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Hi. I saw on the olitz fanfic archive page that you said you actually had copies of some of the fics that are no longer on fanfiction. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of some of these fics? Pretty please? Some of the ones taken down were my favorites so it would be awesome if you had them.

Hi Nonny, I do have copies of many Olitz fics that since been removed. Please send me a PM and I will give you a link - I don’t publish the links, and prefer at this time to give them out privately.

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What are your top 5 Olitz scenes?

#1 S4 finale cuz I’m still screaming…I mean seriously I have never let out such a long and unintelligible scream and gotten up and jumped around watching a tv show like I did when this scene came up. It was just such an unexpected and welcoming surprise…

#2 The Trail from the bus where Fitz said ‘What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?’ because it’s my all time favorite scandal quote, to the hall scene in the hotel where he tells her to just go in her room, to her going to his room instead and of course their still so fucking hot first time

#3 The scene in the oval after Fitz gets back from the hospital where Olivia says ‘you almost died….don’t do it again” and the way he looks up at her and says “ok”. That coupled with the scene after Big Jerry’s funeral where Fitz is chopping the wood and she comes finds him and pulls him into a hug and he cries agains her. It’s just so beautiful to me watching them take of each other, but particularly her taking care of him because he’s the president and the most powerful man in the world (or would be in the funeral scene) yet she’s the one who is there to take care of him and help him and ugh melting in a pool of my own feels.

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Olitz :)

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75% Kidding

  • Who made the first move;
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first;
  • How often they fight;

HA! Ok, I’m back. Whenever the insecurity wind blows.

  • Whose big spoon/little spoon.

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  • What their nicknames are for each other;

Livvie and Mr. President

  • Whose the better cook;

They would both burn down a kitchen!

  • Their song;

Non-cynical answer: The Light, of course. My cynical answer: True Affections by The Blows

Your depths made a pressure that
Punctured my works and all your fluids couldn’t tolerate the
Force of my thirst
I love the place where we shared our tiny grace
But just because its real don’t mean its gonna work

I was out of your league
And you were twenty thousand underneath the sea
Waving affections
You were out of my league
At a distance that I didn’t want to see
Wanted you nearer

  • Who remembers their anniversaries;

Fitz for sure.

  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex);

Politicizing it up in the White House

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  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship;

Olivia in the streets and Fitz in the bed. Of course my ideal answer would be mutual respect and acknowledgments of your partner’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, fears, and ambitions allows for mutual “wearing of the pants.” But ya know, I don’t get nice things.

  • How they would get engaged;

Olivia would walk into Fitz’s study one day and say, “Ok, I’m ready.” And Fitz would stare at her for 3 long seconds and say, “Ok.” And then they’d start planning.

  • What their wedding would be like;

A private garden where they would find a bench and say their vows to each other first before the “real” ceremony. 

  • How many kids they’ll have;

Olivia would try for that two babies plan but after the first one she would say “fuck all that noise” but they’d be ok with it.

Thanks for the ask!

Send me an OTP and I tell you…

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Hi.I wanted to tnk you for all the work y'll are doing for the Olitz fandom & ask if are there stories where Olivia's the one who has to fight to win Fitz love back for once *ugh* & Fitz's not always willing to satisfies evry Liv's whims. It wld be refreshing see this change bc I rlly hate the way canon treat Fitz always pin after Olivia no matter what. If said stories dont exist can some writer take this idea it wld be therapeutic from canon. I only founded one called Best Mistake & I ❤it.Ty 😚

Hi there! You’re very welcome. 

Good question… 

Does anyone know of any stories where Olivia is the one who fights to win Fitz back, like Best Mistake?  Let us know!

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No, actually Shonda doesn't have to necessary write what the fans want. It is her show. Artistically, the show is going to go the way she sees fit. Fitz & Olivia may end up being together, but I am pretty sure the show ends after that. Now, if Shonda were to write what we wanted, there would be happy viewers but the storyteller wouldn't be so happy.

I totally get that she’s the creator of the show and therefore has a lot of creative input in the story line. That is exactly the point though, she is the CREATOR OF A SHOW and with that comes a certain level of responsibility and respect for the people that watch it. 

I agree that when Olitz get together properly the show will be over but there is huge difference between that and the situation they’ve found themselves in now. The whole scene of her throwing the ring back at him still angers me because of the amount on inconsistent writing it included (for example her “i fixed an election for u” even though he didn’t and would never ask her to do so). It is clear that Shonda has some issue with Fitz and will do anything to make people believe is is the bad guy in all this. She has tried it many times and many fans just feel that he needs a chance to be happy. 

