Olicitations Challenge: 35 Days Of Arrow

Day 6 (December 17): Favorite Scene

My favorite scenes from Season 2 thus far have, of course, been Olicity scenes.

  1. From Episode 2x07: State V. Queen: After Oliver kills Count Vertigo, he comes to Felicity’s side and comforts her ever-so-gently. I love the way he says ‘It’s nothing’ and cups her cheek in his hand. And the way he would do anything to protect her from harm.
  2. From Episode 2x09: Three Ghosts: When Oliver returns from fighting Cyrus Gold and Felicity runs to him and hugs him. The way he reaches out for her before she even reaches him, and the way their hug lingers. The look they share afterwards, and the natural, seamless quality to the hug.

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Olicitations Challenge: 35 days of Arrow: Day 13 —-> Best Olicity Moment:

He wasn’t sure about the exact moment when things started to change for him. Somewhere along the way Felicity Smoak became more to him than just the third member of Team Arrow or as he had so eloquently put it himself “his girl friday”. 

He couldn’t pinpoint the moment the shift happened. Or why suddenly he felt the need to justify his actions before her. He didn’t know why he seeked or wanted her approval. Oliver Queen did not care for these things… Before Felicity Smoak came crashing into his life. 

Perhaps he was deluding himself… Confusing their friendship with something more… Maybe it was the fact that she always cared about him and was affectionate towards him - never giving up on him, even when everybody else did,

Or maybe, it’s because he doesn’t have to hide with her. She knows Oliver and she knows Arrow - he doesn’t have to lie to her or to tell her half truths. That’s not really it… The truth is he can't lie to her. It has baffled him from the day they met - he just couldn’t seem to bring himself to lie to her. He had no trouble lying to his family, or his friends, or business partners, or even Diggle. And they believed him - or at least they pretended to if they didn’t. Maybe that was it - Felicity could always call him out on his lies.

It could be because of the irrevocable trust she had in him. A trust he sometimes thought he did not deserve. 

Felicity was Oliver’s loudest cheerleader and biggest critic. 

For someone who has cared very little of others’ opinion on him, Oliver was surprised to find out that he wanted to uphold her trust and faith in him. He wanted to be all those things she saw when she looked at him. 

And he couldn’t for the life of him lie to her.

Which is why he couldn’t promise her that he’d come back when she asked him to. And not because he didn’t want to - there was nothing he wanted more - but because with what they did, there was a good chance that one day he won’t be able to keep this promise.

That’s why he kept quiet and when she returned his silence he knew that she understood.


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All Olicity Dialogue in Season 1 and 2 (PDF File)

Courtesy of my Arrow Rewatch a couple weeks ago, I decided to type up all the Olicity Dialogue in Season 1 and 2. This includes any 3rd Party mentions of either Oliver or Felicity in the context of Olicity. This does NOT include any dialogue in which they were just discussing missions or specifically anything that had nothing to do with Olicity.

While doing the Rewatch and typing up the scenes, you really do get a sense of how small the Olicity dialogue was in the beginning of Season 1 to how it progressively got bigger and bigger in Season 2.

Well, anyway, it took a minute to get it all typed and edited but I hope you guys enjoy, save it, pass it around!


Olicitations Challenge: 35 Days Of Arrow

Day 13: Best Olicity Moment 

So many to choose from… so once again I must choose a select few.

