olitz parallels

Olivia to Edison : I don’t want normal and easy and simple. 

Olivia to Jake : I thought we were clear about what this was; I think the word was convenient along with safe and secure and easy 

Olivia to Edison : I want painful, difficult, devastating, life changing, extraordinary love

Olivia to Fitz : I wait for you. I watch for you. My whole life is you. I can’t breathe because I’m waiting for you. You own me. You control me. I belong to you. 

Scandal 703- All Roads Lead to Fitz

Okay. Not a review but just interesting things I noticed upon my viewing of scandal 703.  And I felt bad for not writing something for those who faithfully read my reviews but I promise I’m writing LAY now.

Okay back to swooning over a Fitz centric episode

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This episode was lovely. I enjoyed everything about it though at times I was frustrated with the repetition of Fitz’s character being lazy and ignorant and Marcus’s failing to acknowledge that a black women also held him down and why everyone is quick to highlight Fitz’s privilege yet Mellie is a white female and her privilege in society isn’t mentioned or said.That bothers me.

But I enjoyed the simple things that normal people do in fact do like grocery shopping and Fitz having to set up his credit card and learning how to take care of himself. I liked the struggle, I liked the honesty that came with him living in Vermont.

Some things I noted.

  1. While Olivia is most certainly not in Vermont, Vermont is most certainly still on her mind as evidence by the art hanging in her new office. The front door of their home is glass door with a tree, and every time that Olivia looks up from her desk she sees the image that resembles that same door. I find it telling about Olivia’s devotion and still possibly her dream to finally get there.

2. The episode focused on our unsung hero Fitzgerald Grant, who’s name and reputation alone has a almost king like persona, with previous and the current episode referencing his power and hierarchy in his blood. Marcus references in this episode that Fitz does not in fact have a crown and Mellie counters Marcus claim admitting that Fitz is special beyond his own belief. The reporters ask the question we all want to know? What and who will Fitz resemble out of office Bush or Carter…at the end of epsiode we got our answer.

3. Olitz is canon

When has your fav ship been mentioned like this! And I enjoy the role reversals that happened during this episode. Fitz no longer shielded from the press and reporters. He is now front and center to the onslaught of questions and reporters…the same way Olivia was when she was outed as his mistress and when they started dating. Nicely done and well executed and also how dare Shonda talk about my house with “olitz” written in christmas lights.

4. Fitz Governor grant photo

The episode centered around Fitz and often talked about his magic and power.  When Fitz looks at his photo he rebuffs and shakes his head at the thought of being ‘America’s great hope’ and possibly the naïveté of thinking he could accomplish such feat. This has foreshadowing written all over it. Will Fitz be our great hope and help Olivia, will Fitz influence policy and change in ways he never has before, Mellie refers to Fitz as the ‘ golden ticket’ to change the world; big expectations for one mere man even one as special and great as Fitzgerald Grant. Fitz is the audience’s and America’s great hope because things are about to get ugly. But rest assure this won’t be easy and he won’t be some savior. But Fitz is the unsung hero, Rowan comes to Fitz in help, in fear about his child or the ‘woman they both love’. Rowan tells Fitz during this episode that he thought he was raising a champion or as he likes to say it “America’s Hope” but Rowan admits he was wrong and sees instead that Fitz is “America’s hope”. Rowan confesses to Fitz that Olivia has killed Luna and is running b613 but how does Rowan know about Luna? In the end Rowan is lost and pleads with Fitz to save Olivia because he does not have power and Fitz does. How much is sincere and how much is manipulation we will find out, the question though is will Fitz rise to expectations, only time will tell but please know that Fitz isn’t a savior and this will not be pretty.

It’s interesting how Similar Olivia and Fitz are, and above everything else how extremely protective they are of their relationship and who knows about them. Both Olivia and Fitz opted to ignore the void from the others abscence and pretend that life is easy on them but at the end of Day they are both still lonely. And it’s hard. Fitz has said it several times that he never wanted anything in life until he met Olivia, she inspired him to be better, challenged him to face his fears and learn from his mistakes so to see Fitz flailing and uninspired isn’t shocking.

Of course  marlie paralleling olitz, as both Marcus and Fitz love woman who are “bad ass” but are currently working and not wanting men to distract them.