So yes, she should write the show she wants but she also needs to open her eyes as to what about the show gives her the most ratings. Hint: it’s not B613, Mellie wanting to be president, Cyrus marrying a prostitute and it for sure isn’t Lena Dunham wearing a crappy wig.

 I’m not saying all Olitz all the time, not at all, there of course needs to be other story lines but this whole second part of this season seems to be a mess. 

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I gotta say, Kerry and Tony constantly look to each other when they laugh about something. It happened so many times. And they shoulder bump each other constantly too. That kind of stuff…I don't know. I act this way around my boyfriend and MAYBE my closest friend. but other than that…their connection seems so deep.

That’s what love is and does no? Deep connections.

Relationship goals

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I missed the episode, and apparently all the fuckery. Can you give me a qucik recap?I just want to be a 100% sure that Olivia got an abortion, like theres no chance she didn't? I think i'm in denial because I don't understand what was the point of coming clean if they just ended. They could have stopped this seasons ago, seasons! I dont think I'm going to watch this ep, or any others. will you?

Basically the entire episode showed Olivia playing first lady and feeling uncomfortable and her and Fitz being super tense around each other. Then in one scene Olivia is watching TV in the residence (btw I can’t believe Fitz had the audacity to not volunteer to change rooms. I bet they didn’t change the mattress after Mellie left. As Karen would say disguting.) Anyway…on TV is ol Mellie girl doing this long ass filibuster and Olivia is looking at the TV with the same longing I get when I’m watching the microwave heat up some leftover pizza, not listening to Fitz as he goes on and on about boring stuff I didn’t listen to either (they argued about this), watching Mellie talk about - here’s the beautiful Scandal kicker/where it all ties in - planned parenthood. Mellie has been on her legs all day, and since that EW photoshoot I don’t blame here for feeling tired, and suddenly Olivia gets a brilliant plan.

Next thing we know Olivia somehow (don’t ask me the details, I have ADD) got Susan to interrupt Mellie’s fillibuster and take the floor to ask a question. Then Mellie runs like a squirrel to the restroom where Olivia is waiting when she comes out of the stall like a damn stalker (what if she had been doing more than peeing? Karen needs to take over here too). And they talk and idk what happens but Mellie wraps her filibuster and dips tf out of there.

Next scene we got Olivia sitting in a badly lit empty clinic where some lady calls her name to come back (once again Olivia is watching Mellie on TV - it’s her new hobby apparently). Sidenote: I think her watching Mellie work and being a boss bitch (or as much as she can muster) is what pushed her over the edge because during their argument later Olivia says she is not a housewife (paraphrasing here) but she’s one of the dogs.

Next we got commercials. But then we came back to Olivia in a hospital gown putting her legs up on the stirrups and then they show her face and we’re supposed to get a lot out of that.

She definitely got the abortion. I too had hope anon that she didn’t but then we see her run back into the residence like a maniac looking for Mellie’s left over alcohol so….I’m gonna go with yes. Fitz is all wtf and she’s ignoring him (again but whatever). He pushes, she pushes back (verbally not physically on both parts) and next thing you know Fitz is yelling and Olivia is monologuing about how she feels trapped and they weren’t ready and she doesn’t want this FL nonsense. And for a while I legit thought Fitz was gonna have a heart attack or a stroke cuz he just stood there breathing heavy, but then he starts yelling back about how she’s worse than Mellie cuz she hides/runs all the time and at least he knew all about Mellie’s bs. BTW this all started cuz Olivia didn’t show up to some dinner.

Then somehow it escalated to Olivia yelling about there being no Vermont (honestly I started blocking some of this out bc I too think I may have started stroking out from the shock - also I was writing some awfully heated tweets to SR/writers & company). Next thing we see they’re both seated on the end of that (say it Karen) disgusting bed drinking Mellie’s liquor talking about how we could’ve had it all rolling in the deep and basically breaking up.

Then these muthafuckas had the audacity to play Ave Maria as they show Olivia back in her apartment getting a new couch at an ungodly hour with Fitz still in his same damn suit drinking solo by the fire.

All in all this episode was

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ABC have sacked the head of entertainment. I know this is significant but what does it actually mean? It can't just be because of scandal?

It’s because of the entirety of the network’s ratings, but TGIT ratings, and Scandal’s and HTGAWM’s in particular, were what precipitated things. This wouldn’t have happened now, without the downfall of TGIT.

Payback’s a bitch. And the Olitz people have spoken.

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