To the Fandoms Helping Out:

We want to keep this event Abbie Mills specific. We are joining together to combat systemic discrimination in the media. However due to Abbie Mills’ unique place in television we want to make sure to keep this event focused on Abbie herself. 

Please remember when speaking of the discrimination that Abbie faces, speak directly to her blackness, while Abbie is woman of color she faced discrimination specific to that blackness. In 3 seasons of television:

  • Abbie Mills was not kissed and had no onscreen romance
  • Abbie sacrificed herself thrice for the world, her partner Ichabod never did
  •  she was repeatedly sidelined and displaced while white women were pushed into her place (said women were then horribly written besides)
  • Sleepy Hollow itself was originally promoted as diverse show making their treatment of the black actors and characters on this show that much more egregious
  • the “don’t need no man trope” which is specific to black women was applied to her by the writers room: “Abbie loved Ichabod, but Ichabod was in love with Abbie.”
  • Abbie also faced colorism from her own fandom as some viewers repeatedly called for her to be replaced by her light-skinned, acceptably curly haired sister
  • originally Abbie was supposed to die mid-season, that’s right as far as the writer’s of Sleepy Hollow were concerned this co-lead, only black woman leading a genre show, arguably fan favorite’s death didn’t even warrant a season finale
  • her final words to her partner were that “her purpose was to carry him forward and she had nothing more to do”, in an interview with one of the writers they said: “she had served her purpose”
  • she existed solely for the benefit of a man
  • while she started strong Abbie was diminished in every way as her S1 love interests were written out apropos of nothing to make room for story line’s that centered the conflict around her white male partner (now I like Ichabod, but their storylines needed to be equally important)
  • all POC supporting cast were either killed off or slowly disappeared from the show: John Cho, Orlando Jones, Jill-Marie Jones, Amandla Stenberg,Nicholas Gonzalez. 
  • Nicole Beharie herself was not invited to the season 2 DVD commentary, she recently had to ask the Sleepy Hollow fox twitter account to follow her, she was told that no one wanted to see her at conventions without Tom Mison

Essentially they hired an amazing Julliard trained actress and diminished her and the character she played in every conceivable way. The simple human wastage is disgusting, the constant slights are an outrage, and the blend of racism and sexism she endured is beyond the pale. And all of it is specific to her blackness so remember that when we work this trending event. 

She is not simply a WOC, but a black woman. The strong woman who doesn’t need a man trope is specific to her blackness, being a pack mule whose feelings are not considered is specific to her blackness, being considered disposable is specific to her blackness and being only considered for her usefulness to her white co-workers is specific to her blackness.

When we are tweeting we cannot forget her blackness. Some of you will feel an urge to say WOC rather than black when speaking of her. Resist this urge, that is the racism that we all internalize growing up in this world. To combat the problem it must be identified and properly. Please refer to her blackness and use the term misogynoir to talk about what happened to Abbie Mills, Nicole Beharie and her fans.

Do you know what Andrew Lincoln, Tony Goldwyn and Tom Mison all have in common??

All three of them were the captains of their “ships”.

And it’s sad that only one showrunner was listening. We had Tony out there pleading for Olitz and Tom doing interviews where he flat out said Ichabod was in love with Abbie…and yet only on the show where zombies exist do we get a healthy I/R couple in love. Go figure.

anonymous asked:

the only reason your all on andrew and thems dick is because theyre white dudes trying to fuck black chicks.

Well…..only reason??? I mean have you seen them….

more importantly have you seen the way their characters look at their leading ladies…

The fact that they look at these women like they hung the moon in the sky is enough reason for me to stan, fangirl, and co-captain their ships until my dying day. But it has nothing to do with them being white men and everything to do with Michonne, Abbie, and Olivia being black women.

I freely admit I will stan all day, ‘err day for anyone – be it male, female, trans, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc– who loves and adores black women. I’m stanning for black women finally being seen as viable love interest. I’m here for anyone who wants to make a black woman their leading lady.  I’m here for anyone who is here for black women. Basically what I’m saying is…

for those ships, because that’s what I’m here for. Black women getting love and I make no apologies for that.