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Fitz and Marcus fighting and call each other out about their hypocrisy. Olivia actually helped and raised both of these men up from the gutter. The fight was all kinds of physical as Fitz gave Marcus a  Caucasian uppercut and Marcus returned the favor by giving Fitz some culture on a black men beating. both men learned a valuable lesson about underestimating the other and their fighting skills

Mellie surprised me in the most pleasant way possible but I caught her telling Marcus to ride Fitz’s coattails to power. When Marcus calls her to complain about Fitz, Mellie knows and surprisingly she defends Fitz and his character. Interesting that Mellie defines Fitz as the eye of the hurricane and Fitz sees Olivia as a tornado…ugh who would have thought that classifying natural disasters as people would be so romantic. 

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But with Mellie no longer in the eye wall of the Fitz hurricane she has a clear picture of him and his path and unlike a hurricane it’s not heading towards disaster or destruction, we will leave that to tornado Liv, but Mellie’s understands.  Kudos Mellie!

I loved Fitz’s cooking stages symbolizing the three stages of being in a relationship with him. Only Olivia never got out of stage 2 with him.

“Heaven Help Us All” this song. The words. The symbolism. In deed Heaven Help us all. 

Lastly Fitz returns to DC and encounters Olivia making out with Pryce but watch closely as Olivia slaps Pryce‘s hand away from her body. It’s going to be interesting to see how Olivia navigates her own weakness coming back. Dear lawd am I ready for some olitz interaction of any kind because I am parched. And Olivia isn’t going to take kindly to this change but I most certainly will. 

Welcome back, Mr. President.

Saddle up kids.

Oh and if you don’t know now you know.

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I mean do you remember the restaurant scene ????????! common’ 

President Grant is very attractive, magnetic, charismatic  

unless you give me the green light 

and then she was actually going to talk to Mellie about it but she was interrupted TWICE !? like I really don’t get the point of that friendship 

but the scenes where Mellie talked about Marcus tho Olivia was so cute -I mean I hate how Mellie dares comparing herself and Marcus to Olivia and Fitz but I just can’t with the way it makes Olivia react  

I found the light
I was living in the dark
my skin is warm and I feel generous 
and colors seem brighter 
and smells seem stronger 
and the thing is I’m pretty sure it’s just…
I have gone without it all this time 
can you believe I went for so long never feeling this ? 

omg! it actually hurts writing this down, the changing emotions on Oliiva’s face ?! she was missing him so much!!! and I was so here to see her fight to get him back  I can’t 

also bossy presidential Fitz because he’s just f perfect and everyone should start listening to him and stop treating him like shit! please! 

another scene that got me fangirling like crazy 

what is your problem ? 

back and forth hemming and hawing about marrying Charlie ? he somehow loves you and you somehow love him and you’re looking for excuses because you’re scared what is stopping you from accepting something that most people never have ?share your life. Because you’re not tethered to power. Because you live below the radar. Because you’re free from it. Because you can. You are being offered normal maybe even happy. The fact that you are questioning wether you should take them, frankly it’s annoying. Live! you get to live and love and be happy! do you know what some people would give…

She loves him soooo much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

and then the balcony scene 

she’s been trying to find a way to see him since the restaurant scene and after what happened with Quiin and Mellie I’m sure she was quite excited but then

omg! if looks could kill^^

Gosh! that episode was intense! 

the amount of Olitz parallels and foreshadowings in this episode brought back all of my foolish hopes and expectations!! ??!!  

that’s why I’m now almost totally certain that she WON’T sleep with Jake in s7.. 


Monologue Monday: "I did this for you."**

Introducing #MonologueMonday. Every Monday at noon EST (ish) during the Scandal hiatus, I will post a monologue, or snippet of dialogue from the show. I’m creating this as an outlet that will allow me to reflect on passages within the context of an entire season, or draw on parallels from the past. These are less like essays, and more like experiments in free thought that will vary in length. 