Oliver staying with injured Felicity until Diggle gets there, rather than going after Barton Mathis, is a superb moment for these two.
(2x03 Broken Dolls)

“I just think it’s better to not be with someone I could really care about.”
Enough said, really. :)
(2x06 Keep Your Enemies Closer)

The entire sequence when Count Vertigo calls Oliver and Oliver runs to save Felicity is always a beautiful range of scenes to watch. Also, the scene when Felicity apologizes and Oliver reassures her “there was no choice to make” is fantastic.
(2x07 State V Queen)

A wonderful moment is at Moira’s party when Oliver points Felicity towards Barry Allen. Another excellent moment from this episode is Felicity being afraid that Oliver will be defeated by Cyrus Gold. And of course, I love the moment when Diggle and Felicity find Oliver in the warehouse: Felicity’s behavior in that entire scene always kills me.
(2x08 The Scientist)

Felicity being the one to determine Oliver’s fate is extremely important and very telling, so I think that’s an amazing moment. Felicity’s second bout of fear over Oliver defeating Cyrus Gold, and asking Oliver for a promise to stay alive is so powerful and I love it. And of course, the hug and the mask scenes are gorgeous, so they’re my best as well.
(2x09 Three Ghosts)

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Olicitations Challenge: 35 days of Arrow: Day 05 Favorite Dialogue:

—> Oliver Queen / Tommy Merlyn in 02x09  "Three Ghosts" 

I know it’s a hallucination and everything but if this scene did not give you major feels then you have failed this fandom and re a dirty liar! 

I was originally going to go for an Olicity dialogue, but… Then Tommy happened.

PS: gifs and pic are not mine.

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Stephen Amell’s Facebook Page Stat

That awesome Oliver/Felicity picture that Stephen Amell shared with us yesterday is now at 298,000 likes on his facebook page.  I think we can get that to 300K.  I bet we can get that to more than 300k likes.  Consider it a challenge, Oliciters.

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Little Help please?

Guys, I need you to do me a favour: my best friend did a drawing of comic-books Green Arrow a few weeks ago. We joked about it being G.A.’s shocking face when he saw the new suit Oliver/Stephen will wear this year. 
Today is FanArtFriday and Stephen just ‘asked’ for the fanarts on his FB page. The favour I’m asking you is to go there and like my post (the drawing) so he sees it and posts it on his FB album. Click here to find it (posted by ‘Pitty Torres’)

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It’d mean the world to my friend, who is a drawing artist :) 


Olicitations Challenge: 35 Days of Arrow

Day 5: Favorite Dialogue -> Identity

“I quit!”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. Not my old job in the IT-department, but my new job as you executive assistent, which you think, I’m going to accept. You’re thinking could not be more wrong in this matter.”

“I need a girl Wednesday!”

“It’s…Friday and the answer is no!”

“These computers have been upgraded. Far more processing power than your typical secretary.”

“Did you know I went to MIT? Guess what I majored in, hint, not the secreterial art!”

“Felicity! We all need to have secret identities now. If I’m going to be Oliver Queen, CEO, then I can’t very well travel down 18 floors, every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.”

“And I love spending the night with you…..3….2….1. I worked very hard to get where I am and it wasn’t so I could fetch you coffee.”

“Well, It could be worse, my secret identity is his black driver.”

“Right now, I need you to figure out how the hijackers are getting a line on the goods earmarked for Glades Memorial. If we know how they pick their targets..”

“We’ll know when and where to stop them.”


“Oh! May I get you a cup of coffee?”

“You’re not actually offering to get me a cup of coffee, are you?”

“Nope. That won’t be happening. Ever!”

Olicitations Challenge: 35 days of Arrow: Day 16 —-> The Women of Arrow: 

  1. Felicity Smoak - Calling Felicity ‘Girl Friday’ is almost insulting to her role in Team Arrow. Her character growth has been just as noticeable and important as Oliver’s. And before anyone thinks it - her place on top of this list is based on Felicity Smoak alone (no connection to Olicity whatsoever). Even though in Season 1 she has always let Oliver know what she thinks about his actions, she’s been hesitant. She wasn’t really a part of the team. This season however, she’s proven time and time again that she is an equal part of Team Arrow as the boys. I don’t really know what to say that hasn’t been said already… She’s the bright side in this show (and Oliver’s life), and the fact that she has managed to not lose this side of her with what she does, makes her all the more impressive.

