Oliver vs. Oliver

Oliver, giving a huge hug to Sara - a woman he used to have a relationship with - because everything romantic is over between them and they can just be friends.


Oliver, barely able to handle the fact that Felicity gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder - because their romantic relationship is so not over.


Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen. Of course! I know who you are. You’re Mr. Queen. No, Mr. Queen was my father. Right. But he’s dead. I mean, he drowned. And you didn’t. Which means you can come down to the IT department and listen to me babble. Which will end in 3, 2, 1…

Will You Marry Me?

Olicity Holiday Project: Dec. 9 - Headcanon about Olicity getting back together/ getting engaged for the second time

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It was a quiet night. Oliver and Felicity had just gotten back home to their apartment. The day was long, full of meetings with board members, mayoral duties, and trying to put the beginnings of a company together. Their night was equally busy as it always was, but everyone made it out relatively unscathed.

With a sigh of relief, Felicity kicked her heels of, “I hate heels, why do I always wear them?” she asked.

“Because you don’t like being short?” Oliver asked as he shrugged off his leather jacket.

“That was a rhetorical question,” she smacked him on the ass.

“Ow,” he pouted.

She crossed her arms and gave an “are you serious” expression.

He gave her a charming grin.

“Mhmm,” she shook her head.

Oliver was such a dork, but she loved him so much. She loved him because of these silly things and the way he could let go of his seriousness. There were about a million different reasons she loved Oliver Queen and she could happily spend a lifetime learning even more.

“Hot chocolate?” he asked, stirring her from her thoughts.

“Of course. When am I ever going to say no to hot chocolate?”

He laughed, “Good point.”

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overwatchqueens  asked:

Swimming AU (cause duh it's me ) "I'll be Home for Christmas" either one of them fights like hell a la Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie to get home for Christmas/Hanukkah but you know to be together not for a car 😂😂

if you haven’t read my swimming au, you can check it out here before reading today’s fic :) enjoy!

“That sounds horrible,” Felicity sympathized after Oliver had finished telling her about the practice he had just gotten out of.

“It would have been less horrible if you were there. But hey, I’ll see you tomorrow, right?”

“Ummm about that… I’m actually not going to be making it back to Starling for the holidays,” Felicity sighed.

“What? Why?”

She shifted her phone to her other hand so that she could unlock her dorm room, “Plane tickets aren’t cheap this time of year. Plus, I’m taking some winter break intensives so that I can stay on track for my masters programs and I need to get ahead in my work while I have a few days off of practice. If I’m at home, I’m going to be distracted by everything and I won’t get anything done. So… yeah. I’m going to be lighting my menorah by myself this year.”  

“Felicity, why are you just now telling me this?”

“I didn’t want you to be mad,” she confessed.  

Both Laurel and Sara had protested her decision to skip out on coming home for Chrismakkuh, as it had been fondly dubbed at the Smoak/Lance household, and she had been putting off hearing the disappointment from Oliver too.

“I’m not mad at you, I’m just upset that you’re not coming home. I mean, we haven’t seen in each other in months.”

She flopped down on her bed and brushed away at a few stray tears that were threatening to spill down her cheeks, “I know.”

The decision to go to separate colleges had been the right one, but it hadn’t been easy. With her at MIT, having chosen to swim division three and focus more on her academics, and him at Ohio State for their division one swimming program, eleven long hours stretched between them. With their rigorous practice schedules and academics… well, her rigorous academics, they hadn’t seen each other since they said their goodbyes at the end of the summer. It was almost laughable to think about how only a few years ago she would have been elated at the thought of almost 800 miles between herself and him.

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Arrow 5x09”What We Leave Behind”: Should Be Better Than This

I don’t even know where to start for this episode. I truly don’t. (My thoughts may wonder; apologies. I tried to keep it all cohesive.) It was such a colossal disaster of epic proportions that they spiced up with not one but two fan service scenes. This was not the episode I needed while my passion for Arrow is teetering on the brink. I don’t believe it’s the show the fandom needed in general and that the writers think it’s their best MSF ever? No. It’s really not. Flip a coin between 4x09 or 3x09. This—this doesn’t even best 1x09. It is the last horse in the race—so far back you’d think it was part of another race.