“Livvie, you probably won’t understand until you have kids of your own, but I did this for you. All of it. That man hurt you. He uses you, and he will throw you away when he’s done with you. I just wanted to give you the chance to be free, to be happy.”—Maya Pope, The Price of a Free and Fair Election (318)

After re-watching the entire season 3 of Scandal, I got stuck on the above statement made by Maya because it set off alarm bells in my head. What does she mean by “I did this for you. All of it”.  Those lines are almost exactly what Olivia said to Fitz in 219 about Defiance (“You thought it was easy? I did that for you…I did everything for you”). Both scenes took place in a hospital room. Like mother, like daughter? It’s a complicated thing to do something illegal for someone out of love when that thing ends up emotionally harming its benefactor in the process. But it’s not love that drives people to do these things; it’s faith that the end result will make the risks worth it.  

And what does Maya mean by  “All of this”? All of what? Does she include flying off to London to sell US government secrets, too? Lying to Rowan that there was a bomb on the plane? All of what? When Olivia asks her if any of their life together as a family was real, she responds, “I didn’t kill [Eli], and we both know I could have.”  Does that mean some part of her still loves Eli? Or is it that she doesn’t want to leave Olivia without her father? Yet she is OK with facilitating a bomb to blow up the father of three other children for the sake of setting her daughter ‘free’ so she can be ‘happy’. It seems simple enough: a mother trying to set her daughter free from a man who she perceives as a user. We believe this in part because Maya precedes her statement by asking, “Was that your boyfriend?” Olivia had just gotten off the phone with Fitz–the last time she would speak with him prior to leaving on a jet plane—before entering her Rowan’s hospital room.  So we all think she’s talking about Fitz. We can see that there are some parallels in the  Mrs & Mrs. Smith-like relationship between the Popes that Maya may be projecting onto Olitz relationship.

In 309, Maya tells Olivia and the Gladiators that she married a man (Eli) and then found out he was a monster (Rowan).  She felt used after finding out about the monster, and attempted to blow the whistle on the whole thing (309), but that monster threw her away in a jail cell for 22 years. I guess I’ll excuse the fact that Maya basically did the same thing to Dominic (317)—a man she loved, but allowed to be murdered by Rowan because she , to give Rowan the information he wanted (whereabouts of the bomb). Rowan has separate and particular issues with Fitz as a man (something I will discuss in its own piece), but he also projects onto the Olitz parallels from his relationship with Maya. He  feels a deep grievance that he was the mark in the already established relationship between Maya and Dominic. I believe he loved Maya, but clearly continues to harbour ill will towards her for 22 years. That’s why he locked her ass up in the deepest, darkest bowels of  American justice system instead of killing her. In a sick, twisted way, he continues to have feelings for Maya, but is not done punishing her for betraying him. And Maya still feels some kinda way about Rowan.  So mama and daddy don’t want Olivia to be the one who gets used, abused and discarded as the third party in an established relationship between Fitz and Mellie.

Cool, cool, cool…except for the part where they don’t really know her life. Looking at video tapes, and getting second hand reports about his daughter’s wheeling and dealings is not the same as knowing her life. And Maya, boo, you were in jail for 22 years. How do they really know anything about Olivia and Fitz’s relationship? But seriously, how do you know? And I don’t believe you and Rowan were working together.

The  Pope family dynamic is an interesting and complex one that I’m not going to addressed in full here because I’m saving that for something else.  My point is everything that Maya and Rowan believe about Olitz is not just about the instinct of parents to protect their child, and do what they can to make them happy out of love. Where Olivia’s relationship is concerned, Maya and Rowan’s actions are filtered through the lens of their own experiences, especially the bitterness and pain. I think they way they have insinuated themselves into her adult life, and tried to manipulate the choices in her life are rather unfair. But then again, I’m not someone who believes you should keep clinging to family members that hurt you just because they are flesh and blood.


**I promise these won’t always be so long in the future.

Scandal Review, Episode 415, The Testimony of Diego Munoz

Well this was a really strange episode for me. Overall it was ok, but the funny thing is, it had a lot of wonderful, strong, emotional moments, and those alone should have been enough to make it better than just ok, but somehow, all the parts just didn’t knit together like they should, despite the beautiful scenes and stories within the episode, 

Anyway, let’s do this thing.

What I Hated


Once again, he was the most pointless character in the episode. 


1.  Susan Ross: “Well uh, anyhoo, so that just happened

I died for Susan Ross at that point. Died. For. Her.

Then I laughed, and freaking laughed. Shit, that mess was funny.

