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Scandal 501 Impressions

I was both excited and scared to watch it. Super excited because I knew we will get some HOT Olitz, and scared because I knew that promos often mean nothing. In the end, I didn’t need to be worried, this was hands down one of the best episodes in the last two seasons. 

The case of the episode was pretty good. It was obvious they are ripping it off Princess Diana case, but I liked all the characters involved and how Olivia handled the case and got some justice. The part about evil Queen always going down made me smile. I really hope that means/foreshadows that Mellie is either going down or just getting out of the picture for real. In the parallels between Olitz and the Royal Family I definitely see Mellie as the Evil Queen (or maybe I just dislike her too much, LOL).

I knew the episode would be good when they basically opened with me serious hot stuff. 

Kerry and Tony know their shit. There are no other TV shows that have them or this kind of fire, so I am glad we are back to Olitz and some serious hotness instead of Olivia bed-hopping past. 

My favorite scene of the episode was the balcony one.I just could not believe my eyes and ears that these two had some good, profound and grown-up conversation. I really cheered when Olivia said she wants Fitz, and I agree with her that they need to slow down. So much bad stuff went down in the last 2 years of their lives, they need to reconnect (not that it will happen now). And I loved it that they compromised, or Fitz compromised with her, hey, they are having a real relationship now!

I also really liked their fight in the Oval office. These things WILL happen if they stay together and the conflict of interest will happen too. I wrote in one of my posts that this is exactly what will make Scandal interesting and exciting to watch even if Olivia and Fitz and stably together. There is so much to explore here. We can see sad/passionate/FUNNY/ridiculous outcomes of their work and fights and please, dear writers, deliver on this, OK?

The end of the episode had me excited and scared again, just like the beginning. The visuals of Olivia and Fitz standing together as they hear the news of their outing are promising. 

Last time they were outed, Olivia was all alone and had to deal with it herself. Here, they literally stand side by side, and I REALLy hope they will fight this together. 

My money is on Huck leaking this tape/story, because he selfishly wants Olivia for himself, to “fix him”. I think Elizabeth North and Abby would be too dumb to leak it, but who knows?

I really don’t know what to expect from the next episode. I hope we don;t end up with another 222, that would be ridiculous. But Kerry saying “central love story getting together is just a beginning” makes me feel optimistic (haha, I am SO naive!)

Overall, there was a LOT of fabulous Kerry in this episode, and she delivered some amazing scenes! That’s why I LOVE this show, I want to watch her and what surrounds her character, I am not here for Mellie’s horrible “I really need to poop but I can’t” faces (some horrible-horrible acting there!).

There was a lot of delectable Tony Goldwyn too, and his delivery is always on point. If they (writers/producers) keep it going this way, we are going to have one hell of a great season! 

Predictions of first few episodes:

The first episode: Olitz are in heaven and I die a little at the sight while simultaneously receiving my life. Fitz hums “Papers” by Usher all day long after serving Mellie. Mellie vibrates herself to death with disbelief and indignation. Cyrus is strangely silent/calm. Olivia and Fitz probably try to re-establish their S2 plan of Fitz publicly backing Mellie, going on dates with “appropriate” women, then being out with Olivia. The episode ends the same way 2.22 did with Olivia being outed as Fitz’s boo thang. (Actually, the whole episode will probably parallel previous Olitz reunions from S2).

Second episode: Olivia has to leave DC for a case because of all the heat while Fitz figures out #WhoDonIt (you know they’ll have a hashtag for it). Mellie and Cyrus are hella obviously so it won’t be (primarily) them. It’ll probably be Karen and Teddy, TBH.

Next episodes: Olitz starts publicly dating but things will likely be rough sailing for awhile until they can settle into their new situations. Walking Plot Device will eventually date some poor woman and Olivia will get jealous and we will have matching GIF sets of Olivia and Fitz being jealous that their exes are with other people even though they don’t want their exes.

I’m completely suspicious of everything. I’m convinced it’s going to be a “be careful what you wish for” situation and I will spend my days filled with contempt. But I’ll watch the first few.