Maybe it was.

Because this certainly doesn’t feel like the show I’ve been investing years of my life into anymore. These characters are not my characters anymore. What I do see on screen are things I often don’t care for or about; while the things I feel are necessary to keep the core of the show strong and push it forward I’m being told happen off-screen. On a TELEVISION show.

I don’t even know if the writers are aware of what their jobs are anymore.


I think it’s clear in my previous reviews this season I’ve been underwhelmed by Prommy. I also made it pretty clear I was keeping my theories for the season to myself based on the state of the fandom. Well, I’ll show my cards now because it’s clear I was wrong. I was putting far too much thought into Prometheus than the show writers were/are.

I didn’t buy into Tommy as Prometheus solely because I know of Colin Donnell’s contractual obligation to Chicago Med. That’s a full season show; he’s a cast regular and it’s also on a rival network—it’s not on the affiliated CBS—so all of those reasons never sold me on Tommy as Prometheus. Story wise? Oh, gosh that’d be fascinating to see how Tommy went dark and then redeem him. But my realist nature prevented me from investing.

So I went to two other theories: 1) That it was someone that we saw in season 1. I went back over season 1 episodes trying to figure out who it would likely be. I wondered if because this season has a real boner for S1, and the pilot in particular, if it’d be Adam Hunt related. Or maybe the brother to the guy who called himself a Savior. (I don’t recall them saying he and his wife had any children so I was thinking other relative). The Savior was someone who was inspired by Oliver’s first run as a vigilante who took the law into his own hands and dealt out his own justice. The Hood didn’t like that; and to save Roy, Oliver killed him. I kind of liked that idea too because it plays into legacy (family and the people Oliver has inspired, for good or ill. 2) My other idea was slightly similar to the idea of it being someone related to the Savior: I thought it would be Slade Wilson’s son, Joe. I can’t recall the age they said he was—and I didn’t feel passionate enough about Arrow or this storyline to go hunting—but I figured ten years might be enough to age the kid up. I really liked this idea better than the first theory simply because the show constantly sets Slade up as Oliver’s biggest nemesis. I certainly felt stronger about this idea after last week’s episode where he faced off against Slade in the hallucination. Oliver feels a certain guilt about creating Slade Wilson the villain; I just could see the parallels if Joe were to be Prometheus.

Anyway, clearly, I was wrong. So I’ll admit to my theories now and eat my crow pie or however the saying goes. Win some, lose some.

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It clearly doesn’t matter who Prometheus is because the writers are making this stuff up as they go along. I was so frustrated to learn all about the possibility of Prommy being this Clayborne guy or his illegitimate son because we’ve never heard of him before. There is clearly no freaking way anyone could have come up with Prommy’s identity because they just made him up. Literally picked a name off a list. Do I really believe Prommy is Clayborne’s kid? Not so much. But what the show has done is make it not matter. There is zero investment in this guy because we know absolutely zilch about him. This comes from them playing with their cards too close to their vests. They really needed to loosen the grip a little because the audience is now just sitting here going, “Huh?”  

If it’s not someone from Oliver’s s1 past then pattern would dictate that it’s someone from Oliver’s current life. We have an abundance of new characters to pick from—though one less after 5x09. Though, let’s not rule out Billy having faked his death. Nothing would surprise me at this point with this show. But if it’s not Billy then that only leaves Adrian Chase as the new guy suspect. Or it could be a woman, but physically, the person appears to be a guy. But for equal opportunity, I’ll throw Suzie Q in the mix too.

However, Adrian Chase, I’m like 100% convinced is the Vigilante guy that just goes around shooting everyone up. Are we dealing with some kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation—or well, split personalities because there’s Adrian, there’s Vigilante and there’s Prommy and there isn’t a one of them I like? I don’t know. I’m super confused at this point.

