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I'm so effing mad! Westallen got two proposals and Olicity is still not even back together. It's not fair!

(I just got back from the gym and was making dinner when I got this email and I stopped everything to climb my sweaty ass up the stairs to sit down and answer this.)

It’s not fair?

You’re right, it’s not fair. 

To Westallen.

Wait! Hang on, that’s not right. It might not be fair to them if they had similar journeys to compare, but they are so radically different that to even put them in the same sentence is ridiculous.

I can’t speak for Westallen, I don’t watch The Flash, but I can speak for Olicity:

I don’t agree, lovely anon. I think it’s needed and it’s worth it.

Listen, the reason I love Arrow (and part of why I stopped watching The Flash) is that it’s dark as fuck and it doesn’t shy away from it. It is still a CW show so it’s not, like, HBO/Netflix/Cinemax levels of dark, but it’s still far more gritty and dark than the other shows. This means we’re dealing with a main character who has serious and severe mental and emotional shit to deal with, which has been the main point of his entire journey all this time. 

Oliver can’t have the life he wants because he still believes he doesn’t deserve it. He is still on the path towards realizing he does deserve it. The other shows are different, in many ways, but this is one of the main reason why Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (yet). It’s also the main reason why when they finally do get back together, when Oliver realizes he is worthy, when they understand each other better, when Felicity has gone through her own island, when they learn to forgive, when they learn to communicate and relate to each other and open up to each other… it will stick. It won’t be easy, but it will stick.

Arrow is frustrating beyond belief for about eleventy billion reasons, but the main thing - the main goddamn thing - that I love about it is that it’s satisfying. Not all of it, not everything, because this is still a CW show and it’s on a network that won’t let me see some damn side-boob or Amell’s muscular ass or hear the word ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ every once in a while, but emotionally? In the grand scheme? For me, it’s so much more satisfying than the other shows and that’s why I’m super okay going through absolute hell to get to the other side. Season 5 has been incredibly trying, but I trust the overall arc, I really do.

Also, even if Oliver and Felicity had stayed together, it wouldn’t have lasted. They weren’t ready, which is why they broke up. The story we’re seeing now is their journey back to each other as far more stable and mature human beings who will also have the unique ability to say they can understand each other’s positions a little bit better. They had to go through all of the shit they’ve been through to get to a point where they will get back together, and stay together. 

Love is not a cure-all, love does not fix anything, love does not take broken people and magically heal them. It shows us parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there, or parts that we deliberately ignored, parts that we need to face in order to become a better version of ourselves. Just because Oliver and Felicity love each other doesn’t mean they were ready to be together at that point. But, now? Now, they are getting there, slowly but surely.

And if you don’t think we’ll all fucking die when it finally happens, you’re wrong.

I lost my point a bunch of words ago, so long story short:

We’re going to get another proposal and engagement, and it will be fucking amazing because we’ve been through goddamn hell to get here so fret not, anon. 

Our journey is just a bit longer than theirs, and in my humble opinion, it will make the payoff so much better.

One thing I will never be over is Oliver’s left hand when he wraps it around Felicity’s back right before he picks her up.

… his fingers graze her hair, a soft, cool contrast to her heated skin. She pants his name their breath mingling, making the air hot. She arches into him, pressing her lips to his temple  and forehead, dropping tiny, loving kisses along his hairline. She wraps her arms around his head, cradling him, pulling him closer. He wants to touch her everywhere and anywhere at the same time. He drags his hands her spine, reveling in how her gentle muscles react to his touch. He kisses her chest, tasting her, eliciting the most beautiful breathless whimpers from her. His tongue traces her collarbone before he dips his head, his stubbled chin slipping over the top of her breasts. He wants to lean her back and wrap his lips around one of her nipples, but at the same time he wants to keep her close, wants to feel every inch of her pressed against him as tightly as possible.

She’s life and light and sunshine and happiness and purity and it’s more addicting than he could have ever dreamed.


Her hips rock against him, her heated core grinding against his hardness, the seams of their pants pressed tightly together. Hot needy desire rockets through him and he moans her name in such a way that it makes her shiver, sending goosebumps erupting across her back. His skin burns for her, his body yearns towards hers…  


One hand slips down over her hip, sliding over her delectable ass that he’s been dreaming about for years now as he wraps his other arm around her back. She surrounds him, taking over everything, drowning him in her love and for that one single second, he lets go, he gives her all that he is, letting her in so completely that he doesn’t know where she starts and he ends. 

