TV Guide has a new, sizzling HOT promo photo featuring Scandal’s Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. (Gladiators, handled it!) Look at these two! Look at how they’re looking at each other. LOVE the fact that Kerry’s waiting Olivia Pope white for the shoot. THen look at Tony. Just look at him. #NoPersonalSpaceNeeded (Close-up snapshot: allthingsscandal)

Olitz “Top of the Hour” spoiler scoop from the interview:

While Olivia and Fitz, who last saw each other at a christening for the baby of Fitz’s Machiavellian chief of staff Cyrus (Jeff Perry), won’t meet up again this week, the two will share an unforgettable phone call, according to the actors. “When I left after filming that call, I was so screwed up!” Washington says while getting touched up in the makeup trailer.

“They are always complicated conversations,” Goldwyn says, “but this one was tricky because we’re at a really dark place in our relationship.”

The #OlitzTVGuide cover goes on sale this Thursday! Handled it, Gladiators!

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