I also don’t care because the writers don’t seem to care either. As Arrow focuses its seasons on the big bad they have once again failed. Season 3 was underwhelming to the say the very least. Ra’s Al Ghul/League of Assassins was an erratic villain—the rules changed every week on what the LOA could do. It was a hot mess that I went into further detail here in my meta detailing the failings of season three. Season 4 became a farce because Darhk’s magic never fit into the show’s landscape. It was solely Neal that pulled that off. Not to mention the rules of his magic were played pretty fast and loose. Arrow has not successfully set up a big bad since season 2. Merlyn worked in S1 because he was Tommy’s father. It was personal—same with S2 and Slade. I think they were trying to do this in S5 with Prometheus because he’s a consequence of Oliver’s actions but if the audience has no back story, there’s little investment. Prometheus has become another failed villain at this point.

Olicity/Oliver/Felicity/Billy/Adrian Chase/ And ton of misogyny  / Sorry this part’s a hodge podge

Well they’ve certainly made things more challenging for any reunion between them with this episode. I was very unhappy with the twist that Oliver kills Billy (you think that they decided that at SDCC?) because it’s an unnecessary obstacle for them when they haven’t cleared the last William Mountain problem.

Personally, I felt the Olicity S1 Flashback scene was ship baiting. I didn’t at first. I thought it might be a turning point for them. Here’s why: They lead into the FB from Feliciy’s POV off a line about being true to yourself. 

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Olicity Prompt: Cramped Spaces part 2

So ummm yeah a few people really liked this one and asked for more so guess what…

You got it! 

Original Prompt:  Prompt: Here it is: Oliver is the grumpy flight attendant. Felicity the rich guest is sitting in first class, she notices him being grumpy and teases him even more…Well just because she thinks it’s fun. If you could throw in some heat high up in the sky that would be great. Also a kiss is never wrong.

Tagging @captainolicitysbedroom because you never give true one shots! 

Part 1

Read it here or on AO3: and yes there’s smut…lots and lots of smut…

Chapter 2

The picture outside her window was grey with dark, low hanging clouds that seemed to cling to every sparse rooftop of the city below. She sighed quietly and leaned back into the lightly padded chair. She caught his shy, boyish smile as the people slowly lumbered passed. Seeing that the line was moving slowly she shifted her gaze to the small window. The smattering of rain drops on the fogged glass reminded her of her tiny, sparsely decorated loft. The water droplets moving down the mirrored surface made her reflect upon the events that led to this very day…

3 months ago…

“The merger shouldn’t take more than two days tops,” Felicity mumbled with her phone shoved between her ear and the sharp bone of her shoulder. She folded the last of her shirts while the conversation continued on mostly without her input.

The annoying voice crackled through the poor reception with a distorted request, “You still think this is going to go swimmingly don’t you?”

Felicity rolled her eyes darkly, “Don’t start,” she muttered before her crackled cohort swiftly cut her off. “You’re about to become a millionaire overnight. This merger isn’t some tinker toy venture. You’ll be expected to attend each meeting for the next three months do you understand Miss. Smoak?”

She flung the rest of her clothes into the rumpled duffle bag with a loud huff before venturing down the road to a swift reply. The phone crackled loudly, “Felicity! Do we have an understanding or not!”

Clinging to the remaining shreds of dignity she had left she breathed, “I’ll see you in a few days Mr. Palmer.”

“Good,” he answered curtly before the line went dead. She let the phone slip down the line of her shoulder as she growled, “I agree…”

Felicity shoved her bag off her tattered bedspread. She smiled proudly when it landed with a loud thud onto the destroyed hardwood floors. “At least he can’t stop me from doing that,” she huffed at the small victory before pacing around the small, cramped space. Her loft was small but adequate. She had her bed pushed against the wall of windows that began at the base of the floor and stretched to the wooden boards of her arched ceiling. She did that because at night the bay of Star city was lit with the various boats that took up residence in the harbor. The lights from their ships made her small ceiling seem like a makeshift midnight sky with millions of lights reflecting off the aging beams. She’d stare up at those twinkling lights and dream of a life where the lights were really stars twinkling through her glass skylight.  Her bathroom was separated by the only door the apartment had with a semi-large closet off  the space next to the shower. Her kitchen and living space were truly one in the same. Her kitchen was set up along one wall which left the remaining square footage for her two loveseats. She shifted on her heel; her hands fell to her hips, while her lips curved into a slight frown. Two years ago she was just some tech geek with big dreams and an IQ to match. Now she was about to become the CEO of Smoak Industries with that jerk Ray Palmer as her partner and CFO.

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