olitz for the win

The 100th episode of Scandal should b a Olitz wedding not some bs Alternative universe crap trying to win back fansbthat r gone. But because a certain show runner needs to prove pts and keep mediocre white ppl who actings is r shitty Scott Foley and Bellamy Young u get another shitty none sense episode

The Olitz balcony scene of WIN already has over 17K views (me adding 1000 by myself) on YouTube in the first 48 hours and some change since it dropped. Now, if (probably when...) this new sensible trend with our heroes doesn’t continue into Season 5 and beyond, all I will say to The Creator and her enablers is this: JESUS DID NOT COME DOWN HERE AND GET NAILED TO THE WOOD FOR OUR SINS FOR Y’ALL TO BE THIS STUPID!
Showdown: Shonda vs Olitzers

Shonda is hell-bent on putting on the show SHE wants starring Jake B even if it leads to cancellation bc she wants to show us who’s BOSS. Well, lady, you ain’t the boss if no one is watching not only Scandal but ANYTHING else in the future you bring to screen starting with the Catch. This battle is l.o.n.g.t.e.r.m. When all her future shows fail, then Olitzers win … And we intend to win.

My latest Twitter Feed- RE: the #5candal #Olitz promo of WIN and those who refuse to accept the inevitable...

1.  Some are trying to say that it’s Joke in that bed but I says no. STEP OFF HATERS! That’s FTGIII all the way and #Olitz is alive in #5candal!

2.  I mean, c'mon! There’s no moobs, there’s the nose and brow shot that is distinctly our FTGIII AND Liv was on her 8th orgasm! #Olitz

3.  FOH with that non-sense! That’s Liv and Fitz in that bed, breathing heavy and looking happy! #Olitz #5candal #ByeJake STEP OFF, HATERS!

4.  Y'all mofos had the lion’s share of Season 4 and most of the seasons before it. #5candal is the Year of #Olitz! GET OVER IT AND SIT DOWN!

5.  I mean, let’s be real here. The Creator caught hell and high water for what she did to #MerDer. She’s got to leave #Olitz alone for a while.

6.  And knowing her as I’ve come to, she’ll find some way to bust #Olitz up by the Season Finale so I’m going to enjoy what we get now! #5candal

7.  Your chumpian is still in #5candal. He’s just not on Liv. Shouldn’t you be happy that he won’t be playing second fiddle anymore? C'mon…

8.  The Creator isn’t going to get rid of Ballard easily. I’ve accepted that. Leave #Olitz alone and give him a new person to rut with. #5candal

9.  Look, it’s Fitz in the bed with Liv. It’s Fitz in the relationship with Liv. It’s #Olitz in #5candal. Stay in your lane and let us have it.