  2. Moira Queen - I admit that I didn’t like Moira in season 1. She came off as cold and unfeeling as well as a lousy parent. However, in season 2 her character has done a 180 and I honestly can’t imagine the show without her. She’s proved that she is a fighter and that she will do her best to redeem herself and the wrongs she’s done to the city (much unlike her dear husband who dumps them all on his son). Also, her most redeeming quality is her love for her family, she’d literally do anything for them. On a lighter note, Oliver definitely gets his sass abilities from his mother.

  3. Sara Lance - As Black Canary or Sara Lance this girl rocks so much it’s pretty much unreal. From her fighting skills to her backstory there is nothing about this girl that is boring. I honestly want to keep her as BC forever and ever - for all I care Laurel can be her sidekick. The only thing I wish was different is that we could see more of Sara in present-day. There’s still time, though.

  4. Shado - She’s probably the strongest female character on this show. She willingly went to Lian Yu to save her father, despite his “wanting a son”. She kept fighting for Oliver and Slade after her father was killed in front of her. She trained Oliver and stood by Slade no matter what. She is merciful, yet tough; gentle, yet fierce. She is everything a female character should be. I was very, very sad that she had to die.

  5. Thea Queen - Just like Roy, I don’t get why people hate her so much. Sure Season 1 Thea was a spoiled brat who whined a lot, but damn it Season 2 Thea is nothing like her. Thea Queen has had such a drastic change of character that it’s almost unreal. To be honest, most of the time I have a hard time remembering she’s 18 . She got through the alleged death of her father and the abandonment - for all intents and purposes - of her mother. She took care of her mother when Walter disappeared. She grieved for Tommy and her mother all by herself. She had to take charge of her brother’s business while watching QC crumble. She’s Roy’s rock as much as he is hers. And let’s be honest here, Thea Queen is the thread that holds the entire Queen family together. I want her to find out about Malcolm and I want to see what she does with it. I want to see so much more of her.

  6. Laurel Lance -  The one and only reason Laurel is this low in the list is because of the lack of sense of her character in this season. In season 1 she was a true, strong leading lady. After the death of Tommy, she understandably fell into a very dark place and we have yet to see her get out of it. I just wish that we find out what the hell is going on with her. Those little random snippets we get of her here and there don’t make any sense. Like her supposed pill/alcohol problem. I’m really excited to see her get involved with Blood, because I think that this can be the thing that brings her back to us. I don’t care about if she ends up with Oliver, Donner or an alien. I want her to have a purpose again. 

  7. Helena Bertinelli - I’ve had a lot of opinions about her throughout the few episodes she was in. At first I thought she was snooty, then after learning she was the person in the motorcycle I was impressed, upon learning her backstory I felt sorry for her. I also kind of enjoyed her brief relationship with Oliver… Until she went all psycho-bitch Huntress. From then on it’s - glad you’re gone, and please stay gone.

  8. Sin - Now, I don’t have a lot to say about this girl (mainly because we’ve seen so little of her). I love her attitude, and the way she speaks her mind. I love that she is there for Sara and Roy. I absolutely love her teaming up with Thea against him. The only downside is that I can’t see the purpose of her character. She was the sidekick when Sara was in Starling, but now that she’s gone - what is Sin still doing there?

  9. Isabel Rochev - Supposedly the Female Big Bad of the season. Moira’s intense dislike for her doesn’t make sense yet. My guess is it has to do with her backstory in the comics… There are too many unanswered questions about her. I liked that she revealed a bit about herself in 02x06 “Keep Your Enemies Closer” and I wish we’d see more of her. Because so far, most of her interactions involve her being a bitch to Felicity. Also, I’m pretty sure that Oliver has that list memorized and there’s no way he doesn’t know her name is in there. I’m pretty bummed that they’re not addressing that.

  10. China White - Resident Badass Mobster Lady. I absolutely hate her wardrobe and wig, but I admire her work. Also, she’s pretty badass, evil, heartless in the comics (GA: Year One) - so much that it puts Slade and Malcolm put together to shame. I miss seeing her this season.