2.  Olivia’s flashbacks while sat on the floor of her apartment, drinking cheap white wine, and wielding a gun.

Somebody call the police! Baby girl ain’t right! She was drinking white wine y’all!

3.  Olivia:  "I was kidnapped and held hostage by a team of mercenaries

Cyrus is the worst. How are you going to ask your friend to work for you when she’s going through so much?  I swear, I’m so mad that he even rang her, like bitch get the entire fuck out of here.

4.  Rose:  ”Are you the nice lady that looks in from time to time on Lois?“

Ahhhh, poor Liv, yet another thing to feel guilty about. Can my girl catch a break or what? Those flashbacks she had of Lois were very disturbing to me.

5.  Rose: “Lo calls me every morning to tell me what she had for breakfast. We meet for lunch. We power walk in the park, we take turns cooking dinner. We go way back. I know Lois like I know me, and I haven’t heard a word from her in three weeks. I went to the police, and they said maybe she went on vacation. Lo and I go on vacation in August. I told the police that, then they said, maybe she needed some time alone. Look, this is her wallet, it was right there on the kitchen counter. Now what kind of time alone could she afford without her wallet?. Something’s happened. Something’s not right.”

I didn’t really notice this monologue the first time I watched the episode, but it means so much now that I know what they were to each other. More on that later.

6.  Huck: It’s good to leave the house, have a routine.

Huck knows. He really knows.

7.  Olivia:  "Lois is dead, they dumped her somewhere. The kidnappers took us out of the building in an ambulance. They shot Lois, duck-taped me, put me in a body bag, then put Lois’s dead body in the bag on top of me to act as a decoy.“

The fact that Liv was so matter-of-fact about recounting what had happened to her, hurt my soul.

8.  Huck: ”She came in, that’s something.

Is it though Huck?

9.  Holly:  ”You owe me twenty bucks don’t you?“

Who’s the redhead? David’d new secretary?  I like her!

You know what I loved about her the most? That she wasn’t TV skinny. She was a curvy girl, the likes of which you don’t often see in Hollywood unless they’re telling a story about a fat girl being bullied by skinny girls.

10.  Kim handing over the B613 files to David.

Seriously girl, you’re a mother, and you haven’t thought about what having those kinds of files and disclosing them would do to your life? Girl, you do not love yourself enough.

Honestly, if it was me, the moment I read those files, I’d just pretend I’d never seen them in my life before. Deny, deny, deny. I certainly wouldn’t be taking them to no attorney general, putting my black ass in the line of fire. 

11.  David: ”Your husband is?
Kim: "Diego Munoz

Wow, so Huck’s real name is Diego? Quite a few people called it on Tumblr, but it still seems odd for Huck to have a real name. One that’s not Huck. I mean…

12.  News anchor: “The laugh heard round the world

This will never be funny to me. Hey, even Jimmy Kimmel got in on the act.

13.  Leo: “Let’s start with gay marriage.”
Susan: “That’s easy, who doesn’t love a gay wedding
Leo: “You Susan, you

So many lols. Poor Susan. She totally screams Democrat to me, but then we have Fitz who’s about as Republican as Rosie O’Donnell…

14.  Cyrus: “You date him? Really Red, that turns you on?

Cyrus Beene, queen of mean who happens to be marrying a prostitute but I’m aschleep tho. And so damned shady.

As much chemistry as Abbeo have -  honestly, I found myself thinking the same thing, even though I quite like them together, I don’t want this to be a long term thing. It’s odd….

15.  Leo “We are not going to lose this.”

Leo still feeling salty as fuck about not walking Sally Langston into the Oval Office.

16.  David: “Feels like a movie. I’m sitting there and a woman comes in and says the single most terrifying sentence I’ve ever heard. I have B613 files, I have b613 files. I see dead people, we’re going to need a bigger boat.”

So many lols at David freaking out. He literally has the backbone of a jellyfish. 

17.  Huck: “He’s me. I’m Diego Munoz.

Oh god. Now everybody knows…

18.  Leo: “What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do. What are you gonna do?”
Susan:  “I quit!“

Leo does the most here. There was no finesse involved in prepping Susan at all. What kind of fixer are you if you don’t realize that different people need handling differently? Susan didn’t need tough love, she needed clear instructions, and asking her to fake it was never gonna work.  Leo desperately needed to dial it back a little. Poor Susan just couldn’t take it anymore. I’d have quit too.