He needs to be closer, needs to feel as much of as her as he can, needs to cherish as much of this - of her - as possible because some tiny part of him knows that this moment - this precious, perfect moment where everything he never though he’d get, everything he never believed he deserved - won’t last forever…

The moment that really, really slayed me here was when his fingers slide under her arm, over the sensitive skin there, brushing against the inside of her left arm. It’s so intimate, startlingly so. They’re both naked, in so many more ways than the physical sense, and every single time I see his fingers slipping under there right before he picks her up, right before he digs his fingers in to hold her closer, it strikes me again how incredibly tender this moment is.

This scene is so magical, so intense, so intimate and gorgeous and beautiful and loving and it still kills me dead.

The Evolution of Olicity

There are quite a few people on the internet who insist that Oliver and Felicity’s relationship came out of nowhere. In a sense, they’re right. Oliver and Felicity started out as nothing, but then blossomed into one of the most healthy, dynamic, loving relationships on the show. This post is going to show how they developed, and show that Oliver and Felicity falling in love with each other is a development that was 2 seasons in the making.

The intent of this post isn’t to compare and contrast relationships or to make assumptions about their scenes, it’s to show what happened and the intent behind said scenes (something of which a lot of people missed). 

(Disclaimer: I tried to be as objective in my analyses as possible!) 

This post will be divided up into two sections, Season 1 and Season 2. So I hope this read is enlightening! 

Season 1: Where Oliver and Felicity go from being strangers, to acquaintances/colleagues, to friends/partners. 

Episode 1x03 - The first time Oliver and Felicity first laid eyes on each other

This is known to be an iconic moment. Why? Because Oliver doesn’t usually smile. And even though this wasn’t his first smile after coming back, the fact that Felicity Smoak has the power to make him smile so easily means a lot. It’s a great foundation to a strong relationship and shows just how easily Felicity affects Oliver.

In 3x01 Oliver tells Felicity that she was the first person that he could see as a person and not a threat or target, and there’s truth to that. Because ever since his return, Oliver hid from his family because he didn’t want them to know what happened to him, he didn’t want them to know who/what he became. He went through a lot of effort to keep himself closed off from them. It also didn’t help that he felt pressure from his family and friends to be normal. To be like the Oliver Queen they once knew. But with Felicity, he didn’t have that pressure, he didn’t really have the need to hide. Why? Because even though she knew he was feeding her bullshit excuses, she never pushed him to reveal more than he did and she never expected anything from him. And Oliver took comfort in that.

Episode 1x09, 1x11, 1x12 - Oliver keeps going back to Felicity for help. But why does he? 

Oliver could’ve gone to anyone in the world to seek help, he could’ve gone to someone other than Felicity to avoid her getting suspicious of his ‘nightly activities’. But he went back to Felicity regardless. And by doing so he knew he was risking her figuring out that he was the hood, risking her telling the cops, risking everything he’d been working for ever since he came back. Why would Oliver do this? Because Oliver just trusts Felicity. He trusts her intelligence, he trusts her to get the job done, but he also trusts her not to push him for answers (as proven in episode 1x03) and trusts her not hand him into the police if she had her suspicions. 

Not only that, Felicity trusts him in return. She doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into, she doesn’t understand why Oliver makes those ridiculous requests, but she still helps him, because she trusts Oliver enough to know that he’s not doing anything malevolent with the information she gives him. And this trust is verbalized when they meet at Big Belly Burger and Felicity hands Oliver the book Walter gave her. It’s also the moment when Oliver and Felicity stop bull shitting each other. Oliver is done being fake to Felicity, and Felicity is done humoring him. 

Thus, the trust aspect of their relationship is born. 

Episode 1x14 - Oliver finally reveals his identity to Felicity

Even though Oliver doesn’t explicitly tell Felicity he trusts her, he shows her that he does by revealing his true identity to her. After he’s shot by his own mother, the first person he can think of to help him is Felicity. Oliver could’ve easily let her take him to a neutral site where Digg could’ve met them, but instead, he asked her to take him to the lair. 

