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can u write 139. “hi, i’m y/n, and i have no idea who you are, but i need you to kiss me.” with mr cal hood please

here you go! I hope you like it! The whole nye theme is kinda random, but I was feeling it. 

You couldn’t believe where you were. Standing in the middle of Times Square along with hundreds of thousands other people all packed tightly next to on another, buzzing awaiting the moment of the ball drop. This was so unlike you. Never could you imagine you would hop on a plane to fly to New York so you could celebrate New Years Eve. You were never this bold, this brash. In your everyday life you were adamant about not trying things out of your comfort zone. Your anxiety was crippling, fear caused you to miss out on so many of your dreams, but that was not going to happen any longer. You were taking control of your life. You were going to do all the things you had previously missed out on. That’s why you had hopped on that last minute flight and made your way across the country. A new year was beginning and you were going to start to rebuild the new you. The (Y/N) who was a little less afraid, who pushed herself to try new things, which is why you started wiggling your way through the crowd. The countdown was to begin soon and you wanted to make sure you were in the perfect spot to start the new year. Here it was, a minute left. The energy surrounding you was electric. It was just infectious you couldn’t help, but sport a huge smile. You looked around taking note of all the strangers surrounding you, all who had come from a different place, different walk of life. They all had a unique story. You continued to scan the crowd until you spotted the face of a beautiful brown boy standing not too far away from you. He was tall, towering over quite a few of the people around him. He was bundled up in a thick jacket, attempting to stay warm in the freezing temperature. An olive green beanie was pulled over his head, little tufts of curls peaked out the front of the hat. You could see puffs of his breath coming out of his plump lips. He had chubby cheeks that were rosy from the cold, but at the same time had an impossibly sharp jawline. You began to make your way towards him, feeling a sort of pull that made you want to be close to this stranger. 

20 seconds were left. You wiggled through the throngs of people trying to make it to him.

15 seconds. You tugged his sleeve, he looked at you with kind eyes and a smile that warmed your entire body. 

10 seconds. People started chanting, counting down to the new year. What the hell, you thought, here’s to going out of my comfort zone.

Hi, I’m (Y/N), and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me,”You said leaning on your tip toes so he could hear you. You could see the surprise in his eyes, he was intrigued.. 



3. he brought his cold hands up to your face, cupping your cheeks

2. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer.

1. His plump slightly chapped lips touched yours and it felt like the world exploded. Cheers erupted around you, confetti was falling from the sky getting tangled in your hair, horns were blaring, but you didn’t notice any of it. Your sole focus was on his lips moving in sync with yours. His touch ignited a fire in you, spreading warmth throughout your entire body. After a minute you both pulled away a little breathless. 

“Wow,” you breathed out. 

He looked at you with a cute little smirk on his face, “Hi, I’m Calum and I have no idea who you are, but would you like to go to dinner with me?” He asked you out, repeating the words you had just uttered to him. 

“Sure,” You smiled, “I’d love that.”

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panry au — How To Get Away With Murder. Peter is one of Regina Mills five best law students who get to work at her firm, where he eventually meets her teacher’s adopted son, Henry. 

#251: 'Gone, Not Forgotten'

Gone, Not Forgotten- One Shot #251

(+past one shots)

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Harry was out of breath, as he ground his sneakered feet into the sidewalk in front of the house, and made a sharp turn up the drive.

“We made good time, Alfie,” he said, breathless, clicking on the lock screen of his phone to check the time, before reaching down to ruffle the panting dog’s ears, and pat his back, with a quick hand. It was cold enough, on this mid-September morning, to see his breath cloud around his lips. He sniffed, hoping to bring some warmth back into his heat-starved skin, as it stung from the heat of his breath. He took a moment to survey his home. The home both you and him had worked hard to make your own. The one you had chosen together, after it had been decided that his house, just a few streets down, while beautiful, wasn’t made for the family you’d built together, now. Rapidly expanding as it was. He remembered holding your hand, fingers gently clasped together, padding up the drive, and taking it in, as your real estate agent went on, about the features of the home, how it had an open floor plan. How there was enough space in the back garden, to have a dog. The first thing out of his mouth had been, ‘How many bedrooms, is it? We’re planning on having kids, sometime soon.’ You’d gone back and forth on a handful of places, before deciding on this one. Something about it, just felt perfect.   

Harry knuckled his hips, looking out for a moment, and taking a deep inhale of crisp air into his lungs, before he tugged on Alfie’s leash, and brought him, bounding up the drive, to the front door. He felt good, after his run through the neighborhood, and down through Hampstead, but now, he wanted a little time with you. You’d had breakfast together, he’d dropped Darcy off at school, called his mum and listened to her go on and on about things that were happening back home, before kissing you goodbye, and heading out on his morning run.

He unclipped Alfie’s lead, and sent him inside the house, before stepping into the warm foyer, and sighing, in relief, at the welcomed heat. He was panting, and slightly sweaty, but the burn in his muscles was welcomed, and felt good.

“Baby? I’m home!” he called, tossing his keys in the dish by the front door, before heading through the front hall, to the kitchen, to get himself a glass of ice water and start the kettle for some tea.

As he moved around the kitchen, he kept getting this nagging feeling, deep in his stomach, that he was forgetting something.  

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