19.  Kim:  "I am sorry if I overstepped, but I am on your side. I believe you now.

Oh Kim. She had a point, but damned, I just couldn’t risk trying to expose a government shadow group, that specialize in torture and murder. I mean, you don’t have to be an astrophysicist to work out what that would mean for your well-being.

20.  Leo: “Maybe she’s not the right person for the job?
Abby: “Or maybe you’re not? You’re fired

Yesss! Leo was truly terrible with Susan. Although, maybe firing your boyfriend just before bed wasn’t the best thing?

21.  Rose: “I know what we’re dealing with here miss Pope, I know she didn’t just get lost. I know she’s gone. I can feel it. But I still need to know what happened.”
Olivia: “You have a key to her apartment, you’re her power of attorney, the two of you had a routine, an entire life. Together. But you were just…friends.”
Rose: “Well maybe a bit more than that”
Olivia: “But you didn’t live together.”
Rose: “We met at sixteen. When her parents realized how we felt about each other, they picked up and moved her out of state. I couldn’t blame them. That was sixty years ago. It was hard enough being black, let alone black and gay.”
Olivia: “I can only imagine”
Rose: “I never stopped loving her. Even when she got married and had a whole other life without me. When John died, she wrote me a letter, I was on a plane an hour later. But no, no, I never moved in. She kept that damned place way too hot.”
Olivia: I’m going to so my best to bring her back to you, but Rose, if somehow I can’t, I don’t want you to be waiting forever.“
Rose: "I waited over forty years for my Lois, Miss Pope. Believe me, I can wait a bit longer.”

Oh I loved this scene so much. So much

I couldn’t help but draw parallels with Olivia and Fitz. Was this some kind of message to the fans? Is Shonda trying to tell us to hang in there?

Did any of you suspect that Rose and Lois were anything other than best friends? I can’t say that I did. Not at all. But wow, it was so touching, and way to go Shonda for even introducing this story line. It’s not something that’s tackled everyday on TV. If ever. When was the last time you watched anything on TV about old gay couples?

Rose was of a generation where it was hard enough being black, but being black and gay? But yet she didn’t give up on her and Lois. She waited for her because she loved her, there was nobody else that would do for her. I loved that she didn’t even seem to think of her waiting for Lois as a sacrifice, she just seemed so clearly determined to be with the woman she loved. And getting to know Lois through Rose, she painted a picture of two people who loved each. Who had loved each other through the most challenging of times. Who wouldn’t want to root for that?

Surely this entire scene was some kind of message for Olivia? Maybe she’s going to eventually ask herself how long she’s willing to wait for love. True love, not the boots-in-the-air thing that she has with The Human Vibrator.
There have been so many Olitz parallels this season so far, so many moments that hark back to Liv and Fitz and their relationship. So many questions. If Olivia had really chosen herself, why are we getting bombarded with all these Olitz-isms? OK, we know why, because Shonda Rhimes is an emotional terrorist.

22.  Abby: “You won’t even have to set foot in the White House I promise.

Everybody and their dog loves to come to Olivia with their problems, I wish they’d see how much she’s struggling. Maybe Abby does see, but she must know how much being involved with the White House takes out of her.

23.  Abby: "You’re not doing this for him, you’re doing this for me and for Susan Ross, and for you.  Just because I don’t work at OPA doesn’t mean we don’t talk. Huck says, you carry a gun round inside your apartment.”

And Abby manages to win me round again. I have to say, I really love how well the writers have developed this relationship. I love how their friendship has finally matured and grown into so much more than it was when Abby worked for Olivia. It’s been a really fantastic to see their dynamic change, despite their mini betrayals of each other in the past.

24.  Susan: “I don’t want to turn out a soulless monster like that Leo Burgen”

Lol. Did you all peep that look on Abby’s face? Surely this relationship can’t last more than three minutes longer? I can’t really stand David, but I think Abby deserves way better than Leo. He’ll always be sleazy to me I’m afraid. Although, I can’t deny that they’re hot together.