In the end, Oliver’s trust in Felicity and letting her in on his secret is essentially the bridge between them going from acquaintances to colleagues, which is what she becomes when they shake hands and she joins Oliver’s crusade.

Episode 1x15 - Felicity questions teaming with Oliver and helps show him a different path

It wouldn’t be normal of Felicity if she was okay with Oliver killing people. This scene is a firm indication that Felicity won’t bend to Oliver’s needs. She won’t change her beliefs or values for him or the crusade. It’s an important scene because it shows that Felicity can go toe to toe with Oliver, that she’s not afraid of him. Not only that, but in the end, Oliver accommodates Felicity. He goes by her way. Why?  Because he knows the team needs her, they need her expertise. Oliver understands her value to the team. 

This is the first time Felicity showed Oliver that there can be another way, that he can be better. And Oliver listened to her judgement. It was a very important episode for that because it shows just how positive an influence Felicity has on Oliver’s life at a very early stage. 

Episode 1x17, 1x18 - Their bond grows

It would’ve been easy to believe that Oliver wouldn’t really worry over a woman he met a few months ago. Oliver could’ve easily been all business with Felicity, and the audience probably would’ve bought it. But Oliver was never like that with Felicity.

 Episode 17 is a good indicator that Oliver has come to care about Felicity. As soon as he gets a call from her, he rushes to help her. He untied her and gently put his hand on the back of her neck and made sure she was okay before he did anything else. This moment showed a different side of Oliver, a caring side. And it’s a testament to their growing bond. 

Episode 18 is also critical to Oliver and Felicity’s growing relationship and critical to Oliver’s growth as well (thanks to Felicity). Yes, Felicity is shown to have a little crush on Oliver by ogling him while he works out, but what’s more important is that in this episode, it’s Oliver who provides Felicity comfort and support. When Felicity feels like she’s failed, she laments how maybe it’s good to stay single and alone, because she wouldn’t know how to tell her significant other about her day. This is a statement that affects Oliver greatly. And in the end, he doesn’t accept that. He learns that being isolated doesn’t help which is why he tells Felicity that he will listen to her whenever she needs someone to talk to. 

This moment shows the solidification of their friendship. A friendship that is mutually beneficial. We all knew that Felicity’s there for Oliver, but this moment is where Oliver reciprocates that sentiment. 

Episode 1x21, 1x22 - The beginning of Oliver and Felicity’s partnership

Episode 21 is the first time Felicity calls Oliver her partner, and it’s true as it’s the first time she goes into the field with Oliver. She trusts him to have her back, and in the end that’s what partners do.

This episode is where Felicity’ completes her mission in finding Walter. But instead of terminating her position in the team, she decides to stay. This decision shows that Felicity is truly Oliver’s partner in all of this because she wants to stay and help him save the city. She’s all in. And by this point, it’d be impossible to get rid of her. 

Felicity follows Oliver into the field again in episode 22 when she goes to recover some data at Merlyn Global. And even as their partnership grows, their friendship never wanes, it actually strengthens. This is shown through subtle scenes (like the gifs above). By this point in their relationship, Oliver and Felicity openly worry about one another, they know one another well enough to know that something isn’t okay. These are little moments, but they’re really important. 

What isn’t so subtle in this episode is Felicity’s growing crush as she accidentally admits she sees Oliver in a more romantic light as she says she imagined Oliver saying “hold onto me tight” under different circumstances. 

Episode 1x23 - The solidification of Oliver and Felicity’s partnership where Felicity shows unwavering faith and belief in Oliver. 

This episode is extremely important for Oliver and Felicity as it’s the culmination of their growing bond as they grew from being mere acquaintances to partners. But let’s not forget that this season also showed that Felicity at this point is attracted to Oliver in a more than platonic sense. 

In episode 23, Felicity is the first person to call Oliver a hero in this series and it’s partly because of how much Oliver has opened up to her and Diggle on this show. At this point, she (and Diggle) knows and understand Oliver better than anyone else on this show, and a lot of that has to do with the trust and honesty they built together. 

