Scandalverse: A Question Re Olitz.

Do you understand because of the psychological malfunctions of Zilla that she will never allow Olitz to be actualized? I am being totally serious? Do you recognize, yes or no that they will NEVER EVER BE? She is not capable of writing it and she is not emotionally,socially mature, or sophisticated enough to write it? As it is, Scandal is to be a political drama. All you have ever gotten is pathetic, version of a bad TV soap with respect to characterizations that do not grow. Do you recognize that there will never be Olitz and Vermont? Do you recognize that just when the ratings tip into the gutter, she gives breadcrumbs to try to hold the ones that keep the show on the air, not the casual white female viewership (cause white males do not watch this)?

I am curious as to the yes and no quotient. Just a yes or no, please. Thank you.