25.  Olivia: “It’s ok to be afraid. Sometimes the fear keeps us safe, sometimes it holds us back.”

Didn’t that remind you of Fitz’s 211 speech about fear being what makes us human? Ma feels…

26.  Susan: “You don’t know, that’s the truth. It’s not like selecting a combat strategy, or deciding whether or not to launch a nuclear weapon. It’s not something anyone can practice. The world is changing everyday. Like anyone else sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office, I’d have to take all of the information from the brilliant people around me, process it, and make a smart, thoughtful decision. And that’s what I’ve been doing my entire life, making smart decisions. That’s the skill that’s brought me here before you today, to this very moment. So if being smart and informed, and and thoughtful is the job requirement here, all I can say is, I haven’t failed yet.”

Go Susan! I can’t wait to see how her relationship with Fitz grows. He desperately needs an ally who isn’t constantly trying to steal his job, or undermine him, or manipulate him.

27.  Fitz: “So the senate hates me?”

Dude, you took the country to war for reasons that nobody truly understands, what were you expecting?

28.  Fitz: “Does Olivia know that the president of the United States does not beg?

Erm, Fitz, Baby, that’s kinda what you’ve been doing from the moment we met you. Begging. Olivia. To have you. To marry you. Yeah, you beg alright. I’m not mad about it, I’m just saying.

29.  Olivia: “It wasn’t the war, it was the way you went about it. One minute you say we’re never going into West Angola, then three days later US soldiers are dying on their beaches, a week after that, you change your mind again and you bring the troops home. Never mind the Democrats, you made a mockery of Democracy.

Olivia, Darling, I’m going to give you a pass because PTSD, however the sole reason that Fitz is even in the White House is because you made a mockery of democracy, and if Fitz wasn’t so mindful of your feelings, he’d use that comeback, because it’s surely the truth.

30.  Fitz: “You know why I did it”

Oh Fitz, even my neighbor’s dog knows why you went to war, but oh the feels.
And the look on Abby and Cyrus’ face, awkward much?

Guys,can we talk about how much chemistry these two people have without even saying a word? I had so many feels about this one small, tiny moment.

And can we all admire the fact that Fitz simply has no fucks to give when it comes to who’s in the room when he wants to reach Olivia? I am going down with this ship y'all.

31.  Olivia: “Go to the Hill and beg them to forgive you. Otherwise you’re gonna lose the Democrats and Susan Ross.”

Soooo…..Is Olivia really telling Fitz that he needs to beg for her forgiveness? I’m not a fan of that idea at all, because at the end of the day, this is the guy that she fell in love with. This is the guy that she broke all her rules for. He’s idealistic and romantic, and he’d burn the world for her, we’ve seen that for four seasons, and so has she, so she knows that leaving her to die at the hands of the hostage takers wasn’t ever going to be a viable option for him. The man risked his entire presidency to help her terrorist mother, by flying her out of the country.  He was never going to let her die, and Olivia knows that, and yes, she bears the guilt of that. Fitz doesn’t have to beg for forgiveness, he did what he had to to make sure she lived, sure it wasn’t great for the country, but I’d have done the same thing and I can’t be mad that he chose to save her.

If Scandal writers allowed conversations to take place in a natural way, Fitz would have asked her what she would do in his position, if he was the one being held hostage. But alas, poor Fitz is never allowed to fight back against any of the women on the show. The writers need to let him have the last word sometimes. It’s wholly unnatural that he’s always the one with the door being slammed in his face.

Anyway, as usual she’s the only person that Fitz will listen to, so to the Hill he goes.

32.   Javi:  "Hey Mom, can I still go to Jay’s house tonight?

Seriously, can we talk about the fact that Kim didn’t seem overly concerned about letting her son out of her sight, after what had gone down that day? Also, he seemed perfectly fine after watching his dad kill a guy by slicing his neck open, using shards of glass from a broken window. Just saying.

33.  Huck smiling.

Has that ever happened in the present day before?

34.  Huck: "I had a choice, I made it, I chose Liv.


35.  David: “Was there a hole?”
Huck: “Yes

Oh this entire scene killed me.

36.  Huck: “It was too dark to see. It was black, it was always black in the hole. I know it was small. 4ft 9ins on the East and west wall, 6ft, 3.5 inches north south. I measured it every day. It’s important to have a routine in the hole. If you don’t have a routine, you go crazy. 

