’s peculiarity was messed up, the terror he faced whenever he had a vision or the semi epilepsy attacks were never addressed. 

—The ending was changed completely, and switched from the lighthouse and the boat to a theme park in 2016. Where all the children join together in an Scooby Doo like action sequence in which they throw feathers at the hollows to make them visible and then let Enoch’s army kill them. All the emotion is taken away from the finale, and replaced by a cheap, generic, happy ending that doesn’t leave room of the sequels (thank god) Brownyn is never shown acting as a shield to save her friends, Millard is never wounded, Jacob and Emma never face Mr. Barron on their own. And, on my personal opinion, the scenery change is so prominent that it never feels like they’re facing any real danger at all.  

Miss Peregrine comes out unharmed, with no trouble returning to her human form and the children leave to go back to 1943 and age as normal people meanwhile Jake, instead of leaving with them stays and goes to his grandpa (who, yes, is alive and well cause apparently it’s a few months before his death) after jake tells him of the events he gives him money and a loop map and tells him to go look for the children. Jake travels through loops, and even serves time in the navy. 

Ultimately, and to finish shitting on book fans, instead of the children adrift, having to fend for themselves and find a way to nurse Miss Peregrine back to health and rowing boats in unbearable heat, while simultaneously running away from Mr Barron (who, by the way is killed by a hollow) The movie ends with Jacob and Emma kissing in a big comfortable ship, with Alma watching them from the distance 

Personally and from the bottom of my heart, I advice you: Do not waste time or money in seeing this movie, even if you’ve not read the book, it’s bland and has so many plot holes it turns the storyline into something hard to follow.. If however you have read the book, i will simply say. 

Do not put yourself through this torture my friend, it’s not worth it in the slightest. 

(sending this @jamesandlilydiedonhalloween ‘s way as she was my partner while reading this amazing book, which deserved so much better) 

Did Tim Burton even read the book

Okay so I’m about to go on a little rant on something that has been bothering me for such a long time. 

The movie Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children is so different from the book and that bothers me a lot. 

First off the characters are way off how Ransom Riggs described them.It’s not just look wise that I’m talking about but age as well. For example, Enoch is suppose to be about 13ish and in the movies he’s about 17 or 16. In the book Hugh is suppose to be older so about 16ish, but in the movie he is practically a child. Also Olive is wayyyy too old in the movies, she’s suppose to be a child. Not to mention the peculiarity switch they made, which highkey pissed me off. Tim Burton switched Olive and Emma’s peculiarity. So instead of Emma controlling fire she controls “air.” Honestly this pisses me off so much. I can semi understand going against how Ransom described his characters, but straight up changing them is disrespectful in my opinion. If Ransom wanted Emma to have Olive’s gift he would of wrote it like that. Also switching the peculiarities changes everything in the books. Everything. 



First things first, where the hell is Ricky is the movie? Why is Abe’s eyes missing? Why is the beginning so rushed to the extent that no one knows what the hell is going on? Nobody knows about Jacob’s nightmares and how he’s depressed as hell. Why is Dr. Golan a girl? WHY IS IT SO RUSHED THAT WE ALL HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON???? Why is Jakes dad poorly represented? Why is the scene when Jake meets the children so poorly done? Why no badass Emma holding a knife to Jake? WHY DID THEY MATCH ENOCH AND OLIVE TOGETHER? WHY IS THERE NO FIONA AND HUGH LOVE? Why the fuck is Abe alive again? Where did that come from? Why is the whole ending fucked up and different from the book?

Honestly just go read the last few chapters of the first Peregrine book and you’ll be wondering if Tim even read the whole book. 

I know a lot of people will give me hate for this and I’m sorry in advance if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, but Tim’s version of the book is shit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and I adore Tim Burton. But the movie is NOT Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and it’s not even based off of it.