Pikmin Headcanons: Karaoke Night Edition

- Going out for karaoke is one of Olimar’s favorite pastimes, and just being there fills him with energy. His excitement leads him to take on a bit more than he can handle–juggling the main vocals, background vocals, and humming the instrumental parts tends to leave him out of breath–but he has fun doing it. He never stands still on stage, and is usually bouncing up and down.
- Louie never participates. Ever. Olimar bribed him countless times, but nothing worked. Louie isn’t a particularly lively guest, and he spends most of the time shoving food in his mouth, but Olimar always invites him. Everyone else Olimar invites is always “too busy,” but Louie doesn’t seem to have anything better to do. Whether or not Louie actually enjoys being there is a mystery.
- Olimar considers himself a Hocotatian of great musical taste, and he sings songs from many different genres. As long as a song has a good beat, he likes it… though he does feel VERY conflicted when it contains explicit/controversial lyrics. If a clean version exists, he’ll always opt for that one.
- The workers and patrons at the karaoke place fall under two categories: those who think Olimar is lame, and those who think his enthusiasm is contagious. Those in the second category tend to be around Olimar’s age; he’s on a first-name basis with them, and frequently asks about their families. Those who aren’t as fond of Olimar tend to be younger, and make fun of him behind his back. One time, Louie overheard someone mutter some pretty harsh things about Olimar, and he gave them his infamous death glare until they stopped snickering and moved on. Louie never mentioned the incident.

Gardening Headcanon.

Ever since discovering the Pikmin, Olimar began to take a large liking in gardening. He never really took gardening seriously, and he saw it as a waste of time. If you wanted some vegetables from a garden, why not just go out and buy some from the store? Plus, gardening always took a bit too long for Olimar’s liking. You would have to wait days on end before seeing any progress. At least while waiting flying through space, the beautiful sights were easily enough to keep you occupied. But with gardening? There wasn’t much. 

But finding Pikmin truly made him appreciate the sort of stuff that came from out of the ground. Not only does he grow his own carrots now, he’s been trying a whole new assortment of veggies that he could never buy because the stores overpriced them. He’s the type of gardener that’ll see a little leaflet and stare at it for forever, not even aware of him doing so.

And he totally gets the Pikmin to help him with the garden. He’s even gotten his wife and kids to help too.