I measured the walls every day. I cleaned, I exercised, I took walks, a different country every day. You have to use your imagination, it’s all you have. I walked through 195 countries in the hole. I liked being in the mountains. I liked the snow. It’s important to have a routine. I ate lunch at the same time every day, even when I didn’t have any food, even though I had no idea what time it was. I built things in the afternoon, a bookshelf, a desk. I watched the sunset. That was important. I listened to the birds. I cleaned up files on my computer after dinner, then I sleet, I tried not to dream. And every morning after I woke up, I wrote a letter to my wife and son. And I folded the letter up and I put it on the book shelf and I measured the walls. It was a new day, it was dark, always dark, just pitch black, empty, it was small, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t see. I had my routine, this was my routine. This was how I would describe the hole.”

Oh, my. God. I sobbed. Seriously, Guillermo Diaz killed this scene.

Kim crying killed me too. Jasika, can you stay a while and teach Scott Foley how to emote? Just saying…

37.  Susan Ross is confirmed as VP

38.  Mellie: “Can you push back my eight o’clock, this is too good to miss”

I said it last week, but Susan Ross will be a formidable opponent and the fact that Mellie can’t see that is just another indication of how tunnel visioned this woman is. 

39.  Rose: “Miss Pope,me what happened to my Lois?

Awww man…..

40.  Olivia: “They found her on a bench in Georgetown. Waterfront Park. The one next to the river, she had her head tilted up to the sun, her eyes were closed. The medical examiner said she’d had an aneurysm. One of the best ways to go, it happened so fast, there’s not a moment of pain.

That was a sad and beautiful lie. And I was good with it.

41.  "You left way too soon Lo. Why did you have to go and do that? Now I’m alone, I’m all alone, Lo.“


42.  Olivia’s flashbacks to the island:

As usual, Olivia’s flashbacks started with The Human Vibrator and ended with Fitz. I always feel like she’s always trying to put The Vibe into the picture because that’s who she should want, but the picture always changes and Fitz is there.  If I was a more trusting sort, and if Shonda hadn’t let season three happen, I’d say that there’s only one way this can end, but I know better, so I’ll just be on my ship, with life vests and paddles at the ready, in case Shonda decides to capsize it for good.

Random Thoughts

1.  Even on my second watch, I maintain that this was an uneven episode that should have been brilliant because of some of the emotional beats that it managed to draw out,  however it wasn’t cohesive enough to warrant being anything other than just ok. It felt transitional, in a season where we seem to have had quite a few transitional episodes. No doubt things will ramp up, but sometimes it’s nice to not have everything being crazy balls all the time.

2.  Was it me or was Olivia constantly checking her phone, waiting and watching for Fitz to call? She can’t have been waiting for Jake because her ass can have him any time. 

3.  I hate that B613 is still a thing on this show, however if this is a way to kill it dead for good, I’m all for it. It really needs to die this season. Like, really.

4.  Why was The Human Vibrator so pressed about David going forward with trying to bring an end to B613, wasn’t that what he was trying to accomplish a few episodes ago?

Ugh. God I hate Jake.

5.  Ooh child, things are gonna get easier now. Man I loved when that song came on, but are they gonna get easier now? I think maybe not. Certainly not for Olivia.

6.  I’m so happy that Olivia threw out that freaking cushion, and she’s back on her drug of choice. Well - she’s not back, but at least she’s back to drinking expensive red wine and eating popcorn. Guys, it’s something. 

7.  I watched next week’s promo with Lena Dunham’s character, and actually, it looks like it’s going to be a fun episode. Also it looks like Liv is going on a date or being hit on in a bar, while the one-and-a- half men in her life drink to the fact that she doesn’t seem to give two fucks about either of them right now. Either that or they’re agreeing to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. That would be nice. No more fighting over Olivia like she was a bone would be perfectly splendid.

8.  I couldn’t give two fucks about the writers introducing Mellie’s sister, but I am interested to know whether they’re going to forget about her former DAR blue, old money background (as per episode 218), and turn her into a former trailer trash girl?

Anyway, bring on next episode! In the mean here are some Olitz and Jamie and Claire gifs to end this review with, it’s been a while…

Surfbort. Lol