Re-Airrow: Episode 2x05

A/N: This scene takes place right before the above scene at the top of the episode. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, dialogue that appears side by side takes place at the same time. Rest is below the cut.   Gif Credit: @turtlejustice​ 

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anonymous asked:

I think Oliver's yeard fight is at the end of the episode. He loses it after seeing Felicity beat up. So I kinda think they'll parallel Felicity's fight with one where he doesn't fight back.; I'm so excited for this season!

Oh that’s a cool idea Nonnie!!! I didn’t think of that kind of parallel. It will be cool to see what they do. I am very excited for this season too.

Sometimes I feel like people don’t understand the point of shipping.

It’s just wanting two people to be together no matter if they’re endgame or not. You ship them until the end or until you move on. We’re just trying to enjoy something here.

So to the people (antis) who take time out of their day to explain why a ship won’t happen even though literally no one asked. Get. Over. It.

Keep your two cents.

OTP Prompt of the Day:

Person A: You’re telling me, that during the 5 minutes that I used the loo, you’ve managed to break four of this man’s fingers just because he gives you ‘bad vibes’??

Person B: What? I don’t like him.

Person C, the couple’s common friend: The dude wolf-whistled when you bent down earlier.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a odd prejudice against fics that are not properly spaced out? Like I need multiple indents at random places & no paragraphs longer than 3 sentences.