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Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

(sorry ahead of time >.> I had a bit of fun with this one:P )

It was one of those slow days in Elle’s still new clinic. So far there were no new patients to look over and treat, nor were there any request for an on the field healer as of yet, even her three girls were off enjoying their free time as best they could. Altani was resting (as Elle had order her to) Olina was training in the shroud and U’laiboli… well… Elle wasn’t quite sure what the Seeker got up to when she had free time.

That left Elle Belle; on her own to man the clinic with nothing by herself, a sheet of parchment and a pencil to occupy her mind.

The day starts slow and event less, Elle stares off into space dragging lead tipped pencil across paper with no clear direction or intent. she tried drawing cool swirl designs but… they didnt look too great so she scribbled over one-but what to do with the other one?

“…” The Lalafell paused before simply drawing a face over it “there…now he has a silly mustache, that he does.” she giggled happily.

[A] Yur kick Tally: By now theres signs of life in one of her Linkshells as someone seems to either be awake or just now turning their Linkshell on for use. A quick check shows Elle the person is Yur Teuslow her good friend and (sometimes) trusted body guard. Finally, some one to talk to! The pair pass some time talking about how their day had gone so far and what they had both been up to. Yur has been his normal self making short jokes at Elle’s expense because he thinks its funny. Theres still space left on the paper, that there is. As the conversation continues Elle takes note of all the short and Lalafell related jokes and quietly vows to make Yur pay for each one later-a swift and strong kick to the knees should do the trick just fine. She counted 25 jokes by the end of their conversation.

[B]Finances: Its midday now and still no visitors… Elle buffs out a long sigh of boredom. “Yuuuur” The Lalafell whined in a higher pitch than she usually used when there was no answer she tires again “Niiichaaaaaan”


“what are you doing? I’m boooored,that I am”



“Absolutely nothing”

“Lets go do something, where’s Akemi?”

“He said he would be around soon”

And he was. Akemi Kasumi, Bard and scientist (no matter how much these professions didn’t mix) was the last member of their three man team and usually more so than not the organizer of all activities when both Yur and Elle are doing nothing. But Akemi can’t talk just now, he has to speak with his retainers about some items they were selling. Akemi is very serious about getting gil so the three of them can buy a house.

Well thats something to do while Elle waits to be active, that it is, She was saving gil too and theres still plenty of space left of this blank sheet of paper. She checks with her own retainers, how much his her accountant carrying, how much did her active retainer earn so far, how much did Elle carry on her right now. The total was…not that impressive “A little over 800K” the Lalafell sighs recalling Akemi’s 7 million Gil and Yurs 3 Million Gil “I need to stop shopping..” The healer grumbles scribbling the note on the paper [C]”STOP SPENDING!”

“Alright, I’m all set” Akemi announces over their Linkshell “Elle? are you ready?”

“That I am” Elle replies doodling a thought bubble over her silly mustache man and drawing the Gil symbol within.

“Yur? Are you there?”

“No” Yur replies sarcastically

“Ugh, I’m coming back to the house now” Akemi remarks,Elle can tell he’s rolling his eyes.

But what did she care? now she had something to do. Elle stares down at her work, both the mindless drawing and the other things, before folding it up into a and lazily tossing it across the clinic. She took a moment to watch it sail across the room before hopping off her seat and heading for the clinic door.