In the beginning of this episode, Felicity stands up for Oliver and his crusade to Quentin which shows just how much faith she has in Oliver and just how much she believes in him. Felicity understands all of the sacrifices Oliver has made and understands what Oliver goes through on a daily basis. This is something Felicity commends and respects him for. 

Oliver reciprocates this respect later on in the episode, not verbally, but by a single look (thank you, Mr. Amell). When Felicity tells him “If you’re not leaving, I’m not leaving”, you can see the respect and admiration Oliver has for her. You can see him come to understand just how much of an amazing woman Felicity is. Some say this is a turning point regarding Oliver’s feelings for Felicity, but that’s debatable. 

As stated before, this episode is the culmination of what they’ve been building since 1x03. What they’ve worked towards this entire season, and it’s a close friendship as well as a partnership that’s based on the honesty, trust, mutual respect, and a fondness of one another that’s been shown throughout the entire season. 

Season 2: Where Oliver and Felicity grow from being good friends/partners to something more…

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what a feeling (Olicity, future fic)

(This started with a tweet from @emilybuttrickards about Amell’s hair, and it ended with her sending me this and then this and here we are.)

Set in future canon, after Season 5. Because Olicity is endgame. 

Title from Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung.

(read on AO3)

what a feeling…

The hallway was dark, the only illumination coming from the open windows downstairs and the slice of light from under the closed bedroom door.

Felicity slowed as she reached the bedroom, gently balancing her mug on her tablet. Her eyes didn’t leave it for a second as she reached for the doorknob. Steam spiraled up into the air, the hot coffee sloshing against the sides as she twisted the doorknob as quietly as possible. The liquid got too close to the edge on one slosh and Felicity froze with a silent, “Frak.” Why did she fill it so high? She knew she was going to have to do this. It didn’t go over, though. Sticking her tongue out in concentration, Felicity opened the bedroom door and quickly snatched the mug before any tablet-related catastrophe could hit.

She scooted into the room, keeping her feet light as she hurried to the nightstand, setting the mug and tablet down, careful not to make a sound. Felicity glanced over to see if she’d woken him.

He was still sound asleep.

The sight made her pause. A rush of emotion filled her chest and she bit her lip, smiling.

It’d been a few months since she’d asked him out - really, since she’d blurted it out over the comms one night - but the sight of him back where he belonged never failed to take her breath away.

Sunlight had always come through the windows, warming the space, filling it with light, but it was him who filled their home with life. When he’d come over after their second date, the loft suddenly felt like home again. It’d been missing a piece since that brutal morning a few years ago - she’d been missing a piece - but then…

He was here.

The loft was complete again.

She was complete again.

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"Just stay with me" + Olicity :)

“Just stay with me,” Felicity mumbled.

Oliver let out a soft sigh. “You know I can’t.”

“Yes you can. Don’t make a big deal out of it.”



He sighed again and snuggled closer to her in bed. There was really no point in arguing with her when she was half asleep. He nuzzled her neck, giving her a gentle kiss.

“Mm, better,” her words were becoming less audible; soft sleepy mumbles.

“I still have to go to work,” he kissed her shoulder.

“No. Sleep.”

He chuckled softly. She wasn’t the clingiest person in the world, but ever since hitting the tenth or so week in her pregnancy she had been very needy. He wasn’t complaining because he loved spending time with her. His fingers grazed across her small, barely noticeable, bump.

“How about,” he started to say. “I stay for a little longer,” he kissed along her shoulder, “But then you and I get into the shower.”


He laughed again. “Of course.”


“And breakfast,” he added.

“Mmm breakfast. Pancakes?”

“Yep,” he continued to pepper kisses across her skin.


“Sunny side up.”

Felicity practically moaned.

“Herbal tea.”

That elicited a loud whine from the tiny blonde.

“You know you can’t have coffee,” he rubbed his thumb over her belly.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” she was definitely more awake now.

“After peanut is born you can have all the coffee you want.”

“I’m going to drink an entire Starbucks dry.”

Oliver snorted. “I don’t doubt that at all.”

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Just imagine the glory when Oliver and Felicity get back together. I’m still excited to see the full journey they take back to each other. Felicity losing herself and finding herself again. Oliver learning and growing into a person that is ready for a committed relationship with Felicity. Their relationship being a wonderful, honest, healthy, and beautiful thing.