  11. McKenna Hall - I’ve never had much patience for her. I understand that she needed to play a role in several cases and stuff, but she acted like a clingy girlfriend and as childish as it might seem - her face annoys me. 

+ Bonus: Raisa - I really miss seeing her in the show. I am curious about her relationship with the younger Queens. Oliver especially. From their brief interactions it seemed like she is closer to Oliver than his own mother is. I want to see more of her. 


Again, this list is built on my own opinions and views. That being said those opinions are based solely on the TV show “Arrow” unless stated otherwise. 

The edit is mine. 

Coming up tomorrow - Big Bads of Arrow


Olicitations Challenge: 35 Days Of Arrow

Day 12: Best Romance (Other Than Olicity)

John Diggle & Lyla Michaels:

I loved the idea of these two ever since we first saw Lyla in Season 1. She knew Diggle pretty well, she didn’t take the lies he gave about Deadshot, and the way Diggle bent to check on her in Episode 20: Home Invasion was a very lovely scene. By the time we saw them again in Season 2, I was already kind of over Carly, although it seemed like she was the producers’ choice for Digg. Glad she wasn’t, because I like Lyla very much. :)

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Olicitations Challenge: 35 days of Arrow: Day 12 —-> Best Romance (other than Olicity):

—–>Tommy Merlyn & Laurel Lance (aka Merlance)

“Is he sleeping?” Tommy asked as Laurel joined him in what was Tommy’s honorary bedroom in the Queen Mansion. 

“Yeah, it took me a little time to convince him it was safe to fall asleep, but he did eventually.” Laurel sighed sadly, taking off her jacket and throwing it onto the nearby chair.

“Poor guy,” Tommy said after a beat of silence “Maybe I should talk to him tomorrow…” he mused. “I know a little about how he’s feeling… I only lost my mom, but then again with my dear father being the way he is I might as well have lost them both.” he let out a breath and closed his eyes, stretching out on the bed. 

“You’d do that?” Laurel’s voice was a bit muffled since she was currently busy shrugging into her pajamas.

“Yeah,” Tommy murmured, his eyes still closed. “I mean, I know I would have liked to have someone to talk to, back then…” he trailed off, his voice shaking slightly - as it always did when he spoke of his late mother.

He felt the bed shift beside him and turned onto his side so that he was now facing Laurel.

“You know, despite all the effort you put into being perceived as the commitment-phobic, irresponsible, playboy billionaire, you’d make a good father, Merlyn.” Laurel smiled, her hand reaching out to caress Tommy’s face.

Tommy raised a skeptical eyebrow and pulled her closer to him. “Of course I will, especially since the wonderful example my own father gave me of what it means to be a dad…” he snorted. 

Laurel frowned. She really hated it when he sold himself short like this. If his father had been anyone else - and not the most influential person in the city who could make sure she’d never find employment ever again in any corner of the country - she’d have long ago given him a very detailed, loud and frank piece of her mind regarding Tommy. Unfortunately, takeout pizzas from Mario’s weren’t free.

“Just the fact that you’re worrying about that means that you’re nothing like him.” She told him and leaned forward to kiss him.

Of course with her and Tommy one kiss led to another and soon enough they were fooling around like a couple of high-school virgins until they couldn’t breathe properly.

“So you want kids?” Tommy asked a little while later, as they lay cuddling under the covers. 

Laurel hummed softly. “Someday.” she nodded against his chest.

“With me?”

Laurel laughed. “No, with the other Tommy Merlyn…”

“I’ll have you know that I am unique and one of a kind.” Tommy huffed in mock-offence.

“Do you want kids?” Laurel asked somberly, looking up at him.

“Someday.” Tommy echoed her previous response and leaned in to press a kiss to her head.


Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go drown in the ocean of